February 3rd, 2013

Push for Biometric National ID


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Push for Biometric National ID

Submitted by: Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

A new push for a National ID has commenced. It won’t be a Real ID drivers license, however. This time it will be a biometric Social Security card required for anyone who is employed. It will be the new biometric card that will ‘authorize’ your ability to work and support your family. Without it, you will not be eligible for employment. This is the dream of Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and Charles Schumer (D – New York). It is also backed by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The new biometric ID Card, your Social Security Card, is hidden within the immigration reform bill now before Congress.




Watch this video from the CFR to see them supporting, as Edward Alden Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations says: “….., while far more needs to be done, more effective measures are being put in place to ensure only those authorized to work in the United States…”



Think about that phrase “those authorized to work”. It sounds like newspeak for the privilege granted you by the Government to authorize you to find gainful employment.

Now watch the following video on Politico.com, where John McCain and Charles Schumer appeared together to talk about the Immigration Bill they are sponsoring with other Senators, in which the Biometric Social Security Card is a part. At approximately 37 minutes they speak of the new Biometric Social Security Card.


“I’m for it,” McCain told a Politico Playbook breakfast earlier this week when asked if he supports “a super Social Security card that would have some sort of biometric thing like a fingerprint.”

“We want to make sure that employers do not hire people who are here illegally,” said Schumer, who has pushed for biometric employment cards in the past. “The only way to do that is to have a non-forgeable card. Because right now you can go down the street here and get a Social Security card or a driver’s license for $100 that’s forged.”

Keeping in mind that Sen. McCain and Sen. Schumer both backed the NDAA bill that allows incarceration of American citizens without Due Process, and the right for the President to authorize the assassination of anyone he determines to be an enemy combatant, without having to justify his actions in any way, why would we want the National ID card they are promoting? Why would we want a National ID Card? Are we Soviet Russia? Sen. Schumer is also a strong backer of gun control, while Sen. McCain has recently indicated he would favor closing the so-called ‘gun show loophole’, which allows for private sales of guns without registration or background checks.


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CFR Logo


The rationale they are using to push for the new biometric Social Security Card, is preventing illegal immigration, by forcing all workers to have the ID. Without the ID Card, employment would be impossible. In other words, they are using another scare tactic. Claiming the National ID Card is necessary to curb illegal immigration is a laugh, as the Federal Government does very little to stop it. What they do is mostly show.

Once again, the specter of a National ID raises its ugly head. The Real ID program never quite got off the ground. Tied as it was to Drivers Licenses, it required approval from the States, but a number of States balked at it. Now it is to be a Biometric Social Security Card that will be the default National ID Card, if Schumer, McCain and the CFR have their way. Using the Social Security Card, rather than the State Drivers Licenses, eliminates the need for State approval of the Card. In their never ending march for complete control of we, the people, this is just one more potential block in the pyramid the control freaks are building. I don’t think this is what the Founding Fathers of this once great Nation had in mind when they fought the British Army to gain our independence. I can hear the police requests of “Your papers, please.”, which will instead be, “Your Social Security Card, please.” Either way, it is a police state request reminiscent of Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia.

This is just another instance of the incrementalism favored by those who have brought us step by step to become a nation that is subject to thousands, if not millions, of rules and regulations that rob us, little by little, of our freedoms, as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Rights enumerated in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are Unalienable, meaning they cannot be abridged by any Government. They are not granted to us by the Government, as the Declaration of Independence so states, but are granted to us by our Creator. We are born with these inherent rights. The Government has no authority to deprive us of them. Through the step-by-step incrementalism of the power hungry Federal Government, and the inaction of we, the Citizens, our Rights are steadily being eroded. This attempt at a National ID system is but a further erosion of our rights.





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4 Responses to “Push for Biometric National ID”

  1. 1
    csaaphill Says:

    666 here we come

  2. 2
    GeorgeW. Says:

    CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class

    A James Jaeger Film featuring RON PAUL, Congressman/Presidential Candidate; PAT BUCHANAN, Author/Political Analyst; G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, Author/Producer; EDWIN VIEIRA, Author/Constitutional Attorney and TED BAEHR, CORPORATE FASCISM explores a new kind of fascism: the merger of corporations and government whereby corporate power dominates. With the emergence of ever-larger multinational corporations — due to consolidation facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s endless FIAT money — the corporatocracy has been in a position to literally purchase the U.S. Congress.


  3. 3
    Deborah Says:

    I just found the Senate two years ago passed S510 bill, controlling our foods and we can’t have our own gardens. Bull, they are trying to lead us in a famine situation when they physically attack the American people.

  4. 4
    dave Says:

    so in other words a bio ss card would be your papers to show these nazis! these old farts make me sick just to look at, let alone what comes out of their nwo mouths!

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