February 17th, 2013

Stewart Rhodes At The Rhode Island Oath Keepers Second Amendment Rally

Stewart Rhodes gives a thoughtful, yet powerful speech at the Rhode Island rally for the Second Amendment on the steps of the State Capitol.



Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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4 Responses to “Stewart Rhodes At The Rhode Island Oath Keepers Second Amendment Rally”

  1. 1
    Cal Says:


    Molon Labe! Stay Safe and Detention Free!

  2. 2
    Arla Martinez Says:

    I agree with everthing Stewart Rhodes says! But what about the UN Troops that are already in our C
    ountry brought in by Obama? The Chinese on our Southern border (Mexico, Arizona ,New Mexico @ the Russians up on our Northern border? The Russians in Canada on our border and in Alaska? How about all the Chinese working on our Bridges, Roads, @ DAMS, JOBS given to the imported Chinese. That were brought into our Country by Obama?? Anyone checking to see about BOMBS?? We’ve already been inflitrated. He doesn’t need American troops he has the United Nations Troops !! Anyone Concerned except me??

  3. 3
    Pilgrims Pride Says:

    The video seems to be only the first part of Mr Rhodes’ excellent speech. Is there a part II?

  4. 4
    Linda Says:

    Thank You Stewart, for your bravery and your ability to convey truth in a powerful and positive way, despite the bad news for all of us. I personally believe that there are greater forces at work on our side and that we will prevail, but only if we take action and press forward now and in the coming years. In fact, there can never again be an idle moment where we rest on our laurels and cease protecting the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and (as you have said so many times) our right to bear arms.
    The weapons of the government show their lack of character throughout their increasing encroachment and now occupation of our land. (So, yes Arla, I am concerned). There are so many layers to this planned operation, this malicious and evil attack on our freedoms, that the insidiousness and ubiquitousness of their attacks make them very, very hard to eradicate. It is for this very reason that we cannot allow ourselves to be afraid of them. They are lazy, and rather mindless. They lack character and resolve. The good news is that, if there is anything we have in spades, it is character and resolve. We will shine our light on these vermin, and it is they who will run. But we must never forget that they just go into hiding and that eventually, they will try to worm their way into our world again; they never give up, and neither may we.
    I also believe it is critical that we break their financial backs as well. They are insatiable thieves and traitors. They are too lazy and too inbred to really work; it is we who have carried that burden, and it has made us strong. We must hold onto the fruits of our labors, and we must never give them the kind of financial inroad that allowed them to spread like a plague in our land.
    God Bless Stewart Rhodes. May he and all the men who step to the front of the crowd, be protected and blessed as the defenders of the Constitution. Molon Labe! Linda

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