October 22nd, 2011

U.S. Marine Speaks To Defend First Amendment

riot police iii

riot police iii


“This is not a war zone. These are unarmed people. It doesn’t make you tough to hurt these people. There is nothing tough about it, nothing! If you want to fight, go to Iraq or Afghanistan… Leave these people alone – they’re U.S. citizens. U.S. Citizens!…There is no honor in what you’re doing to these people!… You’re here to protect them – Why are you hurting them?”

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY.

This video has already amassed over two million downloads. It strikes to a mass fear that our own peace officers are being trained to oppose the very people they are sworn to protect.




Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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15 Responses to “U.S. Marine Speaks To Defend First Amendment”

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  1. 1
    kenergy599 Says:

    Semper Fi Shamar!!!

  2. 2
    gerald lemoine Says:

    Just asking, Alberta Firearms Officer RCMP , gave me a. permit to bring my firearms to the border . A’ll I need is a american permit to cross, shooting invitation, would do. maybe a training course. Ontario offers a small arms training for civilians.$275 ,400round you have to supply, a rifle, Ar, Mini, note pads ,food and drink’s. Alberta has a fine amount of shooting ranges . But near Edmonton two ranges closed, we have to share with local City police , RCMP. I miss living up north, Smoky River area. I hope you Yanks, keep it cool. Guns America have good articles . I love the Sniping articles. I own a sako deluxe 300 winmag , most accurate, mini 14 , chinese sks, clone m14 Italian m1 Garand 1955 . It’s a small collection but it’s mine. Keep Cool ,Head’s Vote Ron Paul .My government is controlled by the Elite as your’s if something break’s out its going to be nasty .

  3. 3
    Ms JoJo Says:

    My hat goes off to you!

  4. 4
    Willie Dotson Says:

    I am SOOOOOO mad about the police state in this country right now. I wish I could get active duty soldiers like myself to gear up & put ourselves [phrase deleted by Elias Alias] between the protesters & the police. Then lets see how big & bad they are. Lets see what they would do against a formidable opponent!!!!!!

  5. 5
    justSayin Says:

    First of all, I must have missed something here..because I noticed that the peace officers are standing around while Sgt. Shamar Thomas yells at them. What is the whole story to this? Also, I noticed that some of these peace officers suspiciously appear eastern european..possibly Russian immigrants or maybey the NYPD is hiring foreign military personnel…

  6. 6
    30 yr old USCG Says:

    @Willie Dotson
    I am in the Coast Guard and down in Texas at the moment, but always willing to stand with you brother. Sgt. Shamar Thomas and his actions should be wake up call to all of those serveing currently, and the veterans that we are obligated by oath to stand between the people and those that would choose to violate their rights. I might disagree with many of the OWS messages, but I do not disagree with their constitutional right to assemble and have those messages heard.

    Steven USCG (active duty)
    Semper Paratus

    There is video that proceeds the one that they linked to here, I do not know the name it is posted under, but you can see Sgt. Thomas and at least one other uniformed serviceman attempting to keep the march orderly and in line with what the police asked for. The marched was stopped by the police via baracade and they began ripping protestors out from the crowd and slamming them down to put hand restraints on them. This video is what happened after the protestors continued their peaceful march, not in volume but in action, Sgt Thomas made it clear that some if not many veterans whether they agreed with the message or not, would stand between the peoples rights and those looking to suppress them.

  7. 7
    Will Aitchison Says:

    Sgt Thomas is absolutely correct. All of the officers (as well as the public officials above them) swore an oath to uphold and defend our constitution. I,myself, am from NY and have seen the police state mentality the permeates the NYPD. From the lowest rung of the command chain (patrolmen and traffic agents) to the commander, captains, and commissioners it seems the “thin blue line” and ” the “blue wall of silence” takes predominance over the constitution these men and women swore to uphold. I know that there are a number of fine officer serving in the NYPD however, there are also a large number who ignore the basic constitutional rights of those they are sworn to protect. This latter group casts a bad light on the rest and leads to distrust and disrespect towards the police.

    Sadly, this “police state” mentality has found it’s way into may police departments in our nation. mainly focused in the larger major cities. However, as many officers seek out a quieter jurisdiction, they carry that mentality with them to the suburbs and rural areas.

    These officers need to be reminded of the oath they swore on a fairly regular basis. As an Oath Keeper I will keep reminding them and, if need be, stand between the police state offices and the lawful citizens they intend to harm.

  8. 8
    Eric, CPO USCG Says:

    It’s one thing to uphold the 1st amendmendment right of free speach, it’s another thing to put those rights above the rights of those they are protesting against.Just because a bunch of unemployed Marxist goons want to cry like babies, that doesn’t give them the right to impede commerce or the anyone’s right to make a living. Your rights stop when they infringe on mine. OWS is nothing but a Marxist revolution starting in America.

  9. 9
    Tim, Sgt USMC Says:

    Most police officers respect and support our military, regardless of what service members have done overseas. They remain ever vigilant in trying to safeguard our families while we are on deployments. Its sad to see that police officers do not get the same kind of unconditional support from members of our armed forces. Comments like these posted above, will only serve to drive a wedge between us and law enforcement.

  10. 10
    Aaron McCaughan Says:

    You have some powerful video that needs to be shared all over the place. Just a suggestion…you should put a share link below them so we can share them on Facebook etc. I have a political page on FB called Silence is Consent that I have your Alex Jones video on. We would like to share some of these too. Especially the big Marine! He was great!

    Thanks and God Bless,

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