October 20th, 2012

Kristi Lee Cook _ Airborne Ranger Infantry


Kristi Lee Cook

Kristi Lee Cook


Oath Keepers would like to share this with all American armed forces and Veterans.



Lyrics as found here:



My daddy was a soldier in a foreign war
But he doesn’t like to talk about it any more
He kept a picture of my mama right by his heart
He’d give it one last look before the fighting would start
He said all I ask is that you don’t forget
Cause the wars not over when the fighting ends

There’s a part of me that will always be
Just a boy in a hole with an M-16
Airborne ranger infantry

I left my best friend lying in a pool of blood
While I crawled away through the brush and mud
If I could choose to go back again
I’d die lying there next to him
I still see his face when I close my eyes
As I won’t forget his sacrifice

There’s a part of me that will always be
Just a boy in a hole with an M-16
Airborne ranger infantry


I didn’t do it for the money didn’t do it for fame
I didn’t do it so the world would remember my name
I did it for my family and my country,
and my brothers who died right next to me.

And all we ask is that you don’t forget
Cause the wars not over when the fighting ends
There’s a part of us that will always be
Just boys in a hole with our M-16s

Honoring souls and memories
Airborne ranger infantry

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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9 Responses to “Kristi Lee Cook _ Airborne Ranger Infantry”

  1. 1
    Milt S. Chandler Says:

    Thank You, Oath Keepers.

  2. 2
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Heads up:

    U.N. Partner to Monitor U.S. Elections for Voter Suppression by…Conservatives?

  3. 3
    Jordon Brook Says:

    Thank you so much for this song. As a veteran who made it back, but having a father who was hit with a mortar round just before his rotating back to CONUS, this song is healing, and beautiful.

    Kristy Lee you are fantastic for the work you have done here.

  4. 4
    cody Says:

    I believe it’s haunting souls and memories

  5. 5
    cody Says:

    Haunting souls and memories )

  6. 6
    Elias Alias Says:

    Hey Cody, @ comment #s 4 & 5 -
    Perhaps it should be “haunting souls and memories”, but I’m not at liberty to change the lyrics. I got these words from the link in the aticle above, where it uses the word “honoring” instead of “haunting”, so unless we hear from Ms Cook herself, we’ll have to let this stand as is. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad if you liked the song. She seems to have made herself a hit with the military!


  7. 7
    Rick Says:

    In one word: Powerful. Great song, really hits home. Not much of a country fan, but without I am a Kristy Lee fan. I would like to shake your hand. Thanks for the time, effort and heart you put into this. Thanks Oath Keepers for sharing.

  8. 8
    Chad Says:

    Kristy This song literally brought me to tears. I am a Vietnam era vet (before your time), as well as lost my father during the same conflict. The words are beautiful, the music is beautiful and you are beautiful. I looked you up on the internet after hearing the song, i downloaded your itunes and i listen daily to you. Thank you so much for this really hits home.

    Thank you Oath Keepers for this. It is kinda of healing just listening to this song.

  9. 9
    Larry Says:

    The video is awesome, you can watch it on youtube. Kristy lee cook Airborne ranger infantry, this is a great video.

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