March 12th, 2012

Tenth Amendment Center: Nullify Now! Philadelphia




Tenth Amendment Center: Nullify Now! Philadelphia

Tom Woods is one of the nation’s leading economic historians – and constitutional experts.  His many appearances on TV with Judge Napolitano and Glenn Beck (and many others) have helped educate millions on the proper role of government.

Books like Meltdown, Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, and Nullification - have educated more.

We’re excited to announce that Tom Woods will be our evening keynote speaker at Nullify Now! Philadelphia on March 31st, 2012.  He’ll be joined that day by more than 12 other speakers, including Sheriff Richard Mack. (info below)

You must reserve tickets – Get all the details here: (or call 888-71-TICKETS)


When the federal government violates the Constitution – which is does almost constantly – what do we do about it?   Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both advised us – the states have a role and a duty to stand up for the Constitution and your liberty.

On March 31st in Philadelphia, there is a very special event to talk about this advice.  

At Nullify Now! Philadelphia, you will learn:

* What IS Nullification, and where does it come from in our Constitutional system?
* How was nullification used in early American history?
* Nullification and the civil war – it’s nothing like they’ve taught you!
* How is nullification being used around the country today
* What you can do RIGHT NOW – to stand up for the Constitution and your liberty…in your state, your county, and your city or town.

You must reserve tickets – Get all the details here: (or call 888-71-TICKETS)


As noted above, the evening keynote speaker will be Tom Woods.

Afternoon keynote – Sheriff Richard Mack – who will educate you on the role of your county sheriff in defending the Constitution.

Morning keynote – Robert Scott Bell – why nullification is a matter of life or death.  A powerful personal story of freedom not to be missed

There will be three rooms of speakers throughout the day on topics ranging from the federal reserve, to the NDAA, to effective grassroots activism and more.

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