January 6th, 2013

New Hampshire Representative Says Free State Libertarians Not Welcome

Cynthia Chase

The following video was produced by Tom Woods

An interesting video by Tom Woods on the insanity of anti-libertarian New Hampshire representative Cynthia Chase and her personal crusade against the NH Free State Project.  Chase admonishes the project for “trying to steal our state and our way of life”.  My question to Cynthia Chase would be; What exactly do you mean by “our way of life”?  Who’s way of life?  What part of New Hampshire do you claim to speak for?  What part of New Hampshire’s “way of life” is being threatened by libertarians and constitutionalists?  Is NH not the “Live Free Or Die State”?  And, Cynthia, what is it about freedom loving people that you hate so much?

Truly, her words exemplify the attitude of the common socialist/statist.  Killing the constitutional values of a particular state in order to drive away those who would seek to enjoy freedom, and thus maintain control of the existing constituency?  Welcome to progressivist ideal of American life!

Brandon Smith, Founder of Alt-Market.com

ABOVE PHOTO:  Anti-Freedom NH Representative Cynthia Chase

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3 Responses to “New Hampshire Representative Says Free State Libertarians Not Welcome”

  1. 1
    Lady Says:

    Chase family (at least some) were members of Communist Party.

  2. 2
    Antonia Says:

    Chase is from Vermont – just moved to the “Free State” in 2006. Maybe laws should be passed to make HER and her ilk feel unwelcome as well.

  3. 3
    Dana Says:

    I heard she got wacked. Or maybe just wishful thinking…

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