October 3rd, 2012

CNET: FBI renews broad Internet surveillance push




Director Robert Mueller tells Congress that police are “increasingly unable” to bring criminals to justice because rapid advances in technology thwart surveillance.


by Declan McCullagh * September 22 2012


The FBI is renewing its request for new Internet surveillance laws, saying technological advances hinder surveillance and warning that companies should be required to build in back doors for police.

“We must ensure that our ability to obtain communications pursuant to court order is not eroded,” FBI director Robert Mueller told a U.S. Senate committee this week. Currently, he said, many communications providers “are not required to build or maintain intercept capabilities.”

Mueller’s prepared remarks reignite a long-simmering debate pitting the values of privacy, limited government, and freedom to innovate against law enforcement requests that often find a receptive audience on Capitol Hill.


-end quoted passages from CNET News dot com. Read entire article at CNET please.


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5 Responses to “CNET: FBI renews broad Internet surveillance push”

  1. 1
    Pilgrims Pride Says:

    There was a time, not so very long ago, when “America” meant something more than grabbing as much money however you can.

    It meant a people, united by blood, history and destiny, living together on this empty, dangerous continent so that they could live in Liberty to worship and glorify their God the best they could.

    Somewhere along the line, it mutated into the love of money, which is the root of all evil.

    Well people, it seems the only way to impose order on a few hundred million greedy SOBs is with a fascist police state.

    Did anyone seriously expect otherwise? Or was it possible to pretend the Christian ethics of the Pilgrims would somehow last long after their Christian faith was smashed into the dirt by the stampeding hordes of money-grubbing Sheople?

    The point is this: there will be order on earth; it’s a law of nature. The question is whether it’s God’s order which is voluntary or the State’s order which is brutal and bloody.


    The Pilgrim’s Pride

  2. 2
    Freedom76 Says:

    After all we did build them, ask Hillary!

    Reality Check: One on One with President Obama, Why Is The U.S. Supporting Al Qaeda In Syria? Be sure and pay close attention starting at the 50 second mark. You will not hear this anywhere but from this reporter!


  3. 3
    Freedom76 Says:

    After all we did build them, ask Hillary!

    Reality Check: One on One with President Obama, Why Is The U.S. Supporting Al Qaeda In Syria? Be sure and pay close attention starting at the 50 second mark. You will not hear this anywhere but from this reporter!


  4. 4
    Freedom76 Says:

    Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Restrictive State FOI Law The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case, McBurney v. Young, challenging a Virginia state open government law that restricts access to residents and new media organizations operating within Virginia. Petitioners are out-of-state residents whose requests for state documents under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act were denied. The case presents the important issue of whether states can discriminate against non-residents by denying them access to state records. EPIC filed an amicus brief along with several open government organizations urging the Court to hear this case.


  5. 5
    Rwolf Says:

    Government Invasion Of Citizens’ Privacy is about to Get Worse!

    Obama new Cyberspace; Exec. Order—is a Trojan Horse To Spy On Americans.

    Obama Cyberspace; Exec. Order can be used by Government / Law Enforce to Circumvent the Fourth Amendment to seize control and confiscate American businesses and Corporations. Obama Cyberspace; Exec. Order appears to repackage warrant-less Internet Spying and Snooping on Americans included in the recent CISPA bill, “The Cyber Security Act of 2012” and “SECURE IT Act”.
    Below is summarized how U.S. Government can with law enforcement, select corporations and private contractors use provisions from CISPA, “The Cyber Security Act of 2012” and “SECURE IT Act” if included Obama’s Cyberspace; Exec. Order to seize without warrants American businesses and personal property for alleged crimes that have nothing to do with Cyber threats to America’s infrastructure grids.

    Obama coming Cyberspace; Exec. Order from published reports appears a Trojan horse to gain support of some businesses so government can open the door to spy without warrants on millions of Americans. Expect that Obama Cyberspace; Exec. Order will include provisions from CISPA, The Cyber Security Act of 2012” and “SECURE IT Act” that allow U.S. Spy and other government agencies (without warrants) to share Americans’ confidential Internet and other information with Government Deputized or Certified Self Protected Cyber Entities, Cyber Entity Employees and Elements in both federal and local government agencies and the private sector on the premise of detecting or preventing Cyber threats that may threaten National Security—that can include any suspected ordinary crime. And that Obama Cyberspace; Exec. Order will allow U.S. and local Government agencies, police and quasi government contractors (WITHOUT WARRANTS) OR PERSONAL LIABILITY to take out of context—any innocent hastily written email, fax or other Internet activity to allege a crime or violation was committed to cause a person’s arrest, assess fines; government to civilly forfeit someone’s business or personal property.

    Obama’s Cyberspace; Exec. Order can be used by Government to (Certify or deputize) any Self Protected Cyber Entity; or employee—to even spy on their employer and clients: (The CIVIL Asset Forfeiture Incentive). U.S. Government is not prohibited from paying any Government Deputized or Certified Cyber Self Protected Entity, Employee or Element part of government forfeited assets or other government forfeiture compensation that result from the aforementioned snooping, providing U.S. Government a corporation’s or clients’ private/confidential information—that (now) require a warrant or court order. The Federal Government currently contracts on fee and commission-sharing basis Self Protected Cyber Entities, Elements and Contractors that have security clearances to participate in facilitating arrests of Americans and asset forfeiture of their property. It should be expected Civil Asset Forfeiture and arrests of Americans’ will greatly escalate after Obama signs his Cyberspace; Exec Order and Government’s new cyber partners, cyber employee snoops and government elements start providing government entities (without warrants) Americans’ private emails, faxes, phone and transmitted files for investigation, prosecution and asset forfeiture—circumventing the Fourth Amendment.

    After CISPA failed to pass, two additional cyber-security bills were created in the Senate called, “The Cyber Security Act of 2012” and “SECURE IT Act”. Both bills appeared unconstitutional; appeared designed to circumvent the Fourth Amendment and block public Freedom of Information Requests. The Cyber Security Act of 2012 formally known as S. 2105 was created by Senate Democrats, Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins. Similar to CISPA, the Cyber security Act of 2012 would abolish legal walls that stop Federal government and private companies sharing information. The SECURE IT Act: S.2151 was introduced by Senate Republicans on March 1st 2012: would (require) federal contractors to alert government about any cyber threats, forcing such communications between government regulators and corporations. The SECURE IT Act authorizes sharing of persons’ private Internet information (without a warrant) going beyond what is necessary to report a believed cyber threat. The SECURE It Act failed to create a regulatory system at the Federal level to oversee cyber-security threats opening the door for persons’ and businesses’ confidential information to be misused and misappropriated by government agencies and private sector government certified cyber entities.

    The Government should be prohibited from using so-call (Deputized or Certified Self Protected Cyber Entities, their Employees) and Elements to circumvent the Fourth Amendment; and hide information from Public Freedom of Information Requests. All three cyber bill mentioned prior opened the door for CORRUPT Deputized or Government Certified Self Protected Cyber Entities, Cyber Employees, U.S. Government Agencies, Contractors, element and Police to steal or use someone’s confidential Internet Information, e.g. transmitted files and private emails collected (without warrants) to blackmail Americans, corporations, politicians; target someone’s business competitor; or sell private information gleaned from warrant-less Internet Surveillance.

    Had CISPA passed allowing (NO Warrant) Private Self-Protected Cyber Entity spying, some Internet writers and political activists might be dead-meat under NDAA. Americans” who write on the Internet or verbally express an opinion against any entity of U.S. Government or its coalition partners—that support causes contrary to U.S. Government’s position may under The Defense Authorization Act of 2012—can be deemed by U.S. Government (someone likely to engage in, support or provoke violent acts or threaten National Security)— or a (Belligerent) to order an American writer or activist’s indefinite prison detention.

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