December 9th, 2012

Stewart Rhodes On The Boehner Capitulation


Speaker of the House John Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner


[ Editor’s note: Please notice that the date on this article is November 09, 2012. Some things have changed since this was published by CNS News dot com.  Also, Stewart Rhodes, founder and President of Oath Keepers, has written a commentary about this. Additionally, Stewart has written a brief essay on how the foregoing commentary is reflected in the GOP’s disdain for the Tea Party. I will offer the CNS News article first, with hopes all readers will read that article in full at the link provided below, and then post Stewart Rhodes’ commentary and essay below that. Thank you for reading at Oath Keepers.]

Boehner Capitulates: ‘Obamacare is the Law of the Land’

By Matt Cover * November 9, 2012


( – Although the Republican-dominant House of Representatives controls the federal purse strings, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that Tuesday’s election victory by President Barack Obama changed how he will approach the GOP goal of repealing the health reform law, saying that the president’s reelection made it “the law of the land.”

“Well, I think the election changes that. It’s pretty clear that the president was re-elected. Obamacare is the law of the land,” Boehner told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an interview Thursday when asked if the House GOP would still make repeal its mission.

However, Boehner also said that the law was still “on the table,” noting that he still considered it bad policy and that it was not off limits as he begins negotiations with Obama over key budgetary issues.

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Commentary: Oath-breaking At The GOP

by Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers

This is a telling revelation on how “conservative” GOP leaders see the Constitution – because Obama won reelection, his health care law is now “the law of the land”?   As if this were a mere representative democracy, like Parliament in England, where majority rule reigns supreme (even setting aside the fact that it was not a majority of eligible voters who reelected Obama).   Boehner is an example of the infestation of the Republican Party by so-called “conservatives” who conserve nothing – at least not the Founders Republic. What they DO conserve is the big-government, unrestrained-power political class status quo which asserts legitimacy for its de facto rule by naked power based on the mere fact that its lying, oath breaking, treasonous members manage to get reelected (by whatever means necessary).

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any law, decree, or act that is in violation of it is null and void from inception and remains null and void, no matter how popular, or whether its adherents win or lose elections.   At least that is how it is supposed to work, and would work if Americans actually defended it by refusing to reelect oath breaking traitors (including the oath breaking traitors in the GOP, who now dominate that party just as much as oath breaking traitors dominate the Democratic party).  This is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, under the rule of a higher law (the Constitution), not men.  Boehner doesn’t seem to understand that, or doesn’t care.  Typical big government, establishment, inside the beltway Republican.   And this is exactly why this Republic is on its death bed, straining to breathe its final death rattle filled gasps.  It is dying a death of a thousand cuts at the hands of the idiots and traitors who infest Washington DC.

Under Boehner’s silly logic, the NDAA endorsement of unconstitutional military detention and trial of US citizens is also now somehow “the law of the land” since Obama was reelected, and since a great majority of oath breaking traitors in the House and Senate voted for it and many of them were reelected (though not all!  We did manage to purge out some of the traitors this election cycle).

Under this perverse logic – that election results can make an unconstitutional law into “the law of the land” – the Assault Weapons Ban, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the NDAA, the Bankster bailouts, etc  were all made A-OK constitutionally just because the President who signed them was reelected (Bush and Obama).

And the Republicans wonder why their party is dying.  They have abandoned the Constitution, and frankly, if they will not return to it, they deserve to wither away and die, going the way of the Whig party, and the Federalist Party (which brought us the horrendous Alien and Sedition Acts, and thus brought on their own demise because the Founding Generation both understood the Constitution, understood their natural rights, and were willing to act on principle to vote out the oath breaking Federalists).

The silver lining in all of this is that an increasingly sizable block of Americans do care enough about the Constitution to refuse to support or vote for these oath breaking traitors regardless of what party they are in – which is exactly why the GOP is dying.   Contrary to the spin by the talking heads on TV, the GOP has a future only if, and when it returns to sincerely and resolutely defending the Constitution by fielding real constitutionalist candidates who will actually honor their oaths by obeying and defending the Constitution.  And to the degree that the GOP does not do that, it will die all the faster.    Good riddance.  I just hope it happens fast enough for us to be able to finally, after decades of treason, elect enough oath keeping constitutionalists to turn the tide before our Republic slides over the cliff into the trash heap of history.

I fear that a restoration of the Republic, if it can be done at all, will not be done by conventional, political means.  It is likely now far too late for that.  And the blame rests squarely at the feet of the big government loving, oath breaking Republicans who could have defended the Constitution by merely honoring their oaths with their votes in Congress, but instead joined in on its murder.

Stewart Rhodes



Essay By Stewart Rhodes: The Tea Party And  The GOP

The recent purge of the Tea Party Congressmen, such as Amash (who is actually a decent constitutionalist), from their committee positions, is also telling, and something we should cover.

The Tea Party is now also persona non grata with the establishment GOP hacks.  This shows that the Tea Party movement and the “Liberty” movement have considerable common cause.  To the degree the Tea Party is insisting on devotion to the Constitution and to traditional American concepts of limited government, fiscal sanity, and liberty, the Tea Party is also unwelcome in the GOP which is currently dominated by government supremacist neocons.   The GOP insider hacks hate not just the Ron Paul led Liberty movement, but also the current Tea Party movement (some of whom supported Ron Paul, but most of whom did not because of his foreign policy, but who are otherwise very much in agreement with the Ron Paul supporters on many issues).

When John McCain dismissed the Tea Party as annoying “hobbits” who thought they were going to save us from the Dark Lord, that was no mere slip of his wormtongue – he was speaking as the mouth of Souron who reigns supreme in Mordor on the Potomac.  And Souron has two  authoritarian faces – one with an (R) stamped on it, and the other with a (D) stamped on it.  What matters is power, and the growth of power, and anyone who stands in the way is the enemy.

And so, the Tea Party, from its inception, and throughout its various stages of development, has been a thorn in the side of the GOP party hacks, who tolerate it with thinly veiled contempt most of the time, but who occasionally take off the mask and make it clear that they see it as an upstart bumpkin movement that should just sit down, shut up, vote Republican, and let their betters run things as they have for decades as they join hands in bipartisan love with their government supremacist brothers in the Democratic party, to continue their bipartisan murder of the Republic.

The contempt these GOP “leaders” have for the Tea Party movement is almost as deep as the contempt they hold for the Ron Paul Republicans (which should be no surprise, given the fact that it was Ron Paul Republicans in 2007 who held the first modern Tea Party reenactments. throwing boxes marked “Tea” into harbors and on the steps of Federal Reserve and IRS offices across the country in protest against the Federal Reserve, taxation, and the destruction of our Constitution during the Bush years).  The Tea Party movement has considerable common cause and overlap with the Ron Paul movement (something we should not forget) and both can be considered to be under the banner of a sincere desire to return to the Constitution.

Yes, there is an ongoing attempt by the neocons to co-opt and corrupt the Tea Party movement, and there have been neocons who have managed to trick Tea Party people into voting for them, but all in all that attempt has failed, which is exactly why the GOP neocon hacks are losing patience and feel the need to take the mask and the gloves fully off in an attempt to whip the Tea Party and its upstart freshmen in Congress into submission.   This will backfire, and only serve to piss off the Tea Party people all the more.  Hopefully, it will also wake them up to the neoconservative infestation of the GOP that is eating its soul like a cancer, which must be purged – like a cancerous tumor is cut out before it can kill the patient.

Actually, our Republic has two great cancerous tumors eating away at it.  The neoconservative/statist strain of cancer in the GOP, and the Marxist(or “neo-liberal)/statist cancer in the Democratic Party.  Both are versions of the same government-supremacist, collectivist cancer that is killing what little is left of the the natural law, individual liberty Republic of the Founders.   Both are as contrary to our Republic, and incompatible with it, as fascism and communism.  Both must be purged out and defeated.

The patient is a shadow of its former self, and is on its death’s bed.  Radical surgery is now needed to save its life.  We must root out the cancerous oath breakers of both major parties.

Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers

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