December 13th, 2012

Police Officer Wraps $100 Bill In Traffic Ticket

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Editors Note: This officer not only did a great kindness and service to the poverty stricken man involved in the related traffic stop, he also did a great service to police officers around the country.  With all the negative events in the media of late surrounding the increase in police brutality, many Americans are tempted to give up on the idea of there being ANY good men left in law enforcement.  This officer just proved that there are indeed good men left.  He has given others in his fraternity a chance to regain some trust in the eyes of the public.  With this seemingly small action, he has made widespread impact…

A traffic stop in Plano ended unlike any you’ve ever heard about before.

It started when Hayden Carlo was pulled over for an expired registration sticker.

Carlo says he’s been struggling to support his wife and two small children.

“You get paid, pay your bills, and there’s your money. It’s gone.”

He told the officer he had no excuse for the expired sticker.

“I said ‘there’s no explanation for why I haven’t done it, except I don’t have the money.’ I said ‘it was either feed my kids or get my registration done.”

The officer wrote a citation and handed it to the 25-year-old. Carlo says when he took it, he could not believe what he saw.

“I opened it up and there’s a 100 dollar bill. I broke down in my car what else could I do.”

The officer never told anyone about the $100 gift. But Carlo’s grandfather, Billy McIntire, was so moved by the kind gesture he wrote a letter to the department.

“I get emotional when we talk about this type of thing,” McIntire says. “You just don’t find that many officers who would do this type of thing.”

While other officers around the country have recently been recognized for similar acts, this officer wants to remain anonymous. His coworkers plan to honor him anyway.

“As he told me, this man needed it more than him, and it was the right thing to do,” says fellow officer and department spokesperson David Tilley.


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7 Responses to “Police Officer Wraps $100 Bill In Traffic Ticket”

  1. 1
    Cal Says:

    This, This is what America is about.

    Merry and Safe Christmas ALL.

  2. 2
    Richard Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. My Dad was a cop for 22 years and he would have loved what this guy did.

  3. 3
    Pat 1775 Says:

    FIRST OF ALL THIS IS BS — The man has a RIGHT to travel by private conveyance. The officer should actually never have pulled him over — he should as all officers should honor the law — starting with thier OATHS,and further the allegiance to the tenet’s of the constitution to which that OATH relates.
    These so called leo’s should be standing with the people then they will get credit whhere credit is due.
    We have bee allowing this kind of discussion crap to go to far far to long.
    The officers of this fine nation need to wake up and start performing their DUTIES according to the Oath they swore — and stop generating revenue to begin with for the corporate elite structures of government in this country — makes me ill to think Oathkeepers are naive enough to actually buy into this kind of sentimentality –

  4. 4
    Pat 1775 Says:

    PS: my father was a police man also — i grew up with him making drug raids and the state troopers in our small town home on many occasions — boasting how they were so proficient at the war on drugs.
    Thing is it made no difference to them if they were violating peoples rights — that was 40 plus years ago / has anything really changed? My father and many state troopers did lots of charity events throughout the community — it fed their ego and gained them notariety from many liberal fronts — the cowards that expected them to exibit force on others on their behalf –in exchange for money and prestige. And as sad as it makes me — my own father bought into this.
    We The People need to wake up and stop this kind of ushy gushy sentimentality aknowledgement for events that in reality should not happen to begin with — i’m just sayin.

  5. 5
    Pat 1775 Says:


  6. 6
    Brandon Smith Says:


    It’s all well and fine to hold onto your purist ideas of how the law should operate, but in the REAL world, people aren’t perfect. This officer did a fantastic thing by helping the man, even if he doesn’t subscribe to your brand of purism. Take a break from your zealotry and recognize that some good was done here. Good god! No cop is a libertarian saint, but at least this cop, in this instance, did a great thing. Save your preaching.

  7. 7
    madmemere Says:

    This officer exemplifies “the finest” of our “thin blue line”!

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