October 6th, 2011

Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Jacksonville on October 22nd. Don’t Miss this event!

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nullifynow-150x150The mission of Oath Keepers fits hand in glove with those in support of the Constitution. They urge active duty military and police to remember that their oath is to the Constitution, not to whoever happens to be “the decider” in the White House (of whatever party). And that oath to defend the Constitution requires that they defend the separation of powers between the federal government and the states, and defend the powers reserved to the states and to the people, as the Tenth Amendment makes clear.

It is no accident that within their “Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey” they vow to refuse orders to enter into a state with force, for any reason, unless, and until, invited in by that state’s legislature, or by the governor if the legislature cannot be convened, as required by Article IV, Section IV of the Constitution (known as the “Republican Government” clause).

Nor will they obey orders to subjugate a state that asserts its sovereignty and nullifies unconstitutional federal laws, or orders to impose “martial law” on the American people (a power nowhere granted, or even mentioned, in our Constitution).

Oath Keepers are proud to consider themselves Jeffersonians, and they have pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in defense of the timeless principles of liberty enshrined in our Unanimous Declaration of Independence.

At Nullify Now! Jacksonville, Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers will talk with you about:

1. Food and fuel independence and security (as individuals, within local veterans organization chapters, mutual aid societies, co-ops, farmers markets, and at the town, county and state levels).

2. Physical security and Independence, again as individuals, neighborhoods, towns, counties and states, to include forming neighborhood watches, a volunteer sheriff’s posse, and county militias established by county ordinances but staffed by self-supplied and self-funded volunteers (like in a volunteer fire department), and ultimately, a true state militia capable of “repelling invasions.”

3. Economic security and independence, as individuals and communities, including barter networks, use of silver and gold as real money, and sound money bills at the county and state levels. We must have an alternative to the fiat money system in place when it collapses.

4. State sovereignty and nullification of unconstitutional federal laws and actions. We encourage peaceful withdrawal of consent and support, and the application of the doctrine of interposition by states, in defense of the rights of their citizens.

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Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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2 Responses to “Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Jacksonville on October 22nd. Don’t Miss this event!”

  1. 1
    sheri johnson Says:

    cant attend this meeting but if there is any in my area near kitsap co I would go

  2. 2
    Bishop Harold E. Nash Says:


    Please do not forget to bring up good old Quartzsite AZ…. The fight goes on…

    For GOD and Republic


    Bishop Harold E. Nash

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