January 2nd, 2012

Ron Paul Bombs The Establishment!


hiroshima atomic bomb

hiroshima atomic bomb


This one ad is capable, in my opinion, of destroying each and every competing Presidential candidate who have all been promoting the statist memes and lies which are destroying our nation. Only Ron Paul opposes their massive lie, and now his Revolution PAC has launched a very explosive tool which will be a reality explosion as Ron Paul invites home to the American people the sordid faces of Wall Street and Washington DC connivance, greed, and massive war crimes.

As Don Doig, co-founder of FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association), stated it to his email list -

“Boy, Revolution PAC is not pussy footing around… edgy, radical, youth-oriented, professional production.”

Behold the power:




I agree with Brother Don Doig. This video plays to the truth which has been hidden at the heart of the matter of foreign policy since 1947 in the USA, and since the mid-1800s Opium Wars under Lord Palmerston in England.

The British Throne used the British Navy to force China to take British shiploads of opium as a way to retrieve spent silver the British East India Company had paid for tea and silk for European markets. England literally attacked China when China tried to forbid British ships to unload their opium at Shanghai and Canton.

In the more recent half century since the CIA was created (1947) American “foreign policy” has largely been illegal, criminal, and has been kept secret from the American people by a complicit majority of the American media and press. (Not all the media and press, just most of them.) But the Internet has opened the floodgates in ways not foreseen by the power elite for whom all national Intelligence agencies around the world work (think: ISI in Pakistan; MOSSAD in Israel; MI-6 in England; CIA in USA – as Webster Tarpley notes, they all provide “services” for the power elite).

A truth which has been buried for half a century can be quite distasteful when discovered by those who have been deceived. In this case it is the ultimate blowback. The Ron Paul campaign is appealing to America’s youth to join him in exposing the secret wars of the CIA, conducted mercilessly in the interest of American and International corporations while using this nation’s military to police their world-wide trade lanes and control belligerent nation-states. In the days of British opium smuggling into China, China would be described by British foreign policy as “belligerent”.

The brilliance in what this video reveals is that it is true in terms of the human heart. It is an appeal to the highest Christian value, to the highest Buddhist value, to the highest moral value of every philosophy and religious vision – that new commandment left to the world by Jesus Christ, “that ye love one another”. This video provides the context for all Americans to see the immorality of America’s post-WWII so-called “wars” both overt and covert, and it explains what Ron Paul alludes to when he says we’ve been over there“.

It is the same as if China had done it to Texas, once the public mind is freed to actually grasp the moral meaning in what our foreign policy has done behind our backs to some six million peasants around the world. If that statement is hard to accept, this from former CIA big gun John Stockwell should dispel all doubts -




Nobody knows about war like our troops who fight them and Veterans who have had time to reflect upon them. This is why our troops overwhelmingly support Ron Paul. They’ve been there. They know. They have learned how to honor their Oath by supporting the one voice for sanity in American government, Ron Paul.


Elias Alias

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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21 Responses to “Ron Paul Bombs The Establishment!”

  1. 1
    Robert Eichmuller Says:

    I wish that I as a Canadian could join for never has the situation been more urgent for People to unite against the common evil.
    please don’t let them get away and turn the USA into a giant Concentration Camp.
    it is important for all serving Military Members to lay down their weapons, return home and take care of business at Home.
    your Country has been high jacked by the very same People that provided doom and gloom for Germany.
    the situation was exactly the same. Hitler wanted to raise the income Taxes on the Rich to finance his Healthcare Program. after they refused he went on shut down the private banks and returned the monetary power to the people.
    without doing the same your country will fail because now you are officially a military state with a printing press and all your gold in the federal reserve run by you know whom.
    Ron Paul is your only Solution and this might be your last chance.
    we are in Canada but we are prepared to join you in this Fight also.

  2. 2
    Elias Alias Says:

    Hey Robert,
    Thanks, good neighbor. I’m just south of you in Montana. Go up to top of page, look for “contact” link on right-hand side of this page, click it and send me a message (mention my name so our office will forward to me) and let me know an email addy to which I can respond to you privately. You are totally welcome to join Oath Keepers.
    Thanks, Bro!

  3. 3
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Robert Eichmuller @ comment #1,

    While I appreciate the thought, and while our affairs may indirectly affect your country due to your country’s reliance on our fiat money, our affairs are not directly your country’s concern, and as much as I want to make sure these Marxists don’t destroy my country, it would be inconsistent of me to receive you in a capacity which does not fully respect my country’s national sovereignty as well as that of your own.

    “… [P]eace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none …”
    - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address

    “We have seen with sincere concern the flames of war lighted up again in Europe, and nations with which we have the most friendly and useful relations engaged in mutual destruction. While we regret the miseries in which we see others involved let us bow with gratitude to that kind Providence which, inspiring with wisdom and moderation our late legislative councils while placed under the urgency of the greatest wrongs, guarded us from hastily entering into the sanguinary contest, and left us only to look on and to pity its ravages.”
    - Thomas Jefferson, Third Annual Message to Congress

    Look to your own countrymen, friend. Get your own country off of its reliance on fiat money, just as I intend to help accomplish in my country. Then the power will truly be in the hands of our respective countries’ citizens.

    Sound money is the key to restraining the abuses of government.

  4. 4
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Here is some more truth about our government:

    Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor?

    The Real Significance of the ‘Civil War’

  5. 5
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    And here’s Ron Paul in the past talking about the CIA:

    Ron Paul calls out the CIA 1988-2010

  6. 6
    Wasington76 Says:

    EPIC Urges Appeals Court to Shed Light on Google-NSA Agreement

  7. 7
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    The Ron Paul video is powerful. If it doesn’t wake Americans up, then nothing will.

    Shorty Dawkins

  8. 8
    chet Says:

    Sure wish AJ would stop playing up Ross Perot, to those of us who were more that just a pup in 92, Ross Perot was brought in to make sure the Clintonistas won. That is a very long story. Also AJ does seem to have a bias towards only Texas or westerners (hates yankees). When I left TX yes everything didn’t seem quite right for a while, but I got over it. And if I had a dollar for every cop in many different states that kicked me around (AJ cries about NY cop abuse) I’d be rich.

  9. 9
    FJH Says:

    @oathkeepers..rustlers..they were in Iowa,,they are moving east. Seems like a whole different can of worms than all them many years ago..the smart ones, ‘your criminal friends’ which I guess don’t include me, never do the same thing twice. HAR!!! HAR!!!HAR!!!! On point though, now is not then for them too. And for others, or what???

  10. 10
    Tom Shaffrey Says:

    Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  11. 11
    cleo crouch Says:

    I support Ron Paul. His story today is the same as it was 30 years ago. His opinions don’t waiver in the wind like most politicians. He is the only small gov’t candidate out there. Many disagree with his “non interventionist” view of foreign affairs, but he is correct when he says our founding Fathers intent was to not get involved in every country’s affairs. He garners support from both sides of the political isle, as both sides value freedom….something that we are losing very fast.

  12. 12
    Elias Alias Says:

    Ron Paul has just won the Idaho Republican Straw Poll by a country mile.



  13. 13
    AJ Says:

    Sure would be nice if my Oathkeepers would stay out of endorsing politicians. That’s the surest way to divide us. I don’t support Ron Paul and think he’s a nutjob, however I love my brothers and sisters of the Oathkeepers. Don’t keep pushing your political candidate down my throat. There’s a reason he’s lost over and over…and it’s not some great conspiracy. I believe this guy is the most dangerous candidate to our existance than even Obama may be. Pulling out and hiding is the surest way to get our asses handed to us in the long term.

  14. 14
    justacop Says:

    No thanks on Paul.

    Ron Paul’s Earmarks

    “Paul made over $157 million in earmark requests for FY 2011, one of only four House Republicans to request any earmarks. Additionally, he made over $398 million in earmark requests for FY 2010, again one of the leading Republican House members. These earmark requests include:

    •$8 million from federal taxpayers for Recreational Fishing Piers.
    •$2.5 million from taxpayers for “new benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, decorative street lighting.”
    •$2.5 million from taxpayers to modify medians and sidewalks for an “Economically Disadvantaged” area.
    •$2.5 million from federal taxpayers for a “Revelation Missionary Baptist Community Outreach Center.”
    •$38 million in multiple requests for literacy programs to “encourage parents to read aloud to their children.”
    •$18 million from federal taxpayers for a Commuter Rail Preliminary Engineering Phase (light rail).
    •$4 million from federal taxpayers for the “Trails and Sidewalks Connectivity Initiative.”
    •$11 million from federal taxpayers for a “Community-Based Job Training Program.”
    •$2 million from federal taxpayers for a “Clean Energy” pilot project.
    •$5 million from federal taxpayers in order to build a parking garage.
    •$1.2 million for a “Low-income working families Day Care Program”
    •$4.5 million from federal taxpayers for a new Youth Fair facility..”

    Read more:

  15. 15
    Elias Alias Says:

    At #13 AJ Says:
    January 8th, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Sure would be nice if my Oathkeepers would stay out of endorsing politicians. That’s the surest way to divide us. I don’t support Ron Paul and think he’s a nutjob, however I love my brothers and sisters of the Oathkeepers. Don’t keep pushing your political candidate down my throat. There’s a reason he’s lost over and over…and it’s not some great conspiracy. I believe this guy is the most dangerous candidate to our existance than even Obama may be. Pulling out and hiding is the surest way to get our asses handed to us in the long term.

    Elias in reply: AJ, you are not trying to twist coverage of important developments in America’s political arena into an “endorsement”, are you? Oath Keepers has not endorsed Ron Paul. To date, we have refused to make political endorsements.

    However, nobody says doodley when I talk about Obama, or Bush, or Clinton or FDR or Wilson or any of them. It’s only if we do some pieces on Ron Paul that the self-appointed purists spring forth with accusations they cannot substantiate. The above is not an endorsement, it is a statement of something that is going on in American politics and it involves Ron Paul this time, not Obama.

    Oath Keepers is not asking you to support Ron Paul, are we? I do not care one whit what you think about Ron Paul. You can be an Oath Keeper and refuse to support Ron Paul. But so can people who do love his message. It’s like we’re all in this together.

    And on another note, a policy of non-interventionism in no way would enhance any anti-American sentiment – it would only serve to smooth international tensions and let the world see that we have abandoned the neo-con juggernaut to force American hegemony on an unwilling world. It would unplug the corruption on Wall Street and in Washington D.C.

    I would like for you to consider the video of John Stockwell above in the article. Deny this if you can please – Not one of the nations in which we have sent troops since World War II has been able to attack us. Not one of those nations could attack us if they wanted to, and in fact none ever had any intention of attacking us.

    It’s about something bigger than some silly-assed third world country handing our asses to us if we pulled out of their lands and minded our own business. But continuing to force our intrusion into places we’re not wanted is the surest way to increase hostilities against the USofA. It’s just common sense, Bro.

    Thanks for supporting Oath Keepers. You’re welcome to have and enjoy your own opinions, and they do not have to agree with my opinions, except to when it comes to that Oath and the documents which require it.

  16. 16
    Elias Alias Says:

    @#14 justacop Says:
    January 8th, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    “No thanks on Paul.

    Ron Paul’s Earmarks…”

    justacop, you’re just shooting blanks. ;)

    That’s okay, but in the same article you linked is the embedded link to the video which features Ron Paul himself explaining why he does this for the people in his district. It is to give them access to their political system. He introduces the will of his constituency as he is required to do, on their behalf as their Representative, and then votes against them on Constitutional grounds.

    Here is the two minute video where he clarifies this for you, as embedded in the article you linked us to -


    Even his constituents understand this and keep returning him to Congress though he votes against their pork petitions. He is truly a one-of-a-kind American Statesman.


  17. 17
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    AJ @ comment #13,

    Ron Paul doesn’t want to hide, he wants America to take care of itself and, just as our Founders intended, for us to ignore the problems of the rest of the world and to try and trade with whoever would be willing.

    Consider the following videos:

    War, Ron Paul, and Conservatism

    Ron Paul Predicted 9/11 a Decade Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SA@The DC – Ron Paul’s Reaganesque Foreign Policy

    How Ron Paul Would Defend America

  18. 18
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    justacop @ comment #14,

    Congressmen are SUPPOSED to earmark Appropriations Bills.

    It’s wrong to think of earmarks as something that is added to these Bills. Rather, you can only earmark – or “allocate” – money that is to be appropriated.

    So, what’s actually happening is that Congress requests money from the Treasury (Appropriations Bills), and then Congress amends the Bill with requests to allocate the money TO BE APPROPRIATED for this or that purpose.

    Regardless of whether or not there are any earmarks in an Appropriations Bill, the money will be spent, no matter what. The earmarks determine where Congress will direct the funds to be spent.

    And here’s a very important point: Any appropriated funds that have not been earmarked will be spent by the Executive Branch – but this is not their Constitutional power.

    This is why Ron Paul says that all of the money requested in Appropriations Bills need to be earmarked by Congress.

    Also, Ron Paul considers the vast majority of Appropriations Bills to be superfluous, which is why he votes against them.

    Here are some links that will help explain this:

    In Defense of Ron Paul’s Earmarks

    Earmarks Don’t Add Up

  19. 19
    Donnie Rose Says:

    Your wish is my command…

    I will truly risk my life for the constitution; which = freedom…

    God, the constitution, and my family are the 3 things that I will, without fear, Die for!

    If there is anything I can do to help… I’m yours….



  20. 20
    Donnie Rose Says:


    Imagine that the U.S. Military got orders to detain U.S Citizens, on U.S. soil… That U.S. Troops took U.S. Citizens and detained them in FEMA concentration camps… and telling the troops and people that it was for the safety of the U.S. Citizens because of a possible Nuclear attack… Imagine that the Federal Government USED OUR troops to hijack oil supplies to control the rest of the energy resources in the world…

    Ron Paul’s Eye Opening Ad on our Wars
    Great Ron Paul Ad. Thanks for watching please like and subscribe.

  21. 21
    skimp Says:

    @chet yes seems like Ron Paul did quite well, but those westerners couldn’t control the rustling
    that took place in Iowa, so now according to the Main Stream Machinations the republican primary for 2012 is over, Mittens is it. Done.

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