January 19th, 2013

President Obama Shoots Himself In The Foot On Gun Control

Obama Grin

This article was written by Gary North and originally published at LewRockwell.com

North’s law of knee-jerk politics is this: “When you become a knee-jerk politician, you will eventually shoot yourself in the foot.” This is what President Obama has just done. He has decided that he is going to make gun control one of his two major issues.

The first issue is getting the House of Representatives to raise the debt ceiling. He has made it clear that he will not compromise in any way.

This is a safe political battle. The House of Representatives was willing to pass a bill to hand over $50 billion to Governor Christie and the other pork master governors of the Northeast, whose states got hit by Hurricane Sandy. That made it clear that the House of Representatives has no intention of cutting spending. If you vote to increase spending, and you refuse to vote to increase taxes, then you are committing yourself in full public view to the principle that a rising federal deficit does not matter. The deficit will soar, and the House will not fight this. Therefore, when push comes to shove, the House of Representatives will capitulate to Obama and will raise the debt ceiling.

The second issue is the Sandy Hook issue: a lunatic shot elementary school children in a local public school.

On this issue, President Obama shot from the hip. From what I can see, he has shot himself in the foot. He is telling Republicans in the House of Representatives that they must vote for a series of bans on assault rifles and accompanying paraphernalia.

Why do Republicans in the House have to do this? When almost half of American households own guns, and gun owners tend to be single-issue voters, why would it benefit House Republicans to capitulate to the President on this issue? He then becomes the great winner, and they become obvious losers. What incentive do they have to become visible losers?

Republicans in the House of Representatives who take a stand against Obama on this issue are going to make major swing voters in their districts very happy. But if they capitulate to him, they are going to make this same group of swing voters very unhappy. Congressmen are able to count noses. They know where their bread is buttered. Republicans’ bread is buttered on the side of the Second Amendment.

Obama has made a strategic error. He has said that he will overcome Congressional resistance by issuing executive orders. The average American does not know about executive orders. He has not heard that the President of the United States is in effect is a legislator, not merely an executive.

The next thing you know, some of them are going to find out the President is also a judge. The bureaucratic positions under executive authority which are known collectively as “administrative law judges” are a manifestation of executive power. The administrative law judge undermines the Western concept of law. That fact was made clear 30 years ago by Harvard professor Harold Berman, in his book Law and Revolution. In the introduction to that book, he made it plain that administrative law judges represent a break with the entire Western legal tradition. Obama will use administrative law judges to enforce his position on gun control.

When we look at the executive orders that Obama has signed, we see that they are exercises in impotence with respect to the gun control issue. They involve bureaucratic spending on irrelevant research boondoggles that one agency or another has cooked up to justify its existence. These executive orders represent no threat whatsoever to gun owners.

This being the case, it becomes clear that Obama is overplaying his hand. He is claiming to have the power to override Congressional resistance, but the actual executive orders indicate impotence on his part.

He has now given the National Rifle Association the greatest membership drive opportunity that it has had in two decades. The NRA plans to add one million names to its membership list. This is not out of the question. The NRA has said that this fight will be the fight of the century. I do not think there is going to be much of a fight at all. There is going to be a terrific fund-raising drive for the NRA, and Obama is going to come away empty-handed. This is going to prove that he does not have the votes in the House.

I think I understand why he is doing this. I think he has been forced into this by the Democrats’ position on disarming the citizenry. He knows he can’t win this battle, but he is supposed to go through the motions. He is now playing front man for Joe Biden, which is not a role he covets. But his knee-jerk supporters are forcing his hand – or maybe forcing his foot. “Look! My knee jerks just as spasmodically as yours does,” he is telling them.

Knee-jerk liberals have problems with jerking knees. The gun control issue is a classic knee-jerk issue for liberals. They simply cannot stop demanding gun control in the aftermath of some lunatic, suicidal maniac who gets his hands on guns and kills people. Liberals know that maniacs will still get their hands on guns despite gun control laws, and so will gang members. But, when you are a knee-jerk politician, you jerk your knee, no matter what.

Obama is going to demonstrate in full public view two things. First, he is going to demonstrate for everybody to see that his executive orders are all rhetoric, no substance. Second, he is going to demonstrate for everybody to see that the Republicans in the House of Representatives can keep him from achieving his goals on gun control.

He is squandering political capital on a fight he cannot win. But the jerking knees behind him have kicked him into action.

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6 Responses to “President Obama Shoots Himself In The Foot On Gun Control”

  1. 1
    Elias Alias Says:

    Blowback’s a bitch.

    I think North is right on the money – Obama’s handlers have sparked a massive awakening of the previously dormant American spirit.

    Semper Fi and Molon Labe!
    Elias Alias

  2. 2
    Lee Says:

    Elias, I think you hit the nail on the head as well!


  3. 3
    Linda Says:

    I just wanted to add a proviso: The gov is fighting a war of attrition, against a lazy and drowsy mass mind, that gets roused, then falls back asleep when the effort is too great, or when it believes it has won out on even a small point. In this instance, no matter how many errors Obamae may have made, we must keep in mind that he may be intentionally overshooting the mark to see how far he can go. Like any salesman, he raises his price first, and then settles for what he can get. For the gov, this means that he can seed the public mind with the most negative images and emotions related to this issue, create dissension between those who are grief stricken at their loses and those who are being rational about how to prevent further loses, and so on. If Obama can get states to be very hostile to gun ownership, if he can create a mindset that it is crazy to own and use guns, then he has made strides for his evil cause. We have to fight this on the emotional and mental level, on the educational level, and we must do so in every state in the union. We must win the hearts and minds of the people back to a sane form of government. If we don’t do this work, if men in arms don’t volunteer at the local schools to ensure that schools are safe- if we don’t actively and aggressively demonstrate that gun ownership is an active use of sane, stable, and healthy people who, like their forebears are living free and responsible lives, then we should not be surprised if the next election (if there is one) results in another socialist pushing this issue even further. They have the long view, and they can keep eating away at the minds of the young, the confused, and the easily swayed. Before you know it, you wind up in a fascist state with a dictator. – Oh, that’s right, that has already happened.-
    We need militia in every state that employ both men and women of every age as active parts of the campaign to regain, retain and actively practice the rights that define true freedom. Rather than a closed cadre, we need to be inclusive of everyone who can and will contribute their time, energy and talents to the cause. Everyone can do something; and being inclusive will forge bonds between those who carry guns and those with other talents who can also serve this higher good.
    May the Good Lord have your backs. Linda

  4. 4
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    I disagree with Gary North that it’s a knee-jerk reaction; Obama’s been working behind the scene’s on gun control since 2009 – that’s what the Fast and Furious scandal was all about.

    I agree with Linda about the attrition tactic, and that America is still asleep or easily distracted.

    But I disagree with Linda about arming government school workers, or putting guns on government school grounds; because the public school system IS Communist. The solution is to get rid of the public schools and let the free market handle both education as well as armed protection for students of *private* schools.

    You don’t want to have more of those people who are beholden to the government to have the guns. Notice how government is trying to get doctors to play a part in gun control, now; When people are beholden to the government, government will use them against liberty.

  5. 5
    Chancellor Says:

    Awakening…..maybe but the problem is the follow through. Over the last 4 years I have seen this Administration force things through that 40 years ago would have gotten them impeached.
    The main problem on this issue is they are pushing this as a “Hunting Rights” issue. and everywhere you turn you hear that same rally cry for the curtailment of “Assault Rifles”
    “Who needs more than 10 rounds to kill a Deer” 7 in NY.
    But I have yet to hear the call from the Gun advocates saying “It has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with an out of Control Government” and this administration is the poster child for an out of control government. Thank you and May God watch over you all!

  6. 6
    GeorgeW. Says:

    The Obama Inauguration Brought To You By Corporations and Unions by Kevin Glass Jan 21, 2013


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