January 3rd, 2013

A Navy Lieutenant Asks His Senators To Uphold The Constitution


This letter was originally published at The Truth About Guns

Reader J.K. emails:

I am not a political person by nature, I don’t typically jump up and shout my opinion on many things going on in Washington, DC because it is not in my nature. Also, being in the military, it would not be a good thing to develop opinions about politicians who may some day become my Commander-In-Chief. That’s not to say that I don’t exercise my right to vote, I definitely do, I just try to not get overly emotional about political issues. However, this latest crusade by Senator Feinstein really has me fired up. I have sent the following . . .

Senator _______ ,

I am a Lieutenant in the US Navy, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, a Florida resident and am currently stationed in Washington DC. I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to protecting this nation, and plan to make that a total of 24 before I retire.

I am vehemently opposed to the 2013 Feinstein Assault Weapons legislation, and while I know you are a busy man, please continue reading to find out why.  I am concerned that even Senator Feinstein knows that the bill will not pass as it is proposed, and this initial proposal is merely being used as a bargaining tactic to “soften the blow” and “show compromise” on later proposals that would still infringe upon our rights.

The oath I took when I was commissioned is very similar to the one that you have taken, and I consider that a very important promise to this great nation…not merely words to be repeated as a formality to taking an appointed/elected position as it appears some of your colleagues seem to treat it. Specifically, I would direct your attention to the following section:

I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion…

The Second Amendment of the Constitution we have both sworn to support and defend states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

We are at a crossroads right now after the tragedy in Connecticut. There are colleagues of yours that will use the fear, emotion, and television air-time brought on by this tragedy to further their own political motivations.

This country is facing much bigger issues than those that Senator Feinstein is trying to address. And the bill that she is proposing would not have done anything to stop the tragedy in CT, as many of those laws were already in place in that state. It is unfortunate, but criminals break laws and infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens is not the way to prevent tragedies like the one in Newtown.

To quote one of your fellow Senators (Senator Kelly Ayotte), “Denying the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens will not change the behavior of those intent on using firearms to commit horrific crimes.”

I hope that you would keep the promise that you made to this nation when you took your oath, as I intend to keep mine. I trust that you will oppose all proposals that will infringe upon the rights granted to us in the Constitution. If you are a man of honor and keep the promise that you made to this nation, then you can count on my vote in the next election.

If, however, you choose not to uphold a right granted in the Constitution, I will find a representative that is more deserving of my vote that can uphold the oath that they make to this nation to defend the Constitution.

Very respectfully,

Lieutenant, United States Navy

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11 Responses to “A Navy Lieutenant Asks His Senators To Uphold The Constitution”

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  1. 1
    mike smith Says:

    Thank you sir, for your service, but also putting your foot down and saying enough is enough. I feel we are reaching the place of no return in this country and I think you have chosen the right course. I hope you will pass it on to your fellows in service to our country and to the constitution. Again thank you.

  2. 2
    Robert Been Says:

    Very refreshing to see our fighting men speaking out!

  3. 3
    Bob Hill Says:

    I have been reading a lot of the material on your site.

    This is the first bit of hope that I have had in many years.

    I would like to help “Oath Keepers”. I have some skills that would be useful in your cause.

    Would someone please contact me for a conversation.

    Bob Hill

    [Note by Elias Alias, editor: Bob, I've got your contact number. We don't post people's private contact info, so I deleted it from your post here, but please know that someone from our organization will contact you within the next day or two. Thanks! Salute!]

  4. 4
    Deborah Says:


    It will be hidden under bad economy to make it look like the American people started it not the government… Can’t believe what I am hearing.. Looks like it is NOW. NC police officer said training. Give about 30-45 days, looking for certain ones at home with preps. NC govt works with Obama..

  5. 5
    mike smith Says:

    @ Deborah, I hope you get this posting, I have dial up so I can’t watch the video so I am hoping you can give a written essay on what is happening. From what I have gathered at the reading is that the govt. is planning Marshall law within 30-45 days. They plan to target preppers and gun owners? I am 60 yrs. old taking life saving drugs, I can’t run and camp out in the woods. I know that the moderators will pull my phone #, So I won’t bother to print it. But if someone could speak on this or contact me via e-mail with some ideas for a guy and his wife in our particular situation I would sure appreciate it. Thank you.

  6. 6
    Ed Warden Says:

    That is exactly what we need, more of our military telling these CORRUPT GOVT OFFICIALS what the people really believe and hope that ALL VETS will not make a stand along with the rest of us and protect the 2A and the WHOLE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

  7. 7
    Deborah Says:

    Yes Mike, the NC police lieutenant on Jan 2, radio interview said he couldn’t believe the police were going to go ahead and do this. Break their oath. He said expect to be next month aroun that time. He said all first hand information to him not 2nd hand. A list he doesn’t at this time know who is on it. They are currently in training. He was asked was it to take the American people down, he said yes. His tone of voice was such of disappointment in our system, that the hardship he knows it will carry. He was asked what will he do, he replied saying, “I’m going home to defend my family” The interviewer, older man, not info wars…asked he would suggest people have (forgot name but A– weapon used in Newton) and he says they should, if they can find one. I don’t recall him specifically saying it was just in NC his area or this is all around. Me personally I don’t know what to expect either, maybe the expect to ban these weapons, maybe be okay if we dont have them on use, near us. I feel you will be okay. God Bless, pray God heals our land.

  8. 8
    Patrick C. Says:

    I was cheering for this letter all the way up until “rights granted to us in the Constitution.”

    The Constitution grants no rights. Rights exist prior to the Constitution and to any human authority – the document only restricts the Government.

    The founding fathers presumed no such authority as to be granters of rights. They believed that God is the granter of all human rights, including the right to self-govern, and that government must be restricted from violating our Divinely endowed rights, as it can and will do unless checked by law.

    Until we understand that critical distinction, it doesn’t matter whether we argue “right/red” or “left/blue.” It doesn’t matter whether we argue for more or less “gun control.” Without acknowledging God as the first granter of our rights, both paths lead to subjugation.

  9. 9
    Elias Alias Says:

    To Patrick C. @ comment #8:

    Very nicely said, Patrick. Oath Keepers heartily agrees with you. The Constitution does not grant us any rights – it was created to protect our inherent rights. I am glad you noted this very important distinction.

    Elias Alias, editor

  10. 10
    Deborah Says:

    This was a 1 year ago in Oklahoma. The police stood down. Very impressive.. Share with everyone. Power in the Constitution and the hearts of many people, encouragement to show up during these times just as an army man did in NY standing down the police telling them there is no honor in this.
    Some police do not have the training such as a military man. Obama can fool those.

    A must the power a uniform military and vet carries with them. Still get respect. At home on our land maybe this can be what is needed until someone comes on our shores.

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