January 19th, 2013

Gun Control Advocates Want To Fingerprint And Track You When Purchasing Ammo

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The following article from Reuters (gun-control propaganda central) promotes the idea of database tracking, serializing, and fingerprinting for all ammunition purchases around the country.  This is clearly an attempt to turn our right to firearms ownership into a privilege, and create an environment where common citizens are forced to essentially ask permission from the government every time they buy gun related materials.  It is much easier to take away a privilege in the minds of the populous than it is to take away a right.  I think it is especially important to note that the article cites the need to track those who are “stockpiling ammunition” as the primary purpose for an ammunition database.  Hmm…I wonder who they are really most concerned about?  Drugged out and mentally unstable kids, or, somebody else…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

In tracking down illegal weapons, the smoking gun may not be a gun at all.

Bullets are one thing Sacramento Police Detective Greg Halstead can count on to root out weapons that otherwise would be impossible to find. They are also largely missing from the gun control debate in Washington.

Since 2008, California’s capital has required ammunition dealers to take names and thumbprints of bullet buyers. They send the information electronically to police computers, which compare the names to an FBI criminal database.

Halstead begins his day looking at a list of buyers, picking out the ones who aren’t supposed to own ammunition – or guns. The thumbprint left by each prohibited buyer is nearly perfect evidence of crime.

“The ammunition case is a slam-dunk solid,” said Halstead, who regularly turns up illegal guns at homes he otherwise would have no reason to search. Some 154 felony convictions and 92 misdemeanor convictions have resulted so far.

While the gun control initiatives launched by President Barack Obama on Wednesday in response to December’s Connecticut school massacre are the most sweeping in decades, they are more focused on guns than bullets and omitted several controls on ammunition that some law enforcement officials say could help.



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3 Responses to “Gun Control Advocates Want To Fingerprint And Track You When Purchasing Ammo”

  1. 1
    csaaphill Says:

    Ya tyrrany in the midst on this one. hard to just say no to those stores that already do this when they might be the cheapest place around for ammo. I know this was comming for years and here it is. I say no on this this is an outright infringment.

  2. 2
    Chancellor Says:

    Since I retired I was working part time helping a good friend of mine in his gunshop. Since the law in NY was approved as of today Jan 20th 2013 I will no longer have a job.
    I repaired small arms when needed and sold weapons and ammo.
    After NY passed it’s laws I now have to be registered just to handle guns and ammo. Average registration time in NY is 12-18 months….If I decided to be stupid enough to do so. On the first full day of the new law 2 different state officials came to his store….”as he told me I was not needed that day” and check his books and made sure he wasn’t selling any weapons with over 7 round magazines…..So all gas fed pistols and many of his rifles he had to return to the manufacturers at a loss. This is “Post facto law” and is illegal under the Constitution and How many of those small gunshop owners will lose they’re life’s savings and business because of this?
    Even if the class action lawsuit filed in NY wins do these owners and investors get they’re money back from the state? This law was passed knowing full well in court it will be struck down. But they also know that 90% of the gunshops will close in the 2-3 years this will take to make it through the courts!

    Thank you for reading my rant may God Bless us all!

  3. 3
    Joe Berry Says:

    Not going to happen I have enough brass to reload anyway but if it is unconstitutional I will not comply

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