December 21st, 2011

Calling For Return Of The Peace Officer


Good Cop

Good Cop


Testimonial: I swore my oath a long time ago and meant every word. I still mean every word and will be proud to stand by anyone that may become persecuted or prosecuted for traveling this honorable road.

My goal in joining is to change the minds of the people of our nation. This especially includes the various branches of military and peace officers.

We need to STOP calling people LAW ENFORCEMENT and start using the term peace officer exclusively. Words have power. I would love to see our peace officer agencies change their mindset and try to just keep the peace and help settle disturbances WITHOUT force. We also need to keep our officers from becoming revenue agents of the state. These things drive a wedge between the peace officers and people. It’s time to remove the wedge.

I find it very sad that I and several good friends try and stay away from the officers in our local community. I find that we simply want no interaction with any person wearing a badge because we feel that nothing good can come of it. We feel that there is always something we can be cited for or otherwise hassled about and we simply wish to avoid the possibility by avoiding contact. None of us are criminals and I would love to see the day when a peace officer rolls up behind me and I can feel completely at ease knowing that this human being behind me is a friend and neighbor rather than a potential adversary. I thank all of you who have and are serving in an honorable way.

Joseph J Ring II

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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12 Responses to “Calling For Return Of The Peace Officer”

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  1. 1
    Pilgrim's Pride Says:


    Peace means something specific.

    Laws are arbitrary.

    Law Enforcement is simply, well, force.

  2. 2
    Ray Says:

    The system has grown so large it is very much like a drug addict. It has to acquire and consume vast amounts of money and resources to function. Law enforcement make arrest, DWI and drug arrest, traffic fines and often innocent people are involved in its pathway of consumtion.
    So- called Swat Teams conduct raids and often unwarrented raids to justify its existence and funding and most cases innocent people are arrested and/or killed in the process. Police brutality is on the rise and increasing. They have the attitude that they are the only ones allowed to have and carry guns, and that no one is the question their actions or authority. Who do they think they are. They are Public servants and nothing more. What society has allowed to be created is a growing giant with an endless appetite. It reminds me of the movie I once saw called Independence Day where Aliens would go from one planet to the next consuming all of its resources and then moving on to the next planet. If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and I strongly believe there is, we will never be allowed to venture out beyond our on galaxy because we are an extremely dangerous life form.

  3. 3
    Joe Says:

    Well said Ray & Pilgrim’s Pride. Thank you for putting a clear perspective on the extortion being committed against the working people of this country.

  4. 4
    shannon Says:

    thank u

  5. 5
    Kerry Smith Says:

    Thank you. As a citizen I feel the same. My wife and I speak of this often. I have never been a soldier or a peace officer but I am very passionate about freedom and human rights. Majority of the chaos I have seen was caused by law enforcement and I am from southern California.

    Live free and in peace or die so our children can.

  6. 6
    leslie crane Says:

    Back in the 1960s-1970s when the terms “law enforcement officer” and more recently “public safety officer” were used at the beginning of the drift away from ” Peace Officer” or “Officer of the Peace”_ used to start the turn in peoples subconscious mental/emotional conceptual sense of the world around them to a beginning sense of “law enforcement officers” as indivuals that were sometimes angry.
    This was done to allow for the slow (stealthy) creation of a”law enforcement community” that it was known would be slowly and deliberately changed to an ever more angry and progressively more viscious form of individuals throughout the enforcement community. This was and is being conciously moved, slowly, unnoticeably, and unconsciously moved, to an eventuality of outright thugs in uniform as those which will be enforcing and in control of the “law”. It was for a very heinous,exremely and dangerously subtle reason that the nomenclature (title) was consciously/deliberately changed from “Peace Officer/Officer of the Peace” to law enforcement officer / public safety officer that now work many times with ever more numbers of angry, amidst the peaceful, individuals for the department of public safety.
    Angry behaviour is an antipathy to and the opposite of that which is true safety, greater good,general welfare.
    Peace Officers / Officers of the peace were reliably peaceful…someone you could run to when you needed and you could trust with your life without question but the terms “Peace Officer and “Officer of the Peace” were and are incongruous (didn’t fit_ illogical) with the planned for and still yet coming..yet developing and planned installation/imposition of not more than thugs in uniform to replace true peace officers.
    True Peace Officers are truely priceless heros. I agree with and pray that for our mutual benefit we can find a way to change the title back from “law enforcement officer to “Officer of the Peace”/Peace Officer (for strange it is how such a subtle difference in wording can have such an astounding and far reachingly devastating effect) and have/enjoy once again the true Peace Officers we once had and maybe yet have, in numbers yet sufficient with our support, to to bring this mess to a peaceful and far reaching conclusion.

  7. 7
    Hal Says:

    When cops show up in armored cars with their faces hidden and strut around armed better than Delta force….. One might suppose that “Peace Officer” would be a misnomer. It’d be positively Orwellian in fact. What the heck happened to Andy Griffith?

  8. 8
    American Citizen Says:

    I am a resident of California trying to become a police officer or deputy sheriff. I recently had an interview with a County Sheriff’s dept when my background investigator told me I was disqualified for one primary reason:
    I live an extremely dangerous neighbor hood where fights and shootings take place almost everyday. In fact, my adjacent neighborhood has the highest concentration of shootings in all of Sacramento County. The question on my PHS asked “have you ever concealed a weapon without a permit?” I explained that my roommate has several cats which are like family members to him. Last year there were two incidents when two cats went missing at night, extremely unusual, and he and I went walking around our very small block, about a 35 ft. radius, looking for them. Given the danger of our neighborhood we brought a handgun with us but carried it under our shirt so as to not draw attention to ourselves. Remember, about a 35 ft radius, has happened twice in my life, and for the purpose of life insurance. And for this I was disqualified… for essentially protecting my life.

  9. 9
    Zach Says:

    My father used so say this very same thing growing up and still today. It is a very real fact I believe and I FULLY agree with this gentleman here. Thank you very much!

  10. 10
    P. King Says:


    With hundreds of thousands of unConstitutional laws on the books, when one calls themselves LEOs, by defination, they
    are calling themselves Oath Breakers!

    Today, Oath Braking LEOs, are about filling corporate prisons, and revenue generation, not about keeping th peace!

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