December 21st, 2011

Sheriff’s Deputy Upholds Constitution


Ted Jotte

Ted Jotte


Testimonial: I took my military oath in 1970 and again in 1974 as a special deputy sheriff. The governing document I swore to protect and bear true faith and allegiance to then, is the same as it is now, the Constitution of the United States of America. To this day, I stand fierce on protecting this document and believe it is the supreme law for protecting freedom and liberty of every single individual citizen of this country.

I am proud of my oath and I am proud of my country and I will defend my country with my life. Those who attack our Constitution should be rejected as tyrants, for they act only in their own interest and the interest of organizations and special interests that consider the Constitution an obstacle in their path of riches and power.

The continuous shredding of our Constitution insults my oath and anyone who has taken an oath, and threatens the very foundation of America. The strength of our country lies within those who believe in freedom and liberty and the Constitution, not within progressive acts of Constitutional destruction, therefore I reaffirm my oath without question.

Ted Jotte


Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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11 Responses to “Sheriff’s Deputy Upholds Constitution”

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  1. 1
    Boone Tidwell Says:

    You sir, have the utmost support from each and every Oath Keeper. For the Republic.

  2. 2
    Jim Says:

    You have the support of this patriot who has not yet been sworn in.

  3. 3
    Cheryl Says:

    Very well put. Thank you for your service.

  4. 4
    Lee Says:

    Welcome Brother! ;)

  5. 5
    bud812 Says:

    You will be blessed!

  6. 6
    Andre Lefebvre Says:

    Hi. my brothers!

    Please read the article and in particular click on the blue section under

    Continue reading and comment at Oath Keepers:

    Please read the comments.
    Slowly but unabated, Oath Keepers comprised of active duty, veterans, sherifs, marshals, police Officers, firemen, like minded civilians and members of other conservative groups, are steadily shaping the resolve, to fight the current treasonous government, by waking-up as many active duty, veterans and civilian alike, to stand-up for their liberty and freedom.
    Current governmental actions are steadily heating-up the dissatisfaction of the People and, assuming that the government continues on its traitor path, we are approaching the point of no return, where armed confrontation may be the only inevitable solution.
    Will there be a winner for freedom or slavery? Only time will tell.

    However, many of us, are bound and determined to uphold our oath, regardless of the risks.
    We do not relish of going into combat ,against our own government but, when our government have no desire to hear & address the concerns of “We the People”, it leaves the “People” very little opportunity to get their voice heard. Our Forefathers had the insight, to make provision for just this type of situation, when they drafted our Constitution. The People do not wish to initiate such reactive action but, the government continues to disregard and ignore the concerns of the “People”.
    If we are to die, to uphold our and our family’s liberty and freedom, let is happen on our watch.
    The Oath Keepers and others need to come to grasp with the reality that, if we do not stand -up to this evil, now, our children will experience the yoke of slavery and socialism.

    Words only go so far and our patience is growing very short, with government lawyers and stacked liberal courts who are forever circumventing our Constitution and bastardizing our Bill of Rights.
    When this conflict finally erupts, we can only hope that many of our uniformed brothers and sisters,will side with the “We the People”.
    As to the officer corp, our hope is that they follow their conscience and accept the responsibility of their oath, instead of pursuing their carrier goals, at any costs.
    Time is getting short and with God’s help, we are hopeful to kill the beast and restore the Republic..

    Andre Lefebvre, Mustang Lt., USN (ret.)

  7. 7
    mike Says:

    God bless you sir! i also swore a oath. These actions taken by our government are a slap in my face! I will not follow our government into this ruin. Its up to the patriots of this country to stand up and defend liberty and our way of life! thank you! Sgt Baier

  8. 8
    Connie Chauvel-Gomez Says:

    Amen to Lt. Lefebvre!!

    Give us FREEDOM or death, as Pastor Chuck Baldwin states!!

    All who can need to move to the Flathead Valley of Montana…..
    Watch/listen to Chuck tomorrow at 2:30 Mountain Time. Livestream
    Connie, Dayton, NV

  9. 9
    John C Steketee Says:

    Mr Jotte ,
    I too , serving Since 1987 County Sheriff’s Office , Do re affirm my OATH to Uphold the US Constitution , Protect against all enemies Both foreign and More and More Domestic. I find it hard to get the message across without the normal Conspiracy theory , Nut , paranoid , remarks, looks from the brain washed masses.
    My hat off to you and all that have and continue to serve and understand the true meaning of the oath they took, Not by force but as a volunteer based on the belief that this is the truely greatest nation , and what makes it so great is the written instrument , protecting our rights from any man wanting / willing to try and take them , not only from me but my fellow people of this country God speed
    PS: Stewart Rhodes Keep up the great work , We are behind you 110%
    Respectfully submitted
    John C.

  10. 10
    shannon Says:

    thank u

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