January 3rd, 2013

Illinois Dems advance ban on most modern firearms


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By Barnini Chakraborty * Published January 03, 2013 * FoxNews.com



Illinois Senate Democrats advanced legislation late Wednesday to restrict semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines, pressing forward with new gun control measures in the waning days of the session over the objections of firearms groups.

Amid the developments, the Illinois State Rifle Association issued an “urgent alert” to its members warning them that Democratic legislators were trying to push through last-minute anti-gun legislation.

“There would be no exemptions and no grandfathering,” the group stated in its alert. “You would have a very short window to turn in your guns to the state police and avoid prosecution.”

A Senate committee approved two bills, one dealing with the weapons and the other with magazines. Democratic supporters could face a tough sell in the full Senate.

One measure would ban the possession, delivery, sale and transfer of semiautomatic handguns and rifles. People who currently own such weapons could keep them but would have to register them. The bill would allow semiautomatic weapons to be used at shooting ranges, but those facilities would be regulated.

National Rifle Association lobbyist Todd Vandermyde told lawmakers the bill would restrict about 75 percent of handguns and 50 percent of long guns in circulation today. He also said it would treat law-abiding gun owners like criminals, and is in conflict with Second Amendment rights upheld by the courts.

“I’ve never seen a piece of legislation that tramples on so many court decisions,” Vandermyde said.

The other bill, introduced by Democratic state Sen. Dan Kotowski, would limit ammunition magazines to 10 or fewer rounds.

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  1. 1
    jim p Says:

    what will they do shoot those bad people with there GUNS if they dont turn in there evil guns

  2. 2
    Jim Cumber Says:

    Here’s an idea: when confronted with “Oath Breakers” intent on violating their Oath and Your Rights, simply REMIND THEM OF THE OATH THEY TOOK, BEFORE [two words deleted by Elias Alias]! I understand that the TSA and the DHS NEVER TOOK the OATH! If that is, indeed the case, then NO “reminder of the Oath they NEVER TOOK” will be effective! So, what do we do with these idiots? Brother Rhodes, I am looking for a little guidance, here… Jim Cumber, Oath Keeper.

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