December 9th, 2011

STORY PULLED: Oath Keepers Alert: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Mormon Food Storage Facility



We have pulled this story about the Mormon cannery being visited by federal agents because the source of the information at the cannery is now denying that he ever told us that event occurred.

From now on, we will NOT post any such story based on what we are told by other people unless, and until, they are willing to go on video or at least on an audio recording with their info.  That way, in case someone starts to crumble under the public attention or other pressures, and wants to deny what they told us, we have video or audio proof.

We get all kinds of scary intel, all the time, and we rarely pass it on because we don’t have confirming documentation.  In this case, we were relying on a confirmed eye witness who is now denying it.   We will not do that again without a recording.

We still welcome such tips, but unless you are willing to go on recorded record, using your name, we will not pass it on to the public, but will instead use it only for our own knowledge and internal analysis among our leadership with the caveat that it is not for public dissemination.  Otherwise, we risk having people flake on what they told us, and that makes us look bad.  People who send us information often times don’t realize the kind of public attention they may wind up experiencing, or the kinds of pressures they may come under behind the scenes.  Another consideration is the real possibility that a person could be threatened with prosecution under the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 for making public the fact that they were contacted by Federal agents demanding private records. We need witnesses to be willing to go on recording right up front so they cannot later recant.

We will always respect the privacy and anonymity of sources, as we have done in this case, but will simply not run such stories in the future without video proof AND someone who is willing to be identified in the story.  Anonymous tips will be used only for internal analysis.

NO SUCH STORY WILL BE POSTED ON THIS SITE AGAIN WITHOUT VIDEO OR AUDIO OF THE EYE WITNESS(S) SO WE CAN PROVE THEY TOLD IT TO US -No matter how urgent or important the information.   As far as we are concerned, without such a recording, we will not consider it a real source, but just scuttlebutt.

Thus, now that we no longer have an eye witness willing to stick with his story, we no longer have a story we feel comfortable having on our site and we have pulled this story so we are not accused of still disseminating it.

Thank you,

Oath Keepers

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  1. 1
    Jack Says:

    [NOTE TO ALL READERS: Oath Keepers had placed this story in two sections of our national site. We have taken down the second copy of this story, but have saved the comments which were under that copy of the article. We will post those comments, intact, in a new comment box(es) which will show them posted by myself, Elias Alias, after the original comments below this article. We have not deleted anyone's comment which had been approved and posted prior to our taking that copy of the article down. Thank you.
    To Jack, who's comment I've used because it is the first one in the comments thread, my apologies for entering your post to make this announcement.]

    Jack’s original post:

    This report is erroneous as there is no record of this happening at any of the storehouses and specifically a storehouse in Tennessee. It is a very dramatic tale with very little substance such as specific place of occurrence or agency involved.

    Records are kept as nonprofit groups making sales are governed by multiple laws and ordinances according to their location.

    We have enough to be concerned with that fabricating accounts such as this is not necessary.

    Bishops Storehouses have been fielding calls about this since it was published. A similar story pops up every few years with details varying slightly.

  2. 2
    Sophia Says:

    I checked with LDS in Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, the Global Center Store and they were not aware of the incident nor a site in TN. This is all over the net but NOT confirmed, at lease not on LDS’s side. Please provide more information for the public. Thank you.

  3. 3
    Michael H Says:

    It is not the factual errors in this stoy that disturbs me, but they do make me suspicious. It is the lack of references, names, times, and dates.It is all too vague. I have see nothing in print elsewhere to back this report. It would have been big news here in Utah. So, I am not buying it.

  4. 4
    Difranco Says:

    This story appears to be a load of junk. They don’t cite which of cannery in TN was visited nor name the manager that Rand Cardwell spoke with… Here is a video by someone first hand to follow this up but couldn’t confirm the story.

    Oath Keepers… a falling star.

  5. 5
    Susan Says:

    I’m not sure what’s up with you guys, if someone has hacked the site and is posting crap to discredit Oathkeepers..this is 2 stories in a row… Totally DEBUNKED :

  6. 6
    G Williams Says:

    Same here of sorts. I contacted Survival Acres who sells “emergency” food and they said the same thing: B.S.!!!
    I do not appreciate “false” reports. If not false boys: GET IT UP!!!! Prove it or shut up!

  7. 7
    Olivia Says:

    Somebody in Oath Keepers may wish to take a 2nd look at Rand Cardwell and ask him a few pointed questions. Infiltration to destroy credibility? Cointelpro?

  8. 8
    Mic68 Says:

    Hey guys this seems completely false. Let’s not turn this site into “Oath news daily” or “Oath Wars”

    The reality of our failing system is bad enough, we don’t need the rumor mill making it worse.

  9. 9
    Josh Says:

    The story is a complete fabrication according to the canneries themselves according to

    Stewart, you are a smart guy. You have to get confirmation before dropping these bombshells. Same with this story about the KBR camps, and the soldier who supposedly would not fill out the test about his willingness to fire on Americans, or whatever the story was. If you have no guidelines for how you should break a ’story’ that you hear of, please talk with a journalist or publisher about their guidelines for publishing a story, such as how the story must be confirmed, etc.

    I have no doubt the government wants to do the things in question, and maybe have even done similar. I’m just saying that these particular accounts are probably ‘urban myths’, or half truths. You need first person confirmation from an actual witness, not “my friend who is a veteran said this and that….” It’s as easy as picking up a phone and calling the two canneries in Tennessee. Or calling KBR and talking to the contact listed on the document. Or, in the case of the guy on Facebook talking about the soldier standing down in a situation where he was asked to fill out a survey about firing on Americans, you could have tried getting the soldier’s name, searching for him on the internet or, paid the few dollars for his contact info, and contacted him.

    A KBR camp for 300-1000 people at various locations? Maybe it’s a field camp for first responders in the event of a disaster like a Katrina. Pulling in 1000 first responders from out of state to a damaged area is not out of the question. Instead of making a few calls and asking a couple of questions, everyone in the ’survival blogosphere’ rehashes the myth and adds to it and treats it as gospel. “The FEMA death camps are going live!” Maybe this is true, but does anyone have any solid proof beyond a pdf that is floating around the internet, and has anyone asked KBR what the purpose and intent of these camps are for?

    After a while you come across as the boy who cried wolf at the moment you most need to warn people. There have been so many stories flying around the internet over the past few years that have turned out to be untrue, and it really hurts the credibility of the movement. Look, I know the Feds are instituting a police state. I just want people to release accurate information so it does not hurt the movement, and it’s very easy to release accurate information if you do a modicum of research and have some pre-set journalistic standards.

  10. 10
    TruthKeeper Says:

    Mormon Cannery Raid in TN a Fabrication…

    Oathkeepers are a joke…

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