November 2nd, 2011

Oakland Police Post Open Letter To City Leadership

Oakland, California

November 01, 2011


Oakland Police Officers Association

Oakland Police Officers Association


An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland from the Oakland Police Officers’ Association

1 November 2011 – Oakland, Ca.

We represent the 645 police officers who work hard every day to protect the citizens of Oakland. We, too, are the 99% fighting for better working conditions, fair treatment and the ability to provide a living for our children and families. We are severely understaffed with many City beats remaining unprotected by police during the day and evening hours.

As your police officers, we are confused.

On Tuesday, October 25th, we were ordered by Mayor Quan to clear out the encampments at Frank Ogawa Plaza and to keep protesters out of the Plaza. We performed the job that the Mayor’s Administration asked us to do, being fully aware that past protests in Oakland have resulted in rioting, violence and destruction of property.

Then, on Wednesday, October 26th, the Mayor allowed protesters back in – to camp out at the very place they were evacuated from the day before.

To add to the confusion, the Administration issued a memo on Friday, October 28th to all City workers in support of the “Stop Work” strike scheduled for Wednesday, giving all employees, except for police officers, permission to take the day off.

That’s hundreds of City workers encouraged to take off work to participate in the protest against “the establishment.” But aren’t the Mayor and her Administration part of the establishment they are paying City employees to protest? Is it the City’s intention to have City employees on both sides of a skirmish line?

It is all very confusing to us.

Meanwhile, a message has been sent to all police officers: Everyone, including those who have the day off, must show up for work on Wednesday. This is also being paid for by Oakland taxpayers. Last week’s events alone cost Oakland taxpayers over $1 million.

The Mayor and her Administration are beefing up police presence for Wednesday’s work strike they are encouraging and even “staffing,” spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for additional police presence – at a time when the Mayor is also asking Oakland residents to vote on an $80 parcel tax to bail out the City’s failing finances.

All of these mixed messages are confusing.

We love Oakland and just want to do our jobs to protect Oakland residents. We respectfully ask the citizens of Oakland to join us in demanding that our City officials, including Mayor Quan, make sound decisions and take responsibility for these decisions. Oakland is struggling – we need real leaders NOW who will step up and lead – not send mixed messages. Thank you for listening.

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9 Responses to “Oakland Police Post Open Letter To City Leadership”

  1. 1
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Oakland, your Mayor is a Progressive. Which means she believes in central planning of the economy.

    It should interest you to know that Oakland is where Van Jones’ – a communist – founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. He’s also a cop-hater. The public servants are being used by him, and others (including in government), to foment a crisis that may be more easily exploited by collectivists.

    Oakland Police, you NEED to see this:

    Van Jones creates anti-police school curriculum

    The AFL-CIO – Obama’s buddies – are involved in that curriculum, too.

    Solidarity? AFL-CIO funds cop haters

    You also need to know that these “Occupy” protests were started by collectivists, notably SEIU Union leaders:

    Who Is Behind the ‘US Day of Rage’ to ‘Occupy’ Wall Street this September 17th?

    Oakland Police, you are being set up by your collectivist Mayor and the collectivist community organizing groups whose liberty you are sworn to protect.

    The Oakland city government, the California state government, and the federal government, are all suffering financial crises because of our reliance on the government – which CANNOT make economic decisions, nor were they constitutionally intended to do so.

    To learn more about this, check out this resource page on Austrian Economics:

    Audio/Video | Tom Woods

  2. 2
    Elias Alias Says:

    You continue to post lucid, knowledgeable, informative, and important comments at this site. I am writing to thank you for all you contribute to this site.

    Also, I would like to ask your permission to contact you by email. If you do not mind my sending you an email letter, please let me know here. Do not post your email address here. Thank you.


  3. 3
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Elias Alias @ comment #2,

    That would be great. Thank you for everything you guys are doing.

    I couldn’t find your email on the site, so I sent an email to Oath Keepers’ Memberships address; Could you reply to that email so I know it is someone from Oath Keepers?

  4. 4
    Dave B Says:

    If this situation doesn’t epitomize what the hell we’re doing here at Oathkeepers, I don’t what does. Those of us that are still active police officers have to get slapped in the face every so often to bring us back to the reality that politicians use us for cannon fodder or goons depending on the situation and it up to US to remain constant with respect to our oaths and the Constitution. Most of our politicians sold out a long time ago and their oaths are just meaningless words they recite as part of a ritual before they impose themselves and their ideologies on everyone else.

  5. 5
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Dave B @ comment #4,

    The thing that allows them to violate their oath so often, and without much resistance, is that they can purchase political positions and votes at the expense of the taxpayers BECAUSE they control the money supply, which can only be done in two ways: by force or by the use of fiat money (which involves force to suppress alternatives).

    They would have to always come and physically take our money in a commodity money system – which would immediately reveal unconstitutional motives – whereas under our fiat money system, they can just print money and buy anyone off, and then because there is now more money in the system, all of the dollars are worth less.

    This is why the Fed is such a big concern for Austrian Economists. Fiat money FACILITATES big government, while commodity money helps to restrict the size of government.

    This violation by Oakland’s Mayor of her oath to the Constitution is merely a SYMPTOM of a more fundamental problem, which is the central planning of our money supply.

    When you have time, please watch this video, and you will understand how monetary policy relates to the size of government:

    Smashing Myths and Restoring Sound Money | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

  6. 6
    gingerperth Says:

    i’m also confused.

    according to this website’s Declaration Of Orders We Will Not Obey:
    10. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.
    There would have been no American Revolution without fiery speakers and writers such as James Otis, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and Sam Adams “setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. Tyrants know that the pen of a man such as Thomas Paine can cause them more damage than entire armies, and thus they always seek to suppress the natural rights of speech, association, and assembly. Without freedom of speech, the people will have no recourse but to arms. Without freedom of speech and conscience, there is no freedom. Therefore, we will not obey or support any orders to suppress or violate the right of the people to speak, associate, worship, assemble, communicate, or petition government for the redress of grievances.”

    why do the police forces at the #Occupy sites try to “infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.”? almost all the violence at the protests has come from the police. the videos are there for everyone to see. is it only the members of the police who have not signed the pledge to uphold the Constitution who attack peaceful protesters?

  7. 7
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    gingerperth @ comment #6,

    This is a good question. If we are OK with the police suppressing even these Commies from speaking and peacefully protesting (some are not peaceful), then we are setting ourselves up for a bigger police state.

    A lot of these statists can be reached, in my opinion, if we can teach them Austrian Economics and correct the lies they’ve been taught about the free market and about our Founders.

    Ron Paul proved in 2001 that the 2008 economic collapse was both foreseeable and avoidable. And when you learn what he says was the thing that allowed him to know the crash was coming, you find out that the same phenomenon was happening before both of the depressions of 1920 and 1929.

    They were all foreseeable and avoidable, and they were all caused by artificial credit expansion.

    There is also the lies about Unions that need to, and can be, corrected:

    Forgotten Facts of American Labor History

    If they learn these things, then they will protest the Federal Reserve, Unions, and the politicians which make crony Capitalism possible, as opposed to protesting Capitalism and the Corporate structure (there’s nothing wrong with the Corporate structure, per se; there’s only something wrong with government protectionism).

    This video does a great job explaining the difference between Capitalism and crony Capitalism, and how it is not the free market that causes higher prices and unemployment, but rather government interventions.

    How to Reach the Left | Roderick T. Long

  8. 8
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    gingerperth @ comment #6,

    Here’s the proof that Ron Paul knew, back in 2001, that the housing crash was foreseeable and avoidable:

    Ron Paul: “This real-estate bubble will burst, as all bubbles do” (part 3)

  9. 9
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    Here’s an article showing how the collectivists are trying to organize the military. Heads up, Oath Keepers.

    Adam Kokesh provides the video.

    Anti-Capitalist Teach-In Leader: ‘We Have People Organizing Inside of the Military’

    Adam asks the two foundational questions, the answers to which will ultimately determine where you stand on Capitalism: Do you own your own body? and, Do you own what you create (or receive in trade)?

    The one gentleman is willing to concede that on a “small scale”, you can own what you create, but he has a problem with certain people having recourse to large amounts of capital while others have just their own body.

    Well, besides the fact that the “small scale” of which he talks used to be a larger scale at one time, and only because of Capitalism did the tools become plentiful enough to then permit an “upgraded” kind of “small scale”; notice that he has already granted the premise on which Capitalism is based: the ownership of what one creates.

    The young lady in the video brings up a common misunderstanding about free markets, which is the belief that when bosses create more stuff and prices and wages come down, the “worker” (we’re all workers; some have more tools than others) is cheated out of the value of the product in terms of the physical labor that went into making it.

    But besides the fact that it’s not just physical labor that went into it, but rather labor PLUS the capital that the boss lends the “worker” to use, which made them more productive (which is why the Labor Theory of Value is wrong); what the young lady doesn’t realize is that it’s not lower wages, per se, that is the mark of a lower standard of living, but rather the relative difference between wages and prices.

    For example, if one’s wages goes down, and prices also go down, then the standard of living, in terms of what can be bought, are pretty much the same. What you want to happen is for prices to come down faster than wages, and that is only possible in an increasingly capital-intensive economy.

    So when the lady says that the boss is creating more stuff to sell, that’s actually how the prices for those things come down. Add competitors and alternative products into the mix, and the prices come down further still.

    Capitalism – as long as no one’s being protected by the government – makes goods cheaper by producing more of them, and everyone’s money is then worth more relative to the lower prices.

    The following article was referred by Tom Woods, and explains how everyone thought that there was a Depression in the 1870s because prices were dropping:


    The article makes the mistake of thinking that smaller farms being priced out of business by agribusiness is a bad thing. This is the kind of thinking that leads tyrants to destroy crops so that the price goes up.

    There’s more food available at lower prices because of the big agribusiness – stop complaining! Yes, smaller farms can’t compete, but everyone now benefits from the greater availability of food and lower prices; and now they won’t have to work so hard at their next job to acquire the same amount of food.

    The next logical objection will be related to price gouging, and to that I offer the following resources:

    Anti-trust, Anti-truth

    Anti-Trust and Monopoly (with Ron Paul)

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