January 17th, 2013

To the Patriots: Arm Yourselves, for the Hammer’s Crashing Down

JORDAN PAGE1212In this dark hour, when liberty is under such relentless assault, it is necessary for you to steel yourselves, and arm yourselves, spiritually, mentally, and physically.  And above all, it is a time to set aside fear, and to reject despair and to embrace our place in history.  We were born as Americans, at this time, for a reason, and it was not to cower in fear or to dissolve into a gelatinous mass of despair.  We were born free men and women, and we will die free men and women.  No one gets out of here alive anyway, and in the end, all that matters is that our children and grand-children are free.  Everything else is a side-show.

To put us in the right frame of mind, I present to you the powerful song “Arm Yourselves” by my good friend Jordan Page.  Arm Yourselves is a call to action for every free American to stand up for their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms.  In one of his most powerful songs to date, Jordan Page warns us all that “the hammer is crashing down” and that now is the time to show solidarity that we, the people, will not be disarmed by any government or authority. The song paints a striking picture of a possible future scenario where the free people of America clash with the force of totalitarian government.

ARM YOURSELVES – Jordan Page © 2012

Friends we gather round together

Holding tight our faith & guns

But in this room I feel something greater than ourselves

Now listen everyone

Arms yourselves for the hammer’s crashing down

Arm yourselves all ye citizens

Arm yourselves with the ghost of a risen son

And lay your armor on

There’s no time left, the day has come

Some men say they won’t be taken

From my cold dead hands my dear”

Most men live as slaves to their ignorance

But now the truth’s becoming clear, so

Arm yourselves for the hammer’s crashing down

Arm yourselves all ye citizens

Arm yourselves to the teeth

And prepare your eyes for blood I do believe

The passive man won’t live to grieve

There are birds of prey in the skies with murder in their eyes

On the chessboard armies clash

As choirs sing Hallelujah

Force multiplies in the streets like symphonies of pain

Can you hear the violins(ence) play

As children sing Hallelujah?

Arm yourselves little lambs for the culling is at hand

And the wolves have come to dinner

I can hear them at my door

Come celebrate little slave before you dig your grave

Pick your poison, drink it slowly”

But I say no more

Arm yourselves for the veil has fallen down

Arm yourselves all ye sovereigns

Arm yourselves with the truth and believe

The stage is set, and I foresee a sold out show

Begin Act Three…

If you feel strongly about the power in this message, please consider contributing to Jordan Page’s crowdfunding campaign for his next album, of which “Arm Yourselves” will be the first single released.  You can find out more and donate to this cause at www.indiegogo.com/jordanpage

Jordan Page and Oathkeepers have also partnered to put on free liberty concerts for the troops at military bases all over the US.  Bringing the message of liberty and obeying one’s oath to the Constitution is most needed in the ranks of today’s military, especially right now.  Please consider also supporting this concert tour, as donations are the primary means of securing funding to produce them and keep them free for troops and veterans.  You can find out more at www.libertytour.org or donate directly by Paypal to oathkeeperdfw@gmail.com

You can find out more about Jordan Page and his music at www.jordanpagemusic.com and www.facebook.com/jordanpagefans

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

Please donate and support Oath Keepers mission, every little bit helps!

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25 Responses to “To the Patriots: Arm Yourselves, for the Hammer’s Crashing Down”

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  1. 1
    GodSubmitter-DevilResiste Says:

    With a firm reliance upon the protection of Divine Providence, who is The Lord Jesus Christ, We Will Resist and tyranny, and the devil, Will Flee! For thus says the Lord in Sacred Scripture!

  2. 2
    Al Says:

    Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the
    government can play.
    Joseph Goebbels
    Minister of Propaganda
    Nazi Germany

    Never Again!

    During the 20th Century, one American military-industrial
    complex war wasted many billions of taxpayers’ dollars, over
    50,000 lives of American youth on the battlefield, many
    more thousands returned home sick in body and mind in a war
    that gained nothing for the U.S.A. except spread the wealth to a
    limited number of politicians and industrialists, and provided
    promotions for the military. It was the Vietnam War.

    But Washington neglected home front propaganda. TV showed
    the body bags and spread the news without government control.
    Without control, the people spoke, the students spoke, and the
    hippies marched and shouted. This was not what Washington
    wanted to hear. Too late, the politicians tried to control the people
    a la Kent University and when the troops came home, the people
    spat. Their error was spitting on the soldiers instead of on the
    politicians and the military-industrialists who had robbed and
    killed fellow citizens for personal ambition and wealth. Objectors
    to the Vietnam War spat on fellow victims!

    The military-industrial complex has continued to expand its
    military ventures with America’s Defense budget over ten times
    the military budget of China, according to the CIA Fact Book on
    the Web. The current wars have lasted longer than World War II,
    but propaganda fools ‘some of the people all the time.’ Today,
    we tie ribbons around trees, we have ‘pray for the troops’ and
    ‘support the soldiers’ movements, we have the Internet spreading
    free propaganda for the government – not to support the war,
    but to support the soldiers. Note how the word ‘war’ is rarely
    mentioned, only ‘soldiers.’ Clever, because no one will argue
    about supporting the soldiers; no one objects to the multiple wars
    the country engages in simultaneously to “uphold our honor,” with the true meaning of ‘honor’ long forgotten, along with ‘common sense’ and ‘work ethic.’

    Washington has taken the Muslim idea for “Family Honor” to
    make Americans follow the leaders without thinking. This is
    Sharia Law under another name. Washington’s ‘honor’ translates
    into “waste more money and waste more lives so we can spread
    the wealth to the politicians, the ‘defense industries,’ and increase
    the budget of the misnamed ‘Defense’ Department.

    I received a carefully written email example of this manipulation.
    It was a long poem telling the story of a child going to Fathers
    Day at school, without her father. Other fathers made negative
    comments about her father not being there, classmates made
    negative comments about her father not being there, but the
    fatherless child knew her dead father was there, a tear jerker for
    all to read through the power of the World Wide Web and the
    Internet. But no one in the email asked and no one answered one
    simple question, “Why was her father sent to the Middle-East to

    The poems, the ribbons, and “Support the Soldier” propaganda
    make sure the Vietnam experience of contempt is not repeated.
    No, the military-industrial complex cannot continue spreading
    the wealth if that happens.

    No, “Never Again.”

    Final paragraph of The Poem:

    You see he is an American Soldier and died just this past year
    when a roadside bomb hit his convoy and taught Americans
    to fear. – God Bless”

    Then, readers are requested to pass the propaganda along and
    say a “prayer for our servicemen and women.”

    “There must be many other American, Canadian, British,
    Iraqian, and Afghanistanian children sharing the little girl’s
    sorrow, thanks to America’s servicemen and their families’
    sacrifice to keep our country Free.”

    They even have the gall to insult anyone who is not benefitting
    from Washington’s Big Government – those among the 50% of
    the population with above average intelligence who work for a
    living. Analyze the last phrase above – “… the sacrifice they are
    making to keep our country Free.” I am sure the fatherless
    children across America will never understand how their fathers
    being killed by roadside bombs in Iraq helped ‘keep our country
    Free.” I certainly do not!

    You cannot have a soldier as a dead hero without having a war.
    Since Pearl Harbor, the U.S. has never needed or had a
    Department of Defense. America has only had a War
    Department. Washington read Orwell’s 1984 and adopted
    the concept of misnaming government branches. Today, the
    nation’s capital is full of agencies such as Internal Revenue
    Service, the Postal Service, and, of course, the Defense
    Department. Washington should have retained the pre-Pearl
    Harbor name – War Department. The ‘service’ government
    performs is similar to the service a bull performs on the cow.

    Every time you forward a ‘Pray for the Soldiers’ email, you are
    providing free propaganda supporting the military-industrial
    complex. There is no need to ‘pray for the soldiers’ with out
    wars to enrich industrialists and politicians. And if you believe
    you should send a ‘prayer for our soldiers,’ send Mark Twain’s
    prayer.[1] Amazing that so few people think!

    [1] Mark Twain’s War Prayer: http://warprayer.org/

    A German military-industrial complex supported Hitler with dire
    consequences. America has copied Hitler’s system of military-
    industrial government as a way of life since World War II, wasting
    many millions of military and civilian lives, trillions of dollars, and
    injuring mentally and physically many youth of the many countries
    involved. Every president since WW II has had a military venture
    during his term of office, except for Carter, and he failed in his
    only venture to rescue the Iranian hostages. The process continues!

    Modern science is enabling the military to reduce the human
    factor while being able to reach every country in the world with
    very expensive unmanned vehicles, water craft, and unmanned
    drone aircraft. With no body bags, who will object?

    “Our honor is at stake” will be reason enough to spread more
    wealth to the military-industrial complex. Islam uses “Family
    Honor” to justify the shameful murder of young girls. We use “Country’s Honor” to justify the shameful murder of our young
    men and young women and millions of helpless foreign civilians
    described as ‘collateral damage.’ James Thurber said, “You can
    fool too many of the people too much of the time.”

    A 2009 movie starring Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman titled
    Brother portrayed a Marine victim of the Afghanistan war who
    did not die physically over there but did die mentally. The
    excellent presentation of the suffering of American youth fighting
    our worthless wars since 1945 are of no importance to the military
    leaders and defense contractors thriving at tax payers’ expense.

    Add the millions of dead civilians and enemy youth, the displaced
    people of all countries, lost homes and production caused by
    conflicts, and fanatical leaders encouraging jihads and training
    suicide bombers but failing to lead. Flags wave as our troops go
    forth to build democratic nations with air, land, and sea power.

    We are watching the 2012 Arab Spring turn into a grim 2012
    Arab Winter of Discontent as the Islamic Brotherhood gains
    power with our inspired and supervised democratic elections.
    Today’s terrorist will be tomorrow’s heroic freedom fighter,
    even here in America when the people realize the truth of
    Thomas Jefferson’s words:
    “Our government is taking so steady a course as to show the
    planned destruction, to wit by consolidation first, and then
    corruption, its necessary consequence.”
    (1821 – Five years before his death)

    The engine of consolidation is the federal judiciary legalizing acts
    of the executive and legislative branches and making new law of
    its own. Politicians are following the Cloward-Piven program to
    bankrupt the nation in order to convert the republic to a socialist
    government. The process is accelerating.

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep
    and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against
    tyranny in our government. The last time this was necessary
    was 1861-1865. It failed. Let us hope it succeeds this time.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with
    the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  3. 3
    Steve Waterman Says:

    Those of us who have ’seen the elephant’ fully realize we are all living on borrowed time………borrowed from our brothers who did not return.

  4. 4
    J Harris Says:

    Time to break out the military tactics. Be smart. Engaging the enemy on your front doorstep is bad tactics. Learn guerrilla tactics – ambush and retreat. Never fight a decisive battle, hit them where they are weak.

    Remember, Washington did not fight the British alone, he had an army. Find friends.

  5. 5
    Jim Brewer Says:


  6. 6

    I started not to post this for fear of offending folks, but decided that there may be a lot of old geezers that just might agree with me!

    I don’t like to rain on anyone’s parade, but I come from a time when you could clearly understand every word being sung by a song artist with their voice being dominant over the orchestra or band backing them up. ~ I don’t think that anyone needed a written lyrics sheet to know the words that Kate Smith was singing when sung “God Bless America”!

    Personally, ROCK “music”, is NOISE FROM HELL, and has contributed in the decline of traditional, wholesome music that once was vogue in America. ~ From the 1960’s onward the lyrics became increasingly unwholesome and coupled with the hypnotic effects of drugs has further contributed to the decline of our youth…including their hearing ability! ~ As for the so-called “Christian Rock”; you cannot combine that of Satan with that of God and call it anything other than an abomination by adulteration!

    ANYWAYS, I do give credit to young Jordan Page as his HEART is in what he believes in, which is PATRIOTISM to one’s country! ~ As this young artist was brought-up during the age of “Rock”, he was not exposed to calmer, quieter styles of yesteryear’s music thus his modern methods of expression in song is understandable.

    HOPE I haven’t ruffled too many feathers, but that’s the way this seventy year old man sees it!

  7. 7
    Robert Hauser Says:

    I have penned verse like this….and been ignored, snubbed and marginalized by the drooling masses…
    they won’t ridicule it now. It will serve as a funeral dirge to the many of them.

  8. 8
    Never Again! Says:

    To HELL with the minions of Satan.

  9. 9


  10. 10
    gram jude Says:

    Hi all. A little off subject, but how do I find friends in my home state who are oath keepers?

    [Note from Elias Alias, editor - You might try clicking on "Forums" atop this page, sign up to enter our forums, and get yourself assigned to the forum for your State. Let me know if you have any difficulty. Thanks!]

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