March 27th, 2012

Frank Rich, US Navy Vet




Frank Rich, USN Vet

Testimonial: I remember my first day in the US Navy vividly. Several new recruits met at the Enlistment Center in downtown Pittsburgh, PA and rode a bus to the airport. From there we went to Chicago and rode a train up to Great Lakes. Though it was over thirty years ago, it seems like yesterday. I chose the Navy because my father was in the Navy, but when I said that oath, it opened my eyes. It felt good to say those words. It brought my patriotism to the front of my life and though I’m no longer on active duty, I will defend the Constitution with my life. God bless America!




Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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3 Responses to “Frank Rich, US Navy Vet”

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    Daniel Says:

    Great story, you should think about self-publishing a book as it appears you have passion for the cause. It is not that hard and you can self-publish on Amazon.

  2. 2
    Howard Nicholson Says:

    Praise the Lord for men of faithfulness and honesty. This builds men to become great men of valor. Gives us strength and committment to the truth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thus willing to die for their words of oath which is forever. Very honored to be a paatriot with men who are honorable. Most all our so called leaders in nation are without intregity so thus not trust worthy. I will only follow true men of total honesty and empowered to stand in all situations. Daniel ch3.

  3. 3
    Calvin Russell Says:

    I am honored to have served in the Navy for 6 years. It took me until this president to understand what it meant to be an oath keeper. I have kids who I want to have a beautiful country for when they grow up. The things that are going on right now have helped me to understand that I am an Oath keeper for life and have been ever since I swore in to the Navy. I love my country and I am honored to still serve America as a VET!!

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