April 26th, 2012

Russian Troops To Train On US Soil!

Note from Elias Alias: Still a little sleepy? Still don’t believe that a one-world government is planning to enforce a military-police state in America? Still have doubts about this Federal government’s planned martial law? Still think that the U.S. economy is doing just fine? Still doubt that the U.S. dollar is about to be destroyed by the Federal Reserve System, Inc.? Still prefer the comfort of denial to the alarming danger of what is now confronting the US of A? This may help nay-sayers smell the coffee brewing, and wake up just a little more….




Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics
Eloise Lee * April 25 2012

Read at Business Insider:



Russian paratroopers will meet up with American forces next month for an unprecedented military exercise in Colorado, according to RT News.

It’s the first time Russian service members will be invited into the United States for a joint drill.

A Russian airborne task force will “exercise with U.S. special service weapons,” an announcement by Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko revealed.

The official purpose of the joint training is to practice airborne tactics and anti-terror operations, such as dropping into a hostile area and conducting a “terrorist camp raid.”

“Soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including reconnaissance of an imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid,” said Kucherenko.

It’s worth noting the Russians will have access to U.S. military weapons training at the Army’s Fort Carson — “Home of America’s Best” — ahead of the scheduled May 24-31 drills. They’ll also be trained to understand and operate hardware used by U.S. forces in airborne missions including “parachuting, operation planning, reconnaissance, assault operations and evacuations by helicopter.”

This announcement comes at a time when Russia actually has troops working in cooperation with China.

A joint naval drill in the Yellow Sea is currently underway, with Xinhuanet reporting the military exercises are focused on sea-to-air defense, anti-submarine warfare, recovery of hijacked vessels and shooting down aerial, maritime and underwater targets.

With 25 vessels and 13 aircraft deployed for the drill, it’s reportedly one of the largest Russian-Sino drills in recent history. Xinhuanet reports:

Four Russian warships from the Pacific fleet, including the aircraft carrier Varyag are also participating in the drills. Missile destroyers, missile frigates, missile boats, a support vessel and a hospital ship gathered from China’s side for the drills.

But while Russia and China join forces for this week’s Yellow Sea exercise, America isn’t standing by idly. The U.S. military is conducting its own annual drills and war games in the Asia Pacific region — much to the displeasure of Chinese officials.


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Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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16 Responses to “Russian Troops To Train On US Soil!”

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  1. 1
    Elias Alias Says:

    For those who skipped clicking the embedded link in the article above, here again is the link for the original article, at the source – Russia Times:


    Wall Street collusion with Washington D.C. and the Federal Reserve System, Inc., giving symptoms such as banks being “too big to fail”, bail-outs, stimulus packages, printing 16 trillion dollars to bail out the banking industry around the world, DHS buying three quarters of a Billion rounds of hollow-point pistol rounds, the President’s signing of the NDAA-2012, the President’s updating and combining all “national security related” Executive Orders earlier this year, the plunge in the Baltic Dry Index, the decline in durable goods indexes, the partnering of DHS with State and Local law enforcement agencies, the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001, the botched foreign policy of the U.S. State Department over the past sixty years since CIA was created, the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing base via NAFTA, CAFTA, the SPP etc etc – these and many other indicators reveal a step-by-step dismantling of the middle class in America and an inescapable military-police state under martial law, right here in America, with its curfews, its “papers please” checkpoints, permits to cross State lines, permits to work jobs, permits to own private homes, permits to own private automobiles, rations, higher taxes, and even food confiscation – all of these things when seen together *mean something*.

    The Federal government, the Congress, the White House, and even the Supreme Court, are all in cahoots in promoting this disintegration of our beloved America. It is here now, and it is so evolved that they can no longer hide it, no longer even try to hide it. Thirty thousand drones to be cleared by FAA to fly over your and my backyards with surveillance cameras? NSA spying on every phone call or email you send? Data mining of your and my shopping habits? SPLC training all law enforcement agencies around the nation? DARPA’s interface with the Department of Justice? The CFR take-over of our U.S. State Department?

    What can we make of such goings-on? What do you think about it? Is Ron Paul right after all? Is the Oath Keepers mission not the most important mission going in America today? Have you spoken to your neighbor who works as a Peace Officer lately? Have you prepared for power outages, food shortages, survival tactics in the event that the entire system here collapses? Do we have faith that a military-police state can keep the produce and meat trucks rolling into your town every day when the U.S. fiat fractional-reserve dollar is worthless? Did you already buy some silver dollars for barter in case something unpleasant happens to our Federal Reserve-backed system? Do you now see the necessity of understanding what the UN’s Agenda 21 is all about?

    If you believe in prayer, it’s high time to use it.

    Elias Alias

  2. 2
    Orion Says:

    I’ve said it for a long time the bear never puts its claws away…..

  3. 3
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    As long as we keep using fiat money, they can use inflation to steal our wealth.

    It really is that simple. Inflation is like a tapeworm.

    The American people can defund the unconstitutional projects by refusing to use fiat money.

  4. 4
    1776 Says:

    On the issue of drones, a friend sent me a link to info on the location of 63 drones bases in the U.S.. Apparently, this information was revealed as the result of a lawsuit. Here’s the link – http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/04/25/faa-forced-release-location-63-drone-bases-126461/

  5. 5
    Goldwing Says:

    Elias, you summed that up very nicely. But it is a very ugly situation we find ourselves in. The whole world has gone to hell in a hand basket. And not a word of this from the MSM or our so called Representitives in our unaccountable Congress.

  6. 6
    Ed Warden Says:

    Remember the movie RED DAWN when the Russian Paratroopers landed in Colorado, well this is exactly the way it started and America is GONE. Who’s side will our military be on?

  7. 7
    Orrie Froloff Says:

    The blame lies with our representatives in Washington for what is now taking place in America. They have deliberately trashed the Constitution, knowing full well that by doing so will bring tyranny to our land and the American people. There is not much time left to stop this takeover of our land, freedoms and sovereignty. If, we as a nation of free people do nothing our country will be sucked into the evil vortex of slavery to the NWO that these miscreants are pushing for. Just the very fact that our government has allowed foreign troops to train here is a direct threat to our security. This alone is cause enough to be worried. Soon, they will pull out all the stops and release an assault on our lives. What will we do then? Stand down and hope they will all go away or stand our ground and refuse to accept nothing less than total victory over these misfits who are destroying everything our forefathers fought and died for.

  8. 8
    Corey Eib Says:

    I had the opportunity to speak with Lt. Col. Steve Osterholzer from Ft. Carson in regards to the above story. He was very helpful in explaining the purpose of the troops being here, their mission and activities. After learning what the purpose is, I am happy to see US/Russian relations have warmed such that we can have troops train on basic activities in this way under the Bilateral Agreement. Getting the proper information out will help reduce the unncessary calls to the Lt. Col. which must be time consuming and distracting.

    Here is a statement he emailed to me:
    “Military training between U.S. and Russian forces will in occur in May as part of a national-level Bilateral Program that has been in existence for years. The U.S. routinely conducts joint training with foreign forces in order to strengthen relationships, enhance familiarization with tactics and procedures, and to exchange best practices. In May a handful of Russian soldiers will conduct joint training with U.S. forces on Ft. Carson and a day of mountaineer familiarization in the mountains to the east of Ft. Carson. The training will consist of tasks common to both units; marksmanship, parachute jumps, communications, medical evacuations, etc. The Russian soldiers will be escorted 24/7 by U.S. military officers and all of the training/discussions will be unclassified. The end result of this program is an improved understanding of how the other foreign military works, thus enhancing the operational effectiveness of Allied forces.”

    Lieutenant Colonel Steve Osterholzer
    United States Army Public Affairs Officer

    I hope this helps calm some nerves among the membership.


  9. 9
    John Says:

    SEE http://www.gunowners.org

  10. 10

    I saw this article on the SPLC website here:http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2012/04/27/the-russians-are-coming-patriot-paranoia-run-amok/comment-page-1/#comment-442340

    The Russians are Coming! ‘Patriot’ Paranoia Run Amok
    Posted in Antigovernment by Ryan Lenz on April 27, 2012

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    In our time, no foreign army has ever occupied American soil. Until now.

    So says the trailer for “Red Dawn,” a Cold War-era movie about a group of American teenagers who resist a Russian invasion, calling themselves Wolverines. Now, some 28 years after the film was released, the antigovernment “Patriot” crowd is having a bad case of deja vu.

    This week, Oath Keepers has begun warning that a joint U.S.-Russian training exercise scheduled next month at Fort Carson, Colo., is undeniable proof that the “New World Order” is real and that the federal government is working hand-in-glove with the Russians to usher in a regime of global tyranny.

    “Still don’t believe that a one-world government is planning to enforce a military-police state in America? Still have doubts about this Federal government’s planned martial law? … Still prefer the comfort of denial to the alarming danger of what is now confronting the US of A? This may help nay-sayers smell the coffee brewing,” the Oath Keepers warned, linking to an article posted by Business Insider, a U.S.-based news website, announcing the military exercise.

    What’s got the Oath Keepers up in arms isn’t that U.S. Army paratroopers are training side-by-side with their Russian counterparts. The two governments have done that before, as early as 1995, according to the Defense Department. No, it’s that this appears to be the first time the government has actually welcomed Russian soldiers onto American soil.

    So is this a real-live “Red Dawn”? Only for the professionally paranoid.

    After reading this nonsense I left a comment in the comment section,and this is what I said: #
    Golden Rule said,
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    on April 29th, 2012 at 11:26 am

    First I’d like to say that I am a member of Oath Keepers, and I don’t think that this story has anything to do with “Red Dawn”. Most of us are upset that The United States has been training foreign troops in this Country for some time now.These troops are most likely being trained for future U.N. peacekeeping missions. U.S troops are sent to foreign countries when their in turmoil, and the U.N. could send foreign troops to the U.S. if we were in turmoil. How would you like it if you had foreign troops, that don’t respect our Constitution, pointing guns at you? It would only be natural for Americans to be bothered by this. And by the way, you can find us at:http://www.oathkeepers.net/forum/ Feel free to get in on the conversation, and tell us what you think…

    I signed in as Golden Rule on the SPLC site so I could remain a Top Secret Operative for Oath Keepers, and not have my cover blown as MOVINGTARGET…LOL

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