February 5th, 2013

The Terror of Toy Guns

The Terror of Toy Guns

The bigger picture

Submitted by: Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

The scene has become familiar: A child in elementary school is suspended from school. His/her crime? Bringing a toy gun to school. It might be a squirt gun, or even a picture of a gun. One little child was suspended for drawing a picture of a gun. It might even be a plastic knife inserted in a child’s lunch box that is cause for suspension. The reason for suspension given by the Schools is usually their “Zero Tolerance Policy”. Zero tolerance for what? For weapons, yet is a water pistol a weapon? Is a picture of a gun a weapon? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Or does it?

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture, and see if we find it makes sense.

The Department of Homeland Security put out a handbook called:


In this handbook, the DHS tells us how to respond to an active shooter situation. Their suggestions? Run away. If you can’t run away, hide, and wait for the police. If you can’t hide, throw things at the shooter, yell, and act aggressive. Never once does it say pull out your pistol and shoot the SOB. They automatically assume you are disarmed. Of course this is their goal, to disarm all Americans, except, of course, the police, or other persons in authority.

The promotion of the 911 Emergency phone number has been relentless, not only in proclaiming that the police and emergency personnel are ready to protect you, but it also has been relentless in telling you not to protect yourself. Wait for the professionals to arrive, is their constant refrain. Only professionals are capable of handling emergency situations. There are actually some States where, if you shoot an intruder, you will be arrested. Why? Because you did not run away.

The DHS and the media have sought to demonize those we call Preppers. Preppers stockpile survival needs and are usually armed and trained in the use of their weapons. Preppers believe in being responsible for themselves and their families. It is this sense of responsibility that causes them to be demonized. The Government wants you to be helpless and dependent on them.

“See Something, Say Something”. By now everyone has heard of this program sponsored by the DHS. This is nothing more than a snitch program. Ostensibly it is meant to protect us from “terrorists”, but why then are Preppers included in the list of things to snitch on. Are Preppers Terrorists? A report smuggled out of the Missouri Fusion Center in 2009, titled MIAC Strategic Report (02/20/09) The Modern Militia Movement characterizes supporters of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin as subversive or extremist elements. Preppers who are concerned about the economic collapse of the US are branded extremists, or subversives. Those who worry about a possible North American Union are on the list, as are those concerned about RFID chips for identification purposes. Please, read this report, if you haven’t already. It is enlightening.

Next on our list of things to consider is the Police proclivity for itemizing all weapons seized from those they arrest, whether they are legal guns, or not. It is merely an attempt to demonize those they arrest. The guns in question may have had nothing to do with the crime they were arrested for, but it makes no difference. It is imperative to demonize them.

The Editor of this website, Elias Alias, has written an excellent Five Part Series on the militarization of the Police Forces across America. It is called An Empire Strikes Home. Please take the time to read all five parts. It is a very good study of the increased militarization of our police forces. Just recently I saw an article saying Georgia police acquired $200 million worth of military-grade vehicles and weapons through DoD. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as this is only one State. What is all this hardware and weaponry destined for? You guessed it, it is destined to be used against you, the citizen. Meanwhile the DHS has purchased over a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition. The use of hollow point ammunition in warfare is banned by the Geneva Conventions, but it is all right for use against civilians, here in the good old USA. They have also put in an order for 7,000 assault rifles, which brings me to the next point of consideration:

Sen Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Charles Schumer have introduced a bill to outlaw most rifles and handguns, and to ban magazines holding more than ten rounds, plus some common hardware. Those guns not banned outright will be required to be registered. No grandfathering of existing weapons will be allowed, and no transfers of weapons may take place. When you die, your guns must be turned in or destroyed. Of course you are probably aware of this bill.

Have you seen the pattern yet? Quite simply, the Government is demonizing guns and those who would possess and use them. From young children in Elementary School, who are taught that guns are very bad, to adults who own them and are demonized as extremists, the Government is lashing out at all guns and gun owners. Why? They want us to be totally helpless and dependent on the Government. They want total control over us. This has been the plan all along. Only the Government and its minions can have guns. Our guns stand in the way of their total control. It is only our guns that prevent them from asserting total control over us.

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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4 Responses to “The Terror of Toy Guns”

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    Linda Says:

    Hi Shorty, Yep. One of the effects of the pattern is ‘cradle to grave’ dependence and an inability to do most of the things that our parents took for granted. I guess the government will have to change the motto of the Boy Scouts from “Be Prepared” to “How to consult an authority for every crisis”.
    Your article talks about patterns. I would say that the ultimate pattern is actually control of the herd by using various forms of mind control. If the “elite” want to prove they are superior to the herd, then they have to have some measure of their supposed superiority. One such measure is the level of compliance of the herd to absurd (life and freedom negating) orders; I believe they measure their ability to indoctrinate the herd, almost at will. They have infested us, and we all have a bad case of lice.
    Some other sub-patterns patterns I have noticed:
    There is a lot of anger being expressed at mental health professionals these days. I would agree that the government’s version of mental health programs is a travesty of what mental health can and should do. When the government gets involved in the school system, it stops working and indoctrinates instead of educating; when it gets involved in safety and protection issues, we get groped, our guns are taken away, crime goes up and they get more control; when they control our waste production our water is polluted; when they control air quality our air is polluted; when they control our internet, they intrude on our free communication and invade our privacy; when they get involved in our mental health system, younger and younger children are given unnecessary and damaging drugs, families are torn apart, and it has become widespread to believe that it is normal to have some kind of mental health problem; our language suffers from government doublespeak; we have lost the right to follow the dictates of our religious beliefs, (these beliefs are mocked, certain ideas are marginalized, and so on…); when they get involved in our food system, they refuse to tell us what is in our food and will probably push us (perhaps through shortages or other manipulations) to buy GMOs, or unhealthy products. They already assume the right to control us by using various forms of mind control, from indoctrination to control of the mental food we ingest when we listen to programming on the television. (Remember, it is called “programming” for a good reason.) The refusal to tell us what is in our food sounds like a push in the direction of controlling human lifespan.
    For a moment, I would like you to imagine the entire government as a single human being, -let’s call him Grabby. If Grabby lived in your neighborhood and he wanted to come over to your house and start ruling the roost there, how would you react? Would you let him tell you how to manage everything from going to the bathroom, to your quality of food, air and water, to how you spend you time, how much you make at work, how much you pay out, what you can or can’t wear, (and so on). If Grabby attempted to control your life in all the ways I have just described, how would you react to him? You might try to avoid someone like that for a bit, or you might toss him out at first, but if you caught him peeping in your windows and staring at your wife in the shower, wouldn’t you get more tensely involved in stopping him? In every sense, I am describing precisely what Grabby is doing. Now what if I tell you that Grabby is not just a neighbor, but he has somehow managed to get elected to the office of local Mayor, or to the Senate, or that he is President? If you recognize that Grabby is a soulless and deviant entity whose reason for existing is to steal your wealth, ruin your health, kill you when it suits him, dumb down your kids so the next generation is easier to manipulate, and so on… what will you do then? By and large, the reason people don’t react more intensely to these problems is that they don’t take them personally, and they tend to discount the stories of the people who are having those problems. If we can contrive a way to make this all very personal to each and ever living person; if we can make it clear that Grabby is really a monster that is killing all of us, and keeping us enslaved, then we can slay the monster, re-establish the Constitution, and make sure that our rights and freedoms are protected, because we protect them, and we teach our children to protect them. We can’t wait any longer. We have to shake the American people until their eyes open and they are as mad as hell. I don’t know how far they have to go before people start saying NO and meaning it, but scapegoating amongst ourselves is not the solution.
    When we recognize that every system that the government touches becomes moribund, we must also differentiate between killing out the government and killing out the various aspects of our society that the government has infested. You don’t cut your child’s head off because he or she has head lice. You kill out the lice. I believe that every aspect of our society has a bad case of government lice. Government lice may be hard to eradicate, but it is possible. More importantly, we want the body whole, healthy and unharmed when the treatment is complete. To accomplish that, we have to take a hard look at the depravity of our government’s intentions. Awakening the public by arousing their emotions would be a good start. They should be horrified at Grabby’s greed, stupidity, incompetence, cruelty and insane behavior. If we could provoke an awakening by ripping the Emperor’s clothes off, we could wake people up and the tide would turn. It is rumored that the gov/Hollywood proposes putting out television programming that will mock the Founding Fathers as cranks, radicals and fools, so that people are encouraged to laugh at the antics of our loony forefathers.
    Instead of sitting by and doing nothing, we must reach every American we can with a deeply personal message about the corrupt, controlling, greedy, abusive and dangerous behavior of government. We must actively engage in more homeschooling and stop their use of mental programming (through the schools and media). We must have a way to mock them and all their craziness until everyone sees that the Emperor is buck naked, drooling, and has fouled everything he touches. We must expose their insidious need for voyeurism into our lives, and pull down the blinds on them, once and for all. We need some kind of agent that would rid us of these government lice permanently, with such efficacy that the sheep will only bleat for a few days, and then they will go back to chewing their cud. Gradually, we may even be able to de-sheepify them. The intelligent use of language, mockery, story telling and ‘calling government officials out’ would be incredibly effective. We have the internet. Let’s use it to bring to light and laugh publically at every instance of invasive behavior, every crime they commit. Like the fabled vampire, exposure to sunlight will do them in. Let’s expose them to more sunlight than they can stand.
    I believe sunlight is the ultimate lice killer.
    From my perspective, the real goal of mental health is personal freedom. A person who responds in a self governing and self-protective way to his/her environment is mentally healthy. I believe that the pursuit of self regulated freedom as it is guaranteed in the Constitution is the real objective of this site. This site is dedicated to saving our second amendment rights. That is only necessary because we have allowed the government to get so out of control that we are about to lose those rights. We allowed this to happen because we swallowed their programming whole pig. In times of tyranny great cartoonists and story tellers have mocked the Kings and Queens who had despotic control. We could do that today, and we could win this war by winning back the minds of the people, if we make this personal. Stewart is a very good writer. I hope he will take up this task. Linda

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    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    Hi Linda,
    You speak eloquently. One thing I would change in your narrative of Grabby; consider, if you will, that Grabby is only doing the bidding of his Master, the Wizard behind the Curtain. It is the Shadow Government that controls the Government, the media and the education(?) of our children. The rest are mere figureheads. It is the Wizard who has set up the brainwashing mechanism.
    I say, shut down your TV. They call them programs for a reason. Homeschool your children, as Linda suggests, and avoid the ’system’ as much as possible, while we waken as many folks as we can. Knowledge is power, but you won’t get any knowledge from the public schools and mainstream media. All you will get is mind-control and conditioning. Look for the men and women hiding behind the curtain. Actually, they are standing in the open, but our conditioning makes us think they are behind the curtain. Once you gain sight of the Wizards, you can never miss them in action again.


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    Corey Rodgers Says:

    Excellent article and excellent post Linda, thank you!

    a while back i kept wondering why are little kids getting demonized for some item that is not even remotely dangerous such as a water gun, drawing of a gun, etc.
    and i finally realized what was happening: INDOCTRINATION.
    intentional, to demonize people who are self-sufficient, self-reliant, capable;
    and to promote total dependence on “the state”.

    these toy gun incidents are no longer simple foolishness to me, it’s intentional and insidious.

    - -

    as for smart-humor mocking the nannystate mentality, i highly recommend watching vids by Bill Whittle. The one thing i’m not in agreement with him on is he tends to side with “republican” and i do not, way too many republicans have shown to be part of the wrong side in a struggle for self-reliance and freedom; McCain and Bush are good examples.
    But Whittle very well shows the folly of leftwingnuts; it’s obvious why i never heard of him on mainstream media – anytime a leftist show host brings on someone to “represent” any view not leftist (republican, conservative, tea partier, Christian, you name it) they intentionally only book the lowest-IQ version they can find, if not possibly a fake shill.

    Thank you for this article and its links, and your post Linda; i will pass this along to people i care about.

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    Don Says:


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