February 17th, 2013

Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican

This is much bigger than we may think at first notice. Immunity? Why on earth would a Pope require “immunity”?

The players in this drama include the World Court and the Pope at the Vatican City and a lot of little people around the world.

The questions raised include accountability by the Elite and the alleged authority of the ICC (International Criminal Court) which the Elite have set up for mere human mortals. But beneath this article by Reuters lurks something even more sinister than a a den of poisonous serpents. Beneath the surface hides serious questions about society’s ability – or inability – to prevent sexual molestation of children by wicked perverts operating under the name of the church, much the same way corrupt politicians operate nefariously under the name of the government.  And even more deeply, if we query intensely, perhaps we can discover something even more horrid – the role of the Vatican as one of three vortexes of power on earth.

The three vortexes? They are: the fixed geographical dimension of an entity named “Washington, District of Columbia” (ten square miles); the fixed geographical dimensions of the “City of London” (one square mile inside London, England, also referred to as the financial district); and the fixed geographical dimensions of the Vatican City (44 hectares: 110 acres).  Of all the nation-states on earth, these three City-states share extremely unique political and financial powers – and “immunities” -  in ways which no other nation-states are permitted. The closest thing I can guess which would symbolically match these three would be the Bank for International Settlements at Basel, Switzerland, a Swiss-chartered transnational business which is superior in autonomy to the national government which issued its founding legal charter. I mean to note, when the Swiss government wants to go visit the offices of the Bank for International Settlements, in Basel, Switzerland, the Swiss government must obtain permission from the Bank before knocking at its door. And the bank can, at its sole discretion, deny the request. That is quite certainly a powerful created international entity – yet it pales when compared to the brilliance of the City of London, the Vatican City, and Washington, D.C.

But never mind all that. For the moment, let’s just read a breaking story. We’ve heard that a Pope is resigning – a very rare event.  There will be much in the news regarding this. The best article I’ve found about that is below, written and reported by Reuters, here:


Below the picture I have pasted in some teaser snips from the extensive Reuters article. Please hit that link above and read the entire article at its source.


Elias Alias, editor


Vatican City


By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY | Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:59pm EST

(Reuters) – Pope Benedict’s decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will provide him with security and privacy. It will also offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say.

“His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn’t have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else,” said one Vatican official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“It is absolutely necessary” that he stays in the Vatican, said the source, adding that Benedict should have a “dignified existence” in his remaining years.

Vatican sources said officials had three main considerations in deciding that Benedict should live in a convent in the Vatican after he resigns on February 28.

Vatican police, who already know the pope and his habits, will be able to guarantee his privacy and security and not have to entrust it to a foreign police force, which would be necessary if he moved to another country.

“I see a big problem if he would go anywhere else. I’m thinking in terms of his personal security, his safety. We don’t have a secret service that can devote huge resources (like they do) to ex-presidents,” the official said.

Another consideration was that if the pope did move permanently to another country, living in seclusion in a monastery in his native Germany, for example, the location might become a place of pilgrimage.


This could be complicated for the Church, particularly in the unlikely event that the next pope makes decisions that may displease conservatives, who could then go to Benedict’s place of residence to pay tribute to him.

“That would be very problematic,” another Vatican official said.

The final key consideration is the pope’s potential exposure to legal claims over the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandals.

In 2010, for example, Benedict was named as a defendant in a law suit alleging that he failed to take action as a cardinal in 1995 when he was allegedly told about a priest who had abused boys at a U.S. school for the deaf decades earlier. The lawyers withdrew the case last year and the Vatican said it was a major victory that proved the pope could not be held liable for the actions of abusive priests.

Benedict is currently not named specifically in any other case. The Vatican does not expect any more but is not ruling out the possibility.

“(If he lived anywhere else) then we might have those crazies who are filing lawsuits, or some magistrate might arrest him like other (former) heads of state have been for alleged acts while he was head of state,” one source said.

Another official said: “While this was not the main consideration, it certainly is a corollary, a natural result.”

After he resigns, Benedict will no longer be the sovereign monarch of the State of Vatican City, which is surrounded by Rome, but will retain Vatican citizenship and residency.


That would continue to provide him immunity under the provisions of the Lateran Pacts while he is in the Vatican and even if he makes jaunts into Italy as a Vatican citizen.

The 1929 Lateran Pacts between Italy and the Holy See, which established Vatican City as a sovereign state, said Vatican City would be “invariably and in every event considered as neutral and inviolable territory”.

There have been repeated calls for Benedict’s arrest over sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

When Benedict went to Britain in 2010, British author and atheist campaigner Richard Dawkins asked authorities to arrest the pope to face questions over the Church’s child abuse scandal.

Dawkins and the late British-American journalist Christopher Hitchens commissioned lawyers to explore ways of taking legal action against the pope. Their efforts came to nothing because the pope was a head of state and so enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

In 2011, victims of sexual abuse by the clergy asked the International Criminal Court to investigate the pope and three Vatican officials over sexual abuse.


The Vatican has consistently said that a pope cannot be held accountable for cases of abuse committed by others because priests are employees of individual dioceses around the world and not direct employees of the Vatican. It says the head of the church cannot be compared to the CEO of a company.

Victims groups have said Benedict, particularly in his previous job at the head of the Vatican’s doctrinal department, turned a blind eye to the overall policies of local Churches, which moved abusers from parish to parish instead of defrocking them and handing them over to authorities.

The Vatican has denied this. The pope has apologized for abuse in the Church, has met with abuse victims on many of his trips, and ordered a major investigation into abuse in Ireland.

But groups representing some of the victims say the Pope will leave office with a stain on his legacy because he was in positions of power in the Vatican for more than three decades, first as a cardinal and then as pope, and should have done more.

The scandals began years before the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005 but the issue has overshadowed his papacy from the beginning, as more and more cases came to light in dioceses across the world.

As recently as last month, the former archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony, was stripped by his successor of all public and administrative duties after a thousands of pages of files detailing abuse in the 1980s were made public.


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