October 22nd, 2012

The Good Old Days Are Over


This article was written by Norse Prepper and originally published at SHTFplan.com

Do you remember “the good old days”?  It’s a simple question, but a question that induces different images to different people.  I have found myself spending a lot of time lately thinking of the way things used to be and hoping that someday our country can somehow get back to those days again.  Looking at our current state of affairs in this nation and around the world, there is only one conclusion that can be made…the good old days are over.

I wrote this article because children being born today, in my opinion, will not be able to look back and remember the near future as “the good old days”.  As I write this, the US national debt is at $16.2 trillion with unfunded liabilities of $123.3 trillion.  With Uncle Ben’s QE3 promising to print fiat money perpetually can there be any doubt that the days of the US dollar being the world currency are numbered.  Everyone reading this article has a share of $442,881 of the nation’s debt and liabilities.  If your children or grandchildren can’t read yet, please tell them that they also owe $442,881 as well and thank them for supporting our wasteful spending that got us to this point.  Source:  http://usadebtclock.com/

But don’t worry, there are elections coming.  Surely the American public can see the dire straits our nation is in and elect leaders who can recognize and deal with the nation’s problems and bring us back to becoming a nation of producers instead of consumers, right?  Leaders will be elected who will make the extreme sacrifices necessary to bring forth a United States where the outstretched hands of the masses will be filled with charitable donations from a robust society instead of being empty, waiting for them to be stuffed with their entitlement from the government, all the while feeling as though they earned it because they stand unproductively on dirt within our border.

I have to apologize for the last paragraph; I have always wondered what it would feel like to write fiction.  The hard cold reality is that there is no possible orderly way out of the financial mess our society is in and the above mentioned dirt was probably the last thing made in the USA.  To break it down simply, here are some simple and easy to understand economical facts:

  1. You need to produce more than you consume or you are broke.
  2. You cannot pay off a credit card with a credit card without consequences.
  3. There is no possible way the nation’s debts and unfunded liabilities will ever be paid.

Currently, the Federal Reserve purchases the vast majority of the US Debt.  There simply aren’t many buyers left who believe it to be a sound investment anymore.  In 2011, congress waited until the last minute to raise the debt ceiling after much political wrangling back and forth.  Was there ever any doubt by anyone that it would happen?  Is there any doubt that it will happen again?  What happens when it hits $50 trillion?  As long as we have the ability to continue to print more money to fund our yearly deficit and make payments on the interest of existing debt, it will continue.  As it continues, the US dollar will continue to be worth less and less.  Commodities such as food, gas and all physical goods purchased will get more and more expensive, leaving less and less purchasing power for the American people.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict that we are on the cusp of a major financial collapse.  I’m not only talking about the United States, I’m talking about the world.  The can has been kicked down the road almost as far as it can be kicked and we just passed a dead end sign.  We will soon see massive inflation or hyperinflation, riots in the streets as we have seen around the world and as I have heard stated many times, people with nothing left to lose will lose it.

So what can we do?  The answer can be summed up in one word.  Prepare.  Prepare as though it may happen tomorrow.  Prepare as though your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on it, because it does and they do.  Start exercising and working out to prepare your body for the tough times coming.  Prepare yourself mentally so that when it hits the fan you don’t find yourself in the panicked state that 95% of the public will be in.  Prepare to be warm when it is cold outside or cool when it is hot outside.  Prepare a plan of what you and your family will do at different levels of collapse.  Prepare to eat when grocery store shelves are bare.  Prepare to drink when the tap fails to deliver water.  Prepare for what to do when your neighbors or family or friends show up at your doorstep because they were too busy watching television.  Prepare to defend what needs to be defended.  Prepare prepare prepare.

Realize that at this point there is nothing you can do about the debt of this nation.  There is nothing you can do to change what is coming in the Middle East.  Regardless of the result of the upcoming election, neither candidate has dared utter the words broke or sacrifice.  Your only job at this point is to get yourself and your loved ones you choose to help through what is coming, whatever it may be.  This isn’t being selfish.  This, my friends…is survival.

I truly believe that when the dust settles, we will emerge as a great and free nation.  Life will be hard, but there will be more meaning to the tasks of the day.  Communities will be stronger.  People will be healthier.  Families will be closer.  To get from this point to that, there will be much misery, but the greater the struggle, the greater the victory.  It is up to us in the prepping community to get our families and loved ones through the upcoming collapse.  I pray that someday, my children and grandchildren will be able to look back and say “Those were the good old days.” because I chose to prepare.

Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

Take refuge my friends.

God Bless,

Norse Prepper

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  1. 1
    Freedom76 Says:

    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates


    The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns By MARK HALPERIN | October 15, 2012


  2. 2
    Freedom76 Says:

    A CIA veteran transforms U.S. counterterrorism policy By Karen DeYoung, Published: October 24

    This is the second of three articles.


  3. 3
    Cal Says:

    Third Party Debates – watch debates here

  4. 4
    Freedom76 Says:

    America Was Founded on Courage

    For example, I’ve read a number of biographies of George Washington, who was actually a horrible general. Washington’s early campaigns were disastrous, and the entire Revolutionary War was almost lost due to Washington’s early miscalculations (for example, his first major battle was fought from a low, exposed position, so that the British forced a surrender by seizing the high ground).

    But Washington was brave. He always rode with the first wave of soldiers, even when there were waves of incoming cannon balls being hurled in his direction. Washington’s courage – and his willingness to consistently fight on the front lines with his men – was one of the main factors in the success of the American Revolution.

  5. 5
    Freedom76 Says:

    2012 – The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation headed by the former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic parties. The CPD is a duopoly which allows the major party candidates to draft secret agreements about debate arrangements including moderators, debate format and even participants. The result is a travesty riddled with sterile, non-contentious arguments which consistently exclude alternative voices that Americans want to hear.
    This documentary also reveals the big corporations who “sponsor” the CPD and how third party candidates are purposely excluded. One of these sponsors, Annheiser Busch, is partly owned by Senator John McCain’s wife. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s election as an independent candidate proves that opening up debates can lead to real change – something the entrenched Republican and Democratic Parties don’t want to see.

    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates (Full Version)


  6. 6
    Thomas Wells Says:

    A major problem with the Titanic,other than the obvious one, was that there were not enough life boats
    prepared and on board for everyone. It’s not wise to plan on the official plans.

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