December 19th, 2012

Oregon Lawmaker Rebuffed On Proposal To Arm Teachers


Editor’s Note: As I pointed out in my article ‘Teachers – It Is Time To Arm Yourselves Regardless Of The Law’, there is little chance that most states will pass and adhere to reforms allowing teachers to legally carry a defensive weapon on school grounds.  The job of  most politicians and school superintendents is to pretend as if there is only one solution:  Federal gun grabbing.  State schools are now utterly reliant on federal funding programs in order to remain operational, and they WILL peddle whatever propaganda the establishment pleases.  We in the Liberty Movement have offered a far better solution that will actually work and has worked in other countries, including Israel.  That solution is to arm and train the teachers to react to the danger on the ground.  In my article I suggest that this is a survival imperative which supersedes any state or federal law.  If teachers cannot attain legal consent within their state to carry a firearm and protect their students, then they should take the risk and do so anyway.  The Gun Free Zone laws are illogical, irrational, and insanely dangerous, as Newtown proved.  Only teachers have the power to change this situation, and they can do it by ignoring the Federal Government and taking action on their own…

Brandon Smith – Associate Editor

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An Oregon state representative recommending to school superintendents that teachers be trained and armed has had his proposal rejected, Oregon Firearms Federation reported today in an alert to its members. Rep. Dennis Richardson’s plan recommended that “School district employees with prior military or law enforcement experience would be the initial candidates for this voluntary assignment.

“No one outside of school and district administration would know the identity of these volunteers,” Richardson continued. “Candidly, if I were a school administrator or board member and, knowing how these mass murders continue to occur, if I failed to promote preparation for immediate, lethal response in case an attack were to occur in my school, the blood of multiple innocent victims would be on my hands.”

The response, as OFF noted in its alert, was predictable.

Medford schools Superintendent Phil Long called for teachers to focus on getting children to safety in a shooting, not explaining how that would be possible if in a madman’s sights.

And Medford Police Chief Tim George maintained it’s not a teacher’s responsibility to make deadly force decisions on the job, apparently believing that employment takes precedence over an individual’s responsibility to defend his own life, and lives he as accepted adult responsibility for.

“In crisis situations there are a lot of very complex things happening all at once and you have to constantly train for deadly force incidents,” Chief George asserted in top “Only Ones” form.

Evidently 16 hours per year equates with “constantly.”


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4 Responses to “Oregon Lawmaker Rebuffed On Proposal To Arm Teachers”

  1. 1
    Pilgrim's Pride Says:

    Ah yes, the omniscient, omnipresent Only Ones.

    To the honourable men of the several police forces:

    You must, absolutley must, knock down the “The Only Ones” complex that infects contemporary LEO minds. (For that matter, even the concept of “law enFORCEment” is suspect … older terms were more acceptable to a free state.)

    Then can we can count them our friends and neighbors, who are entrusted with an important job, not as henchmen for the overlords.

    Please, do this for us all.

  2. 2
    Larry Porter Says:

    “In crisis situations there are a lot of very complex things happening all at once and you have to constantly train for deadly force incidents,” Chief George asserted in top “Only Ones” form.”

    That’s why ordinary police (not SWAT teams) do so well in such crises, such as wounding nine people on the street in NY while shooting at one criminal.

    A second answer besides arming teachers is to ask for volunteers who have conceal carry permits. They could spend one day a week, or if there are enough, one day a month in a school in their district. They are registered, trained and extremely responsible people who, in my opinion, would rush to volunteer.

  3. 3
    Reis Kash Says:

    I agree with selected and trained armed teachers or administrators in schools and the suggestion that the recruiting base for these defenders be the persons already possessing concealed carry permits. My background includes personal and physical security for the judiciary and for nuclear weapons and the only way to protect our children and limit the effects of school attacks is by having trained armed personnel immediately available. And by the way, look what Senator Feinstein wants to do with those legally possessing legally purchased firearms and magazines. Like many of the self-identified elite, Feintein has armed guard security but doesn’t want the average American “slob” to be able to defend him or herself. Many don’t realize it, but during the very Cold War congress constructed a special underground safe haven for themselves and their families under a luxury hotel not far from Washington, DC, while doing nothing about security for the Americans who paid for their security. The same mentality prevails with people like Feinstein today.

  4. 4
    Charles Pipkin Says:

    Me 6+ years military during Vietnam and 7+decades life on the mud ball called earth. Agree or no but to me training myself training is great BUT it is no guarantee of the individual reaction during stress conditions such as
    many times we hear of our forces that are to (supposably) protect us when they get out of self control
    and shoot the innocent like busting into a kitchen and killing a old man standing by the counter cooking
    holding a butcher knife. Yeah training is good but the means to protect yourself and your youngsters
    even with no training is better than putting your and theirs head on the chopping block. Regretfully today
    many of the elected ones would supply the axe for those of us who don’t agree with them.
    I have seen at ages of single digit to adult people with no training other than how to aim hit between eye
    shots more than once per individual. Caution is most likely the most important of aspects of training.
    With todays life the best and most safe way to proceed through action is in your kneels before HIM.

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