January 23rd, 2013

Nullification Rally Opposes New York Gun Ban


Cuomo_Oath Breaker, Traitor, Enemy of the People

Cuomo_Oath Breaker, Traitor, Enemy of the People


Officer discretion is a reality seldom discussed, yet real none-the-less. Officer discretion is a form of personal “nullification”.  A judge refusing to hand down a sentence is another form of personal nullification. A jury of one’s peers refusing to convict a defendant who obviously was in violation of a law is yet another form of nullification. The speaker in this video harks back to the days of prohibition wherein juries across America refused to convict so regularly and often that the “system” finally repealed the laws against alcohol drinks.

All of these types of nullification remain with the people. Talking about them is indeed a form of activism. Enjoy the video, and take courage.


Elias Alias


A link for the video below:




Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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One Response to “Nullification Rally Opposes New York Gun Ban”

  1. 1
    Mr.B Says:

    Some Law…
    He is an Oath Breaker. Some stand up guy he is, extra martial affair he had means first he broke his Oath to his Family. Next, he broke his Oath to Uphold the United States Constitution.
    Now his “Holier Than Thou” stance against the gun owners of New York State.
    Ayitollah Cuomo, author and Anti-Gun Imam of the Cuomo Fatwa.

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