January 21st, 2013

Homeland Security Hoarding Ammo While Police Deprived


This article was written by Aaron Klein and originally published at WND.com

Will the U.S. soon face a critical situation in which the federal government– primarily the Department of Homeland Security – possesses an ammunition surplus while local and state authorities face ammunition shortages and backlogs in purchasing more rounds?

Current trends could find the federal government with a strong ammunition advantage over local police and sheriff departments.

Earlier this week, a Georgia TV station reported that police officers training at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Gun Range were holding back on some live-range ammunition training due to shortage concerns.

Range Master Sgt. Ted Glisson told WSAV-TV in Savannah, “What we’ve incorporated is we’re doing more dry firing practice and this basically gets some people better suited to do what they need to when they come out here on the range.”

Dry firing is pulling the trigger but not firing a bullet.

Glisson said that while his unit currently had enough ammunition, he was concerned because “one of our suppliers was running short on what they had because there’s a mass – everybody’s trying to get a lot of ammunition and things like that.”

Similar reports are cropping up nationwide amid fears of a federal clampdown as the Obama administration continues to push gun legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Brownells, the largest supplier of firearm accessories in the world, reported it had sold several years’ worth of ammunition in just a matter of hours.

The company released a statement apologizing for the delay in fulfilling orders, explaining the it had experienced “unprecedented” demand for AR-15 ammunition magazines since earlier in the week.

CNS News reported police departments nationwide are experiencing ammunition shortages, referring to the online law enforcement website, PoliceOne.com

Sgt. Chris Forrester of the Greer Police Department in South Carolina told local TV-news channel WSPA: “It’s never easy to get ammo, but since the tragedy in Connecticut, it’s become even more difficult.”

Forrester explained the problem ordering ammunition began about a month ago.

“You’ll call and they say ‘sorry we’re out,’ or ‘it’s on back order,’” he said.

Chief Terry Sult of the Sandy Springs Police Department said: “It affects our ability to be prepared. It affects the potential safety of the officers, because they’re not as proficient as they should be.”

While local authorities scramble to fulfill future ammunition needs by turning to the same suppliers from which private gun owners purchase their rounds, the Department of Homeland Security reportedly maintains a large stock of ammunition.


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5 Responses to “Homeland Security Hoarding Ammo While Police Deprived”

  1. 1
    Ed Warden Says:

    I understand that the feds opened up a new ammo manufacturer that is run by the govt and had been set up in a hurry and has only been manufacturing ammo for a few months now. Just what are they planning for?

  2. 2
    mike smith Says:

    I contacted Federal ammunition and they said they are working 24/7 to get shelves restocked. Don’t know just exactly that will be, My town is OUT!!!, and all of my regular suppliers are OUT!!!. Fortunately I have enough ammo to fill all of my mags twice. So this means I am keeping what I have and I won’t be able to practice until and if they get ammo back in circulation. But hey if you win the battle you need to glean from the field.

  3. 3
    Don Says:

    I have a thousand.223,hundreds of 00 buck and slugs. Not to mention the hundreds of 9mm .44mag and other misc rnds. Fortunately I saw this coming…I am waiting for another 1000 rds for my mini 14 to be delivered,Once that gets here I will be comfortable with my stock. At the very least its a hedge against rising costs. I didn’t think tyranny would be as bold as it has been. Got the mini before the big “rush” on semi’s. Love that little defensive carbine. Just eats and spits. Recommend it over the higher priced AR’s. Of course thats a personal choice..Good luck out there! Prayers to our servicemen and women,God bless the Republic…Molon labe!

  4. 4
    Michael S. Glenn Says:

    It is interesting to note that the feds purchased all of the hollowpoint ammunition that was available. Themilitary cannot use the ammunition, as it is in violation of the Geneva Convention. So there are two scenarios, they purchased it simply to keep civilian hands off of it or they are stockpilingit for their own initiatives. I assume we are discussing the latter. Tragically, this is a worst case scenario for everyone and leaves a lot of room for interpretation on everyones part.

  5. 5
    mike smith Says:

    I did find some XM193 at Cheaper than Dirt yesterday, but they are really gouging at almost $2.00 per rd. I guess if you are desperate……

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