February 1st, 2013

How Psychology Undermined Western Civilization

woman psyche patient

This article was written by Jon Rappoport and originally published at Jon Rappoport’s Blog

After the Sandy Hook murders, psychology and psychiatry have taken another leap forward in expanding their influence throughout society. “More mental-health services” is the catch-all phrase our leaders use in “solving” these massacres – along with gun control.

But just as grabbing guns won’t reduce the bulk of gun violence in America, the vague mental-health dictum won’t work, either.

This article focuses on psychology, which is branch of false knowledge different from the false knowledge of psychiatry.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has received special training in diagnosing and prescribing drugs for “mental disorders,” none of which disorders can be confirmed to exist by any test.

A psychologist doesn’t need to be a medical doctor. With an advanced degree and a license, he can do therapy with patients and try to resolve “mental and emotional issues,” for which no diagnostic tests exist.

From the beginning of the history of psychology, it was really a simple trick. Establish a loose category called “mental problem,” pour money and research into solving it, and enroll patients.

This approach has become so pervasive that most people can’t conceive of an alternative. A person is acting strange, he has a problem, and a mental-health practitioner can help him solve it. What else do we need to know?

Well, for starters, we need to know why the category of “mental problem” is necessary. Why should we assume it means anything?

Instead, for example: what about people making an inventory of their own deeply held convictions, followed by a self-assessment, to see how well or badly they’re living up to those convictions?

Why did that approach go out the window?

Because it’s based on some sense of responsibility, which is now verboten in a society where “intervening” and “fulfilling needs” are paramount.

If a person can’t or won’t discover what his most deeply held convictions are, what hope does he have? What problems can he solve that are going to make any great difference?

“Let’s see. I’m living a life I don’t want, and that life is throwing problems at me. If I solve the problems, I’ll be okay, right?”

Are you kidding?

Academic psychology, if you read its history, its textbooks, its methods, has nothing of value or substance to say about a person’s most profound personal convictions. That’s not on the radar. It never was. What you get is sophisticated babble about mental conditions and unresolved issues.

The existence of these issues and conditions is PROMOTED by psychology. Psychology is a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you assume these conditions actually exist and if you believe they are real, then you can chew on them for ten or 15 years and come up with explanations, answers, and solutions.

Yes, that’s right. The human being is a very adaptable creature. If you can insert a primary assumption into his mind, where he accepts it as authentic, he’ll begin to cogitate and calculate around it.

Because the assumption was never his to begin with. He bought it. He went for it. He took the bait.

Now if you consider that millions and millions of people are working on this fake reality, having accepted that they suffer from mental problems, what do you get?

You get a society that, more and more, is paralyzed into inaction. You get passivity. You get an overall depletion of energy and power. You get a victim-club mentality.

Freud picked the “Oedipal Complex” out of a hat. The incest fantasy. He made this the foundation of his breakthrough. He sold it. He sold it as the underlying trauma and taboo that was always and forever twisting the minds of every male on Earth. He decided that this fantasy had to be exorcised with years of specialized therapy.

It was a new version of old guilt. Forget about the Garden of Eden and eating forbidden fruit from the tree. The incest wish was the real source of human guilt.

Psychology, from Freud forward, quickly became a prison term from which the inhabitant could be released when the therapist determined basic problems had been defeated.

Freud’s opponents and detractors argued for their own version of the correct prison (the basic mental problem). But the whole underlying notion of “a person captured” needed to come under scrutiny, and of course that never happened, as long as psychologists and psychiatrists ruled the roost.

Psychology became a major force that undermined freedom, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution in America. It asserted or implied that no rights or responsibilities meant anything as long as people were chained to their own problems and issues. This was an argument from Inherent Limitation. It was persuasive.

From the perspective of psychology, only rubes and Neanderthals would claim freedom was a core fact of existence. The more educated classes would realize they had to swim through an undersea jungle of their own mental and emotional restraints, guided by a steady professional hand, before they could finally emerge and come to experience the meaning of freedom.

So of course that journey became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There was one catch. Most people, after years of therapy, felt no dramatic difference. This disappointment translated into a deep cynicism about life. It meant more passivity.

Psychology has not only promoted the existence of mental problems, it has stated that these conditions are rock-bottom facts: there is no way to overcome them, short of talk therapy or psychiatric drugs. Psychology argues that it is useless to try to “ignore mental conditions.” That won’t work. It can’t work.

And if the patient agrees, he can go on to manufacture problems without end.

Whereas, the truth is, every so-called mental or emotional condition is a signal. It alerts a person that he is heading the ship away from its destination. He’s experiencing a crisis that has everything to do with the question: WHAT IS MY COURSE IN LIFE?

Finding an answer to that question makes all the difference.

I know somebody is going to write me about how nutrition can solve mental problems. Somebody is going to write and tell me how vaccines, medical drugs, chemtrails, GMOs, dyes and colors in food, etc., create mental problems.

I’ve written about these factors for years. Understand, however, that, in these cases, what the person is really suffering from is a severe nutritional deficit, or from the toxic overload of the vaccines, drugs, GMOs. To say it’s a mental problem is to misname what is really going on. In the same way, saying a person has an irresistible itch when what he really has is poison ivy is a diversion from the main event.

Psychology says: “Here is the mind. It contains conditions and issues. We can resolve them.”

That’s false. That’s the illusion. The mind doesn’t CONTAIN CONDITIONS or issues.

The conditions-hoax is perfectly paralleled by the disorder-hoax of psychiatry. These are, at the very best, metaphors. At their worst, they’re intentional ruses.

Here are ACTUAL rock-bottom conditions: freedom, independence, deep and profound desire, the power and energy to fulfill those desires, a sense of what is right and wrong, the wish to see others succeed brilliantly, community, expressing self, creative power, action in the world.

These are the elements of a philosophy, not psychology. These are elements of life abundant.

These are loci of decision for every conscious person.

And, as it turns out, psychology came late to the party. For millennia, humans have been engaging in philosophy and the exploration of spiritual dimensions.

The assumption of “gross limitation caused by internal problems” is a very recent concoction.

The assumption is simply the result of propaganda bought and sold.

When we delete such nonsense, we can discover the kind of personal truth that rings the bell clearly, if we are up to the task.

The rise of psychology was in part fueled by the notion that science could resolve human problems. But humans aren’t machines; they aren’t closed systems; they aren’t planets moving in fixed orbits. The analogy doesn’t work. It fails miserably.

Exploring instead, for example, what the ancient alchemists were really up to, and the original teachers of Tibet who employed the techniques of itinerant adepts from India, gives us a startling perspective on the UNLIMITED human being.

These teachers weren’t, in any meaningful sense, psychologists. They were philosophers of action. They were adventurers and explorers. They didn’t sit in offices dealing with the latest symptoms of people suffering from the malaise of a brainwashed society.

They knew there was a Matrix; they knew it was a heavy blanket of illusion; they knew it both corralled the individual and the community; and they knew it could be dispelled. It was their mission to make that happen, and they didn’t stint.

Theirs was a heraldic enterprise. It surpassed, by light years, stirring sand in a childish playpen of therapy.

That heraldic thread of adventure never dies. It can be stifled at times, but it remains alive under the surface.

Liberating the creative force in a person is the key. Not through some external and removed and remote process. The process involves everything you’ve got.

It goes down to the center of the Earth and out to the stars, and beyond. When so engaged, the mind cooperates and collaborates with the adventurer. It moves through so-called mental problems like a rocket burning up old paper.

One summer in the 1980s, when I was just starting out as a reporter, I scored a few front-page stories for LA Weekly, because other writers were out of town. I managed to squeeze in one of the weirder features the Weekly had published up to that time: off-the-record interviews with therapists detailing their private fantasies – all of which turned out to be intensely anti-social.

I later learned the “therapy community in town” didn’t appreciate my approach.

Similarly, I expect some psychologists will rankle at this one. But the point is, all these fantasies, of both patient and therapist are outcomes of the creative force in action – nothing less or more – and they should be seen that way.

Instead of assigning fantasy A to mental condition A and fantasy B to condition B, why not just throw all the insanity overboard and acknowledge, finally, that what underlies fantasia is the beginning and end of the answer to what’s bothering people and troubling them and driving them into despair and deep boredom:

Imagination and the creative force are tigers waiting to be let out of their cages so they can invent astonishing Futures.

This would be a truly modern psychology and a thoroughly contemporary reflection of what we all know.

From our deepest wellsprings, we:







Exploring the meaning and action of THIS is a worthy undertaking, and it would happily supersede what has absurdly been called psychology.

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8 Responses to “How Psychology Undermined Western Civilization”

  1. 1
    Linda Says:

    Dear Sir, If I may, I would like to respond. I am a Psychologist III, and I have worked at County facilities and in the prison system providing crisis resolution services, battered women’s services, and groups of violent offenders. I left that system and trained in Oriental Medicine because I believed that the same government oversight that was adversely affecting teachers (my best friend of 40 years is a Marine who became a teacher), was also adversely affecting the ability of honest counselors to do their job. The government crippled teachers with bogus paperwork, and I watched the same thing happen in my field. My friend Steve and I discussed the evolution of government agencies crippling American workers who were trying to educate, or aid the mentally unstable.
    I might add that the AOM system was just as adversely affected by the medical monopoly as the Psychologists have been by corrupt government politics.
    As someone who loved helping others, and who values the science of the mind, I believe your blaming statements are not helpful. Every person in the country who is a patriot should be welcomed here; not singled out for special abuse because of their career choices. Psychology does have amazing and valid power, when used by a skilled and caring provider outside of the gov regulatory system. So, I disagree with your statements and I am writing in support of those of us who labored long to help those whom most of society doesn’t want to deal with. Please do not dishonor what you don’t understand. I sincerely don’t deserve your critique. Linda

  2. 2
    Cal Says:

    I agree with both of you in certain areas.

    Linda, you were taught in a specific way how the mind thinks. You then went into Oriental Medicine – which is founded on a different belief system. Don’t stop there. The best thing you can do for your paitents is learn from them, from the world, from others who see the world differently – understand that much is learned values.

    All schooling programs us to a certain view. The education of the past few decades since the feds got involved has actually deliberately molded how people think and view the world. Much money and secrecy was involved, including bringing back those who “practiced” in the German concentration camps to learn from them ways to manipulate how people think.

    The feds wanted/still want to be able to program us starting in school, and later, now, they are experimenting with distance programing of our brains using machines. They enlisted the media (all parts of it: news, TV, music, movies, etc) to continue with it and “upgrade” it as they needed.

    Critique is not a bad thing, Linda. And his was not aimed at you, but at the ‘profession’. A lot of his information is correct, research it for yourself. The best thing you can do to prove to yourself and others that the field has validity is to learn from this article, realize that much he says is valid – so where can YOU use that to better assist the people you ‘treat’.

    Critical thinking is NOT taught, and is actually discouraged. It is time for all of us to NOT accept the boundaries they set for us, but expand beyond them into a new sphere of thinking. There is nothing wrong with wanting to understand how people think, and maybe to be able to assist them. Men have done that about women for centuries (humor). But realize that a HUGE part of “psychobabble” and I do not mean that term derogatorily , is just that; it puts forth the newest popular idea of treatment as “the one”.

    The founding fathers understood the “human condition” as much as anyone today, which is why there is a US Constitution, Bill of Rights and a Preamble to the Bill of Rights to further lay out that those who choose positions of “power” will want greater power, and usually will use whatever it takes to get that power. As you can see from this it would not hurt for you to study the “great” writings in history either – if you have not already done so.

    Look at this article as a new way to teach yourself, because he is quite correct when he said that it is used to undermine us. It is used daily, 24 hours a day. So implement that knowlege into your way of thinking. Recognize it when it is being used against you and us to manipulate how we think. Become a person who can help the rest of us to solve this mindwashing going on with the general populace. Become the solution. It was not a personal attack, however much it felt that way to you. Take it and run with it and do great things. What you know, what you can learn can help all of us if you decide to take up that challenge.

    America needs someone who can counteract the brainwashing they get daily to control them. Stop the damage the government is doing, realize it is part of the problem (probably a huge part) that you are dealing with in your patients. Consider this a way to open your eyes.

    Not sure if you learned this in any classes you took, or elsewhere. But we cannot change the past, but what we can change is OUR view of it, and that – in essence – changes the past.

  3. 3
    Brandon Says:


    I think Rappoport is attacking Psychology as a state establishment, NOT every individual psychologist. I wouldn’t take it personally. People criticize Christianity, for instance, all the time. But, most of them are pointing out problems with the official organization of it, not all individual Christians.

    Any system of knowledge or belief can be misused by those in power. Today, psychology and psychiatry are being highly misused and corrupted. I would utilize your inside knowledge of the system to point out the dangers and suggest YOUR OWN ideas on what must be changed for the psychological community to be balanced and legitimate once again.

  4. 4
    Gary Says:

    It is already in our work forces, this need to evalute, mitigate, and medicate. Boeing has a voluntary, as you may require assistance depression clinic, available to its employees. I imagine it is not the only example that may be found in corporate America. As more and more persons self report, the files shall be enlarged and subject to review by who knows what participating agencies as mandated and authorized by law. Unfortunately, Americans cannot discern the snare entrapping them and wilfully submit to these malicious, though said to be caring, provisional programs that in the end shall be more destructive than helpful.

  5. 5
    Linda Says:

    Dear Cal, Actually, the reality is that my Father had a unique mindset. He was a depression era kid and an Army Engineer/ demolitions man. He wanted to be a teacher, but the depression interfered with his plans. So school actually imposed very little of its thinking style on me, because I was raised to think for myself, question everything and to search for what the human mind can do, and then push that to the limit. My Father loved Psychology and he wanted me to be a Psychiatrist, but I stopped short of that because I saw most of the Psychiatrists I met as pill pushers who interacted with their patients very infrequently.
    I am an extremely independent thinker, and I truly believe in the power of the mind to solve problems and make things better, when it is not drowned in baloney or baffled from being fed the stuff they feeds mushrooms.
    What I was trying to explain to Jon was that the science and study of the mind had really only just begun, when the gov got involved and warped the whole project (since the 1930’s) until it no longer resembles a science aimed at helping people; it more closely resembles a research scientist working in a laboratory on some paramecium. That is how the gov seems to view people, and that version of conscienceless abuse is what is frequently practiced, even though it is not what was taught. It was certainly not what my Dad taught me.
    What I am trying to say is that I believe in the science, but not the restrictive and warped version of psychology that we currently see practiced in the world.
    By examining our own areas of expertise, we can all see the negative influence of the gov, and by recognizing that this is ubiquitous, we can help each other change the world. Before we can make these changes, we have to get the unlawful government out, and a Constitutional gov in place.
    Watching those men in the video about New York’s resistance against insane gun laws, I believe it just might happen. I saw the resolution, the courage and the conviction on those men’s faces that is needed to get this done.
    As I mentioned in my first note, I am not actively working in the field anymore; I saw the manipulative, controlling, uncaring and abusiveness, and I left to gather my forces, and get retrained. You should know that I forced the shutdown of several facilities that were not giving proper treatment to patients, as my parting gift.
    Retraining did give me a fresh perspective, but I also recognize that the gun-grab issues that are before us right now are of paramount importance. It genuinely appears to me that we are about to be faced with civil war, and with the breakdown of our civilization. If the gov pushes this as far as it appears they are going to, then we are going to see every evil perpetrated that we fear, including the further abuse of the mentally ill.
    I would be delighted to help restructure the system; I also realize that this society is broken and it may take a meltdown to fix it. A gov that has gone as far as this one has is simply not worth trying to fix anymore. When they draw first-blood, I think we all know what will happen.
    During this time I will contribute my time to help others, and I know that the people here will do the same. I simply ask that we do it in unity with each other, and with respect for the value of the talent, intelligence and honorable intentions we are each bringing to the table.
    God Bless, Linda

  6. 6
    Linda Says:

    HI Gary,
    I would agree that the problem has been in our work forces for a long time. As it has gradually slithered its way into every aspect of our society; it has manipulated the American people by offering services in every guise conceivable, acting as the great Nanny, who surely will help you when you are in trouble, wipe your tears and then tell you how to live your lives. It (the Gov) has certainly encouraged us to take advantage of its “help”, and, in psychology, medicine and education,both those needing services and those trying to provide them were deceived. The manipulation is clearly intended to create a dependency that is unnatural, and which leads to the current strange mindset we see all around us. For example, on about 5 different occasions I have attempted to talk to others about getting re-trained (read that as rusty and out of practice) in the use of firearms, to get food by hunting and to be able to protect myself. When there are women present, one of them inevitably remarks that, at HER house they LOVE animals. After that, it is very difficult to get a conversation going. Most recently this happened at a Prepper group I went to.
    No sane person learns how to use a rifle because they want to/enjoy killing people. But somehow, in this culture, the gov has taught people that loving animals and killing them for food are mutually exclusive concepts.
    I wish I could snap my fingers three times and wake everyone up, but it doesn’t usually work out that way. People get very, very upset when their convictions are challenged, even if their convictions are the result of false programming.In fact a conviction that is based on false and self destructive beliefs is a delusion. The gov has intentionally created many delusions in the American people.Anyone who reads this and can talk to others about the problem; anyone who opens others eyes to the cliff that is about 30 feet ahead; anyone who teaches self reliance and empowers others rather than creating dependency, these people will be working for good. However, someone is needed with a broader pulpit, who can reach the masses using the same technique they were programmed with, but pointing out the truth, and giving evidence of the lies. Media and mob psychology can be used to wake people up in the same way that it was used to control people so they became dependent. If that doesn’t happen, then we are stuck with zombies, and there isn’t a lot we can do about it except to get the word out and keep working.
    If the SHTF, many (but not most) Americans will probably ultimately discern the snare entrapping them, wake up, grab a tool and kill bambi (or whatever is at hand) when they get hungry enough.
    That may not change who they have been taught to blame, but it will be an inroad into breaking down their delusions. As Brandon said, I can use my empowerment psychology to reach individuals.
    However, the reality is that I cannot do that in a political context, (to shake people free of their programmed delusions about the dependency they are living with) because it is verboten by the gov, and heavily monitored in the industry.
    I work to help people think for themselves, and I work to help them see the chains of irrational belief that have left them shackled with problems they believe they are completely bound by. That takes time and it is usually a one-by-one business.It is very good work, and I have been successful with many, many people. But unless I could do that en masse, I would not be able to fight this effectively. People who are trained to see themselves as sick, crazy, trapped, defeated, etc. have been programmed with a mental illness. Brainwashing and overcoming brainwashing is a specialty that is peculiarly military. Generally they don’t allow non-military treatment providers to help military people with mental health problems, and, in the case of brainwashing this is particularly true. That doesn’t mean that I am not game to try, but it means I would have to have access, the necessary tools and the freedom to do it from a perspective that is far removed from military psychology.I don’t have the ability to undo all the damage the gov has done, to get rid of their overweening control, and to bring sanity back to mental health all by myself, but I can create a lot of cognitive dissonance around those issues for people, and I have done so many, many times.
    I think that we all need lessons in re-wilding, to a certain extent. The natural response to these problems is to protect yourself, find or get shelter, food and so on using whatever tools you can find. That is healthy human behavior. As a group we have been trained to hate that behavior, that healthy kind of response.IF we can learn to re-wild a bit, it might shake us free. What do you think? God Bless, Linda

  7. 7
    Ravenhair jacobs Says:

    How ironic that you would speak to anyone in any profession about “programming”, when your whole Oathkeepers group is one of monumental programming and indoctrination into military, police, the Constitution as you perceive it. It would be comical if not so deadly and dangerous! I am a former member of your group. I joined because you claimed to follow the Constitution, however I found out quickly that you cherry pick the parts you like, as most interlopers on the lands of my ancestors do.
    I am curious how you justify the continued occupation of Native lands that were guaranteed by your Constitution in Treaties made with my elders. Art.VI, sec. II of your Constitution states” This Constitution…and TREATIES MADE and to be made…are the Supreme Law of the Land…”
    If you were truly “Oathkeepers”, you would assist us in Honoring Indian Treaties, yet I have already asked you to do that and your silence speaks volumes for the legitimacy of your group. The 2nd Amendment you cling to is no more valid than the Articles of the Constitution yet those Articles were violated by G. Washington and his group before the ink was even dry.
    So keep playing your little games and penning your articles about brainwashing and sheeple and all the other arrogant and self congratulatory and sneering remarks that are made on your boards. We are watching, as is the Creator, and you will always be the interlopers who came with gun in one hand and bible in the other to commit genocide in the name of your god, and we the Niit-sita-pii will always be the true Patriots whose blood and bones cover the lands you claim as your own!

    [Note from the editor, Elias Alias, to Ravenhair Jacobs: First, I want to thank you for originally joining Oath Keepers. Secondly, I want to apologize to you for our having disappointed you or for having served your interest with less than you expected. Thirdly, I wish to inform you that I am not aware of any request from you about supporting your drive to compel the General government to honor its obligations in Indian Treaties. Fourthly and finally, I want you to know that I, as a member of the Oath Keepers national Board of Directors, am one "White Man" who is in agreement with you, and I will be happy to bring your letter of recommendations for Oath Keepers action on Indian Treaties before our Board of Directors. Please answer this by entering another comment here, just as you did this first one. In your comment, just give me your email address. Your information will not be seen by others. Our system will get your message to me and I will connect back with you by email, at which time I will give you my email address and also my phone number. I want to talk with you please. Thank you for speaking up. Salute! Elias Alias, editor]

  8. 8
    Jack Says:

    The photo at the top of article looks like a filmclip staring Olivia DeHaviland as the abused patient. Why did you show her photo ? Do you have permission from the film’s copyright owners to show it. At the very least you should acknowledge source of photo. Thank you.

    [Editor's note: Thank you Jack for pointing that out to me.]

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