October 4th, 2012

Military Employed For Crowd Control At College Football Game

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This article was written by Brandon Turbeville and originally published at Activist Post

In yet another example of the blurring of the lines between civilian police and US military forces, Columbia, South Carolina police “officials” have announced that US Military Police from Ft. Jackson will be on the streets alongside civilian law enforcement after the South Carolina-Georgia football game this Saturday night, October 6.

According to reports by WISTV, Columbia will be spending more than $11,000 worth of overtime for 50 officers who will be placed in the Five Points and Vista areas after the game. The teams will be made up of University of South Carolina Campus Police, Richland County Sheriff’s Deputies, the South Carolina Highway Patrol, and Military Police from Ft. Jackson.

The plan will involve barricades, surveillance cameras, DUI checkpoints, and even observation towers “to keep the crowd under control.”

WISTV reports that the “Gang Unit,” “Narcotics Unit,” and the “Firearm Prevention Team,” “Quick Reaction Team,” and the “Special Unit For Quick Pickup of Detainees,” will be on hand for the massive police state buildup in Five Points. It should be noted that the “Firearm Prevention Team” will be receiving help from the ATF.

Citing a shooting and two mob assaults in the Five Points area after the South Carolina-Missouri game on Sept. 23 as justification for the Five Points buildup, Police Chief Les Wiser stated that regular police patrols would continue and that police presence in other parts of the city would not be limited.

While WISTV did state that the reason behind the presence of Ft. Jackson Military Police would be “in case any members of the armed forces are arrested,” it should be clear to all that US Military Troops working alongside civilian police is nothing more than a conditioning exercise designed to acclimate the American people to the sight of US Military troops acting as police and to see it as an ordinary event.

Unfortunately, the placement of military soldiers in civilian law enforcement capacity is not only a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, it is now an increasingly common occurrence.

In the last few years we have seen US Military troops deployed all over the country for the purpose of assisting domestic law enforcement. For instance, U.S. Army personnel were deployed to the streets of Samson, Alabama in 2009 for the purposes of aiding the local police in patrols after a gunman left 10 people dead.

Even more common, the US Military has been involved in aiding local and state law enforcement conducting roadblocks for some time, even, as was the case in Tennessee, amidst the objections of some state officials.

In Virginia, the National Guard has been involved in conducting “wellness checks” as well as patrolling downtown city locations and residential neighborhoods.

Yet, even more disturbing is the wholesale deployment of US troops inside the United States known as USNORTHCOM. As Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism writes:

USNORTHCOM and Leon Panetta, US Secretary of Defense, has readily admitted that US armed forces will collaborate with local law enforcement ‘if called upon’.

In fact, more than 20,000 troops were brought home and readied for deployment within the US to assist in ‘civil unrest and crowd control’.

The US military will prop up the US Secret Service ‘for operational security reasons we do not discuss the numbers of military personnel and resources that are involved. Additionally, we do not share our operational plans,’ said U.S. Navy Lt. Cdr. William G. Lewis.

The extent of use of military forces on civilian matters, as reported by mainstream media (MSM) have included the reallocation of hundreds of military police officers being trained to ‘assist local authorities’ in investigation, crime scene and case building.

An estimated 500 military police and dogs will be used as ‘law enforcement battalions’. These soldiers, having served on tours in Afghanistan, will now be activated and based out of military bases across America to help local police forces.

Clearly, the American people are being conditioned to accept the US Military as a domestic police force by the slow acclimation process of introducing military presence in a variety of different circumstances. Unfortunately, if there is any question as to whether or not the average American will be successfully duped by the conditioning effort being implemented by the US oligarchs, we need only look as far as the NFL, whose fans can now be subjected to the invasive TSA-style pat downs before entering the event.

If sports fans are willing to subject themselves to this form of demeaning treatment for the opportunity watch a game, then the mere presence of military personnel in the streets is not likely to alarm them.

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5 Responses to “Military Employed For Crowd Control At College Football Game”

  1. 1
    donald rutledge, sgt Says:

    as an retired nco i’m really starting to think i don’t live in america anymore. i’m seeing an police state. an unconstitutional move by the federal government. This is really getting scary

  2. 2
    SIGO Says:

    Using US troops during times of emergency is nothing new. Federal troops were used during the aftermath of the San Fransico Earthquake in 1906 to regain order. I know when I was a kid and Hurricane Agnes took out our community’s water facilities, it was National Guardsmen who brought in and distributed water. They also assisted the local police to establish/maintain order.

    Federal troops have been used to establish order when local authorities failed (mine wars in Kentucky and WV, race riots in NYC during the Civil War), to enforce federal law (desegregation)and to put down insurrections (The Whiskey Rebellion, and the Civil War).

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we saw widespread chaos and the need for coordinated effort between local authorities and the federal agencies, with the assitance of federal troops. It was clear that local authorities had lost control, had lost the ability to maintain order, and had even lost control of their own people. While some of the things done were wrong, I don’t see the use of Federal troops in Katrina’s aftermath (or incidents like it) as unconstitutional or wrong. You’re going to have to show me the legal argument that this is unconstitutional. I don’t see it. I think it is a great stretch to see that as some vast conspiracy. Please do not site Alex Jones when you do. I think his credibility is questionable at best.

    That said, I do have a problem with Fedral troops being used to assist with security assistance of local communities for political and community/sports events. If they used National Guard MPs, that’s fine. Governors can mobilize them as they see fit, but if they used Federal Active Duty MPs, that is a different story. Just like the incident in Alabama (if I remember the incident correctly), the commander that allowed US troops to be used for the local community was sanctioned. I do not remember the degree of punishment he recieved, though. The troops outside of the RNC and DNC. Where they Federal troops? If so, this concerns me. If they were National Guard, which I believe they were at the RNC, then it falls to the governor to determine how they want their Guardsmen used.

  3. 3
    phil white Says:

    The Whisky rebellion and the civil war were before the passing of the posse commitatus act.
    I think the 1906 earth quake was handled by national guard. I hope that was under the governor.
    The mine wars of the twenties and Eisenhowers fedalization of the guard and sending in Army units was in violation of posse commitatus.
    The Feds are just violating it more offten now.
    Just because most Americans didn’t object to federal troops being used doesn’t mean we should continue to accept it.
    Several of the founders wrote that a standing army was a great threat to a republic. They were right.
    If the political class has allowed an intolerable situation to develop to where the people react it is not the job of the Army to bail out the politicians.
    The Red Army in 1991 wisely decided to sit out the revolution in their barracks. I’m expecting most of the U.S. army to follow that example.

  4. 4
    Nomon Says:

    While I agree that Military Police should not be used in a situation for Civilian Police. I wish to make another point in the overall situation.

    What are the people out of control about? A college Football Game! Come on, get excited about your government paying to have babies killed, now that’s exciting!

    What are they doing in the time of Celebration? Destroying private property, causing injury to innocent onlookers? They have no respect for personal property rights, Kinda like their leader Big Government.

    Drinking, drugs and causing Personal injury without remorse? Of course when you have been taught by your parents and now Big Government You’re not responsible for your actions, You were raised POOR, You didn’t get the education or training you needed to be a functioning part of society. What you don’t have is good dose of Spiritual Morality.

    You have just demonstrated the behavior that is normal for you. You are that person. Don’t believe the self taught Lie “I’M NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON or THAT’S NOT ME SOMETHING MUST HAVE CAUSED THIS. It was You. NO MORALS, NO THOUGHT for others, It’s all about you. Now go riot.

  5. 5
    Tommy Says:

    I have only recently woken up to the Globalist takeover and have consequently been arming myself with the knowledge of our founding fathers. I’m not a military man, but I believe in a strong civilian militia. After reading the Constitution, Common Sense, and the Declaration of Independence, along with Government Bullies by Rand Paul, I believe now is the time to show the strength of a united people. The list of grievances of the colonists against King George III was far shorter than the list we could make today against our current government. FEMA and the EPA are already guilty of more than the king was as far as infringing on our rights as humans.

    The Constitution was written to protect the rights of American citizens, not infringe on them. It was also written in order to keep laws simple enough for every person to understand. However, it has become so twisted and warped that even the simplest wording is scrutinized and redefined against its intended nature. It seems the Constitution, the law of the land and the document every government official swears to uphold and protect, has become more a set of optional guidelines than a binding contract between government and people. Citizens should not NEED a lawyer to decode legal language. They should be able to walk into any court armed with this sacred document and prove their case. Yet, more and more laws are being passed which take validity away from our founding laws and we are being told “It’s for your own safety.”

    As I stated, I am no military man, though I AM a Civil War Reenactor. A single shot musket won’t do much for security, but I am ready to stand with my fellow patriots and revolutionaries. I will carry a banner. I will stand chest to chest with whomever is wearing the mask of tyranny and bark the rights of every man in their face. Call on me as your humble servant and I will do my part to restore America to its former glory. Don’t Tread on Me.

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