January 30th, 2013

Will You Submit And Obey?


This article was written by Eric Peters and originally published at Eric Peters Autos

In New York, we have a prequel of what’s to come – the repeal of the Second Amendment and summary criminalization of peaceful citizens merely for possessing the means of self-defense, even in their own homes. As in Great Britain, citizens of NY  face prison if they use proscribed weapons against murderous thugs – even in their own homes. The tyrants Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo have made their decision. Now New Yorkers will have to make theirs. And so will the rest of us – if, as seems likely, the federal tyrants succeed in issuing a New York-style fatwa that applies to the rest of the country. Which brings us to the question:

What will you do?

It is a very hard question. Perhaps the hardest question Americans have had to face since 1861. As then, there may be no peaceful way to preserve our rights. There may be blood. As then, one side is absolutely determined to impose its will at bayonet-point. To murder us in the thousands – perhaps millions, this time -  if we refuse to submit. There is no reasoning, no discussing. What we face is violence against our persons by people who absolutely will not leave us in peace – no matter how peaceful we try to be – until we have submitted to them utterly and for all time to come. We wish only to be left alone – and demand that our right to defend ourselves against those who will not leave us alone be respected. That self-defense is the most basic of rights – a right conceded even to the lowest animal. They do not acknowledge our rights; they despise the very notion of us having any rights at all. They regard their power over us as limitless in principle – and rage at even the smallest assertion of freedom of action. They loathe our guns because our ownership of guns is an expression of our determination to defend our very lives – and thus, of self-ownership.

And that is what cannot be tolerated. Which is why the current bum-rush to disarm us has become absolutely frantic. The moment is at hand. We will either stand up and be reckoned with as free men – or we will sit down forever and accept any degradation, any humiliation. And in that case, we shall have proved worthy of such treatment.

Future generations will look upon us with the same mixture of incomprehension and contempt that our generation looked upon those who meekly lined up naked in queue for their turn at the edge of the pit. Because it will come to that, in time.

For decades, in a slow and incremental way, they have progressively increased their claims on us. On the most intimate details of our private lives. On our literal bodies and those of our children. We no longer enjoy even the vestigial liberty of being free in our own homes. They are everywhere. They recognize no limits, no boundary beyond which they may not assert themselves over us. They read and record our conversations. They demand to know the minutia of our finances. They tell us with whom we must do business – and under what conditions. They lay claim to an unlimited amount of our income. They deny us even the prospect of real ownership of anything more than the clothes on our backs. They assert their “right” – that is, their unchecked power to do us violence – for any and no reason at all, beyond the reason that they have power and we do not. We are on the cusp now of literal, physical enslavement. Of being owned – because we are about to be rendered utterly defenseless. Legally rendered defenseless.

If that is not just cause for resistance, then there is no cause for resisting anything, ever. Which is exactly the point being insisted upon: That we have no right to resist, because we have no rights. It is our role to Submit and Obey. Immediately, quietly. To anything and everything they tell us to do. To complacently accept as natural and right that our lives are the playthings of others – who may do with us as they please. That our lives do not matter. Because we do not own our lives.

Our lives are owned by them.

If we lose this battle, then we have already lost the war. The rest will be a mopping up operation. Having taken away not merely our guns but succeeded in intellectually defrocking us of the principle of self-defense and self-ownership that possessing arms affirms, it will be a very small thing indeed to take away much else besides.To take away anything – perhaps everything. Why not? We have already surrendered – and thus, already accepted the idea that nothing is off limits, that whatever small measure of vestigial liberty we may still possess is not actually possessed but merely tolerated . . . for the moment. And may be taken from us at any time, at their whim.

A defenseless man should expect no mercy. And a man unwilling to defend himself – and his fellow men – against tyranny deservesnone.

Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo have made their decision. Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama will soon make theirs.

Then it will be our turn.

I have already made mine. It is the same decision made by Joshua Boston (USMC):

“I will not register my weapons…

“I am not your subject…

“I am not your peasant… .”

I am not a “tough guy.” I am not looking for a fight. Rather, I desperately wish to avoid one. I’m a middle-aged American just trying to live my life, work, enjoy my pastimes and my friends and family. To be an American. A free American. I dearly value my life. Which is precisely why,  if I am backed into a corner by those who refuse to leave me be – even though I harm none – then I will turn and fight. God help me.

God help us all.

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17 Responses to “Will You Submit And Obey?”

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  1. 1
    csaaphill Says:

    well written and so true. Lets not let this one slide this time.

  2. 2
    JJ1640 Says:

    Well said. We are rapidly approaching the moment where we will have to put up or shut up! I’m praying for the wisdom to discern this moment and the courage to seize the moment. God Bless.

  3. 3
    Linda Says:

    Well Said! I am an older woman, but I will not register my weapons; nor am I anyone’s subject or peasant. I am a free woman, and I will stay free. I wish to live my life in peace, but I will not let this pass. God Bless you and God help us all.

  4. 4
    saratoga1777 Says:

    Well said. Our strength will be in our numbers and our faith in God.

  5. 5
    bill terry Says:

    I am a son a brother a husband a father a oath keeper and i will fight to protect my family from all enemies foreign or domestic and my beloved country.i dont claim to be a hero and would be lying if i told you i am not scared i guess just like our four fathers were but regaurdeless of it i will never comply i will never surrender ever.may god be with all patriots. molon labe

  6. 6
    Deborah Says:

    I have faith in our active military, vets and policemen and civilians that our Flag will still be there. We Americans fight to live, not live to fight. Besides an oathbreaker is really coward.

  7. 7
    Corey Rodgers Says:

    part of me wants the good people who own guns in NY will stand up against tyranny,
    and i don’t like casting a negative light, but i have concerns on this one because it is infact a place like NY, just like california, chicago/illinois, a place that may cower like great britain and australia in their recent (last decade approx) of gun confiscation. these areas already had a majority of persons against law abiding gun owners. These areas have already accepted tyrannical gun laws that were wholly inneffective at criminals and harmed the law-abiding.

    i applaud you if you stand, but my advice is that you MOVE. the good states are happy to welcome good people. i do NOT consider this cowardice on your part but instead a peaceful, smart, and effective solution. i prefer all the good people band together, i have felt this way about these kinds of scenarios for decades now.

    people talk about “the danger of vacationing in x-country” and my question is why would you go there? likewise i refuse to travel to states that do not accept my ccdw. i refuse to vacation in countries that give me no safety while simultaneously strip my ability to provide my own. i’m amazed at the contractors who accepted work in Iraq but were not allowed to be armed; at the workers who accept jobs on ships in Somali waters but are not allowed to be armed and not allowed to shoot pirates dead, and only allowed stupid water canons and useless methods against AK47s and RPGs.

    if i have a safe place to go – i will go there.
    if an attacker leaves me no exit – i will stand, fight, kill, or die.

    NY, IL, CA, have already had laws for 2 decades now that would have caused me to leave back when enacted.

    please pick a good state and move, we want you, they clearly don’t. Exodus! let the tyrants and the nannystate wimps have only each other to make suffer, and they will. separate from evil.

    frankly, i want a new country – made up of the good states. we would thrive, they would fail. 51% of this country just got done voting for evil, i have no intent nor desire to risk my life saving them. i want the other 49% by my side, i will gladly die for you.

  8. 8
    Churchill Says:

    In reply to Corey Rodgers….. Indeed, split the Nation up is their goal, then they win and we lose. Then, America is again non-existant as like previous to our beginning. Sounding the retreat before the battle begins is not an option for some folks as they are aging or have not the means/finance and others will consider it their ‘Right to Preserve and Protect’ what they already have, other than relocating elsewhere without any guarantee of their ‘Rights and the Safety of their Families’. To retreat by relocating might not be the best option as the ‘War on Terror’ has encompassed the entire Nation and World as it’s theatre. One is generally best suited for the areas they know best anyway.

  9. 9
    bill terry Says:

    I Agree I will not comply i live in the belly of the beast in chicago there is no help for a lot of people here my wife and three young children are leaveing to indiana very soon.as a oath keeper i have yet a oath keeper sticker on any cars at all beieive me i am looking.it saddens me to have had heard of a marine driveing in new york a being pulled over at a check point to be searcherd and having 5 empty ar mags and is now facing felony charges.please lets all unite and be as one.i truely fill our country is being pulled apart.i will start puting a black ribbon on my cars and hope to see more.may the lord bless all true patriots oath keeper in chicago

  10. 10
    JB Says:

    I applaud your decision to not submit to this evil in any way, shape, or form. I also refuse to submit. I do not wish to harm anyone and pray to God that violent means can be avoided, but I fear that it will most likely come to that. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared. I like most Americans have never faced a threat like this before. I simply want to live my life as I choose and be left alone, but these tyrants will not stop until they have complete control. It is so sad to come to the realization that this threat to our very existance comes from within. The silver lining in all this is that for those who have faith in God a greater reward awaits us in Heaven. May Gods grace and mercy cover us all.

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