February 2nd, 2013

New York State Resistance: Video of Gun Owners Saying “Bring it on”

This video will give you chills.   It shows ticked off citizens of New York State taking it to the “public officials” in a Buffalo, New York town hall meeting on the recently passed and wildly ironically named “Safe Act.” From the fire in the eyes and voices of the gun owners of New York, it is clear that they are not going to submit, not going to register themselves or their arms, not going to be disarmed, and not going to give an inch.  This so-called Safe Act is driving that state toward a state of revolution, civil war, or perhaps secession by the more rural areas. It is driving the gun owners toward a direct conflict with any police who dare try to enforce this unconstitutional abomination.  How the hell is that “safe”?

Many audience members made it clear they would not comply.  One man said:

“I get a sense, from the audience here, that there’s not allot of enthusiasm for compliance.  So, my question would be, are there prisons being opened up for those of us who won’t comply?  are there going to be additional courts, to handle those of us who say ‘No, this is an unconstitutional law’?”

Another told them:

“I spent two years floating around in the Mediterranean, protecting us from the communists, in 57 to 59, and when I get home?   Where do I find them?  They’re here.  They’re in Albany, they’re in Washington.  This is the same slippery slope that the Germans did.  If you back-up 60 or 70 years ago, and you put a brown shirt on Mr. Cuomo when he was on television, he would look just like Hitler.”

Yet another said:

“The police officers should be arresting the traitors who signed it.”

And another asked “What was your oath of allegiance?”

There were many shouts of “uphold the Constitution!” and “What about the Constitution?!”

Many demanded to know the penalties for non-compliance.  One man asked “what are the penalties, if law abiding citizens don’t go along with what you say?”

Now that was a particularly interesting question – these are “law abiding citizens,” the great majority of whom likely have never committed more than a parking infraction, and now they are clearly intending to not comply with this “law.” And they still see themselves as LAW ABIDING even if they don’t comply, and the reason is that they know this so-called law is no law at all. Any act of any legislature that is contrary to the Constitution of the United States or the constitution of the State of New York is not law. It is null and void from inception, and can command no obedience, no loyalty.  And these men know it.

In response to that question of what the penalties were, one man quipped, “depends how much money you got.” Clearly a man who knows how the system works.

One man shouted “bring it on!”

Another said, “You talk allot about responsible gun owners, which there are allot of them here, but we don’t have any responsible politicians. That’s what we need.”

And when one “official” said “if you’ve got an illegal weapon, or illegal magazine, you’ve got to dispose of those things.”  The response?  Scornful and defiant laughter.

The closer was a man who said:

“governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg say that assault weapons are weapons of war and don’t belong on the streets of America. If that’s true, why do the police need them? Who are the police at war with?”

Good question.  Why do Cuomo and Bloomberg want the police armed with these “weapons of war” that they don’t want the citizens to have?  If they are so terrible, so horrific – only good for killing large numbers of people, why do they want their own bodyguards and the police to have them (in select fire versions, no less)?    And who are they meant for?  Obviously, they are meant for us.  They are intended to be used to shoot Americans.   Apparently, Cuomo and Boomberg are just fine with that.   They don’t hate or fear such arms in the hands of the government.  They do hate and fear such arms in the hands of the people.   The gun owners of New York can feel the hypocrisy, and they also feel the intent.

The gun owners of New York have been pushed to the edge of the cliff.   Their heels are over the edge, and now they can’t back up any more without tumbling into the abyss.    Their only choice now is to start pushing back.    Oh, sure, Cuomo and Bloomberg, and all the other traitors in power in New York think the gun owners also have the “choice” of submission to their illegitimate, unconstitutional law.    And they expect these men to meekly go along with being disarmed of their weapons of military utility.   But judging from the look in the eyes of the men in that room – many of them veterans “who know very well what they are about” -  they just don’t see it that way. To them, submission to an unconstitutional, liberty killing “law” is not an option.

Cuomo and Bloomberg, et al, are blinded by their own hubris, their own arrogance.  They expect submission because … well, because they said so!    And that is why I must diagnose them as suffering from a possibly terminal case of “thin air disease”  – they don’t realize that there is really nothing between them and those pissed off New York gun owners and veterans but thin air.    They should watch this video and think about what they are doing, and back off while they still have a chance.    Because these men are not going to back up, and when they push back, it’s gonna be hard.

I just hope and pray that if that happens, the police and New York National Guard have the good sense to get out of the way and stay out of the way.    Just sit back, crack open a beer, and enjoy the show.   The gun owners and veterans are saying “Molon Labe!” (come and take it), so let Cuomo and Bloomberg, and all their fellow travelers, strap on the body armor and sling up an M-4 and go and get it. Let them step out and enforce their own damnable edicts.   If they are so intent on disarming the veterans and gun owners by force, leave them to it.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers

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  1. 1
    Karen May Says:

    My daughter in Houston told me about a group that Obama has put together. It’s called the Youth Squad and it’s under Homeland Defense or Fema. do you know about this group??? I am a 70 year old woman and it breaks my heart to see this happening to our country!!! And until I saw something about the Oathkeepers, I felt like we were totally lost. Knowing that there are men like you all, makes my days a little brighter and not so depressing thinking about what could happen. Even Obamacare is depressing!! So, I salute all the members and the people who help. You are true AMERICANS!!!!!May God bless each one of you and be beside you each and every day!

  2. 2
    Patty Says:

    The first class of paid,armed FEMA youth brigades recently graduated. They are 18 to 21 years old. Since FEMA is national, we will soon have a national police force, which means that our republic is being replaced by a police state. Hitler had brownshirts, Mussolini had black shirts, Mao had the Red Guard – America will have FEMA and VIPR. It breaks my heart, too. My father fought in World War II in the South Pacific. He enlisted in the Navy to make sure his children would be free. I am an old woman, but I am in this fight. Too many sacrifices have been made for Liberty to let the twirps in Washington take it away. I believe that the politicians have underestimated the American people.

  3. 3
    Glen Maine Says:

    Slight correction it was actually the NY state police officer on the far left that made the comment BRING IT ON.

  4. 4
    mike smith Says:

    I had know idea that FEMA had a youth group my gosh if this is true then this is Hitler’s Germany all over again. I hope Stewart can get this thing to go viral to gun owners.
    As for the situation in N.Y. this may be the next Concord. Hold on to your hats, It is real and coming quite quickly now. If we lay down our arms do you really think they will let us live in peace? I don’t think so.

  5. 5
    mike smith Says:

    Sorry I jumped the gun on the FEMA youth group thing. After checking it out it does not look like it is anything like the Hitler youth group. Sounds more like Alex Jones type stuff. If I am wrong please give me some sort of proof. Again sorry for the panic.

    [Editor's note: Mike, the FEMA graduating class is actually akin to what you first thought it was - it's the first incremental installation of a tighter organizational structure for FEMA (and for the Fedgov). However, make no mistake, Brother - the corporate fascists and the cultural Marxists are indeed walking in Hitler's footsteps under a different rubric. Perhaps a more startling evidence of that is found in this brief video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcm0oAcEey0
    Elias Alias, editor]

  6. 6
    csaaphill Says:

    Start it already damn! how many lines in the sand do they cross before we Go!!1
    One thing I noticed on this even if we envelope this nullify stuff. How do people get their guns back that were confiscated in the first place? I mean ya we get a not guilty verdict but what about the gun that was confiscated? and the money lost? I know it’d a peacefull resistance but damn seems we lose no matter what. What we should fear more than war is apathy and non action. This law will still stand and will stand 80 or so more years. 2-3 generations will have to endure this crap. Rise now!! Well peace this out and where will this get us? Disarmed that’s what. Damn!!!

  7. 7
    Deborah Says:

    United we stand divided we fall and even NY would need back up. Have we reached out to NY military and guards yet to stand down? Great to hear NY call them out as they are.
    Paramilitary, Obama may have inspired them to make something of their lives but anything other than that is child abuse and it will only last maybe as long as he is in office as long as it is not funded, I’d think.
    We already have a divide in our country and Obama stirred the pot while running the first time
    going in areas of the USA and changing his accent, playing everybody.

  8. 8
    Mark Says:

    It’s time to get out of our recliners & take back our rights. I’ve never been arrested, but I’ll be damned if they get even 1 more chance. BRING IT ON!! I’M READY. To those of you in the armed forces, national guard, & law enforcement. THINK about what it is / was that makes this country great, it’s not our laws or politicians, it’s our law abiding people. Criminals don’t care about the rule of law. They can still get guns. If I have to become a criminal to protect my constitutional rights SO BE IT!!

  9. 9
    SIGO Says:

    I’m glad to see that the people of New York are waking up. I wish they had awakened before the elections. Now they get to see that elections do matter. Can we get email and addresses for those who need to here that the rest of America stands with these folks?

  10. 10
    Jason Roberts Says:

    to NY law abiding 2nd A supporters, you have a larger backing than you realize. Stand and we will stand with you!

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