October 5th, 2011

OATH KEEPERS (and Volunteers From Other Liberty Orgs) To Occupy The Occupation!


I have been traveling to the open carry rally in Kentucky, but I now want to clarify a few things (as I edit this announcement):

First of all, there is no “alliance” between Oath Keepers and the Wayseers org. Our website editor, Elias, got a bit carried away because he liked the Wayseers video, and his initial post about our “Occupy the FED” effort (see www.occupythefednow.com) inaccurately came across as though there was now some such alliance, but that is not the case.

Our Occupy the Fed effort is an Oath Keepers led project that is being carried out with the assistance of a team of volunteers from other organizations, including:

Bryce Shonka, of the Tenth Amendment Center.  www.tenthamendmentcenter.com

Steven Vincent, Founder of End The Fed.  http://endthefedusa.ning.com/

Gary Franchi, Founder of Restore the Republic.  www.rtr.org

Bob Dwyer, Boston Tea Party organizer and leader of Massachusetts Liberty Preservation Association.  http://www.masslpa.org/

Danny Panzella, leader of Truth Squad.  www.truthsquad.tv.

Brandon Smith, Founder of the Alternative Market Project.  www.alt-market.com

Each of the above has been given posting powers over at the Occupy the Fed website we have set up for that effort,   www.occupythefed.com.    And that does not mean we are now joined at the hip with all those orgs either.  It just means we are working together on this project to try to steer mass attention toward protesting the damnable Federal Reserve.

So what’s the deal with Garret Loporto then, you ask? Well, Garret Loporto, of Wayseers, also volunteered to help since he is in Boston, and has become a “leader” of the Occupy Boston protests, and has already been redirecting those protesters toward the Fed there in Boston.   And that is all he was, a volunteer offering to help us, just like the others.  I put him in touch with Bob Dwyer there in Boston so they could coordinate.   And we also added him to the list of volunteers over at our Occupy the Fed website (but see below, as we are retracting that).  But from the start Loporto was, at most,  just one of many volunteers who wanted to help that effort.   We are not getting married, and there is no formal alliance between Oath Keepers and Loporto and Wayseers.

Nor is Oath Keepers going down some “occult” path, as some breathless posts on the internet have claimed.  In case anyone is interested, I personally attend Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship each Sunday in Kalispell, Montana, and I have no plans to change churches.    See http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/?page_id=17.   By the way, I highly recommend Pastor Baldwin’s sermons to all Christians, and you can watch them on the internet at the above link.

So please everyone, take a deep breath and chill.  Thank you.

I know Elias’ initial post came across like we had all become Wayseers, but that was only because he was personally impressed with Loporto’s video and book, and he got a bit carried away in his post.

2.   Mr. Loporto is not going to even be listed as a volunteer at Occupy the Fed. There have been some legitimate concerns expressed about even having Mr. Loporto serve as a volunteer in that joint effort over at Occupy the Fed.  Some have expressed concerns about his movement, and others have expressed concerns about his political past.  We will look into both.

Because of those concerns, and because of questions I and other members of our National Board have, until we can get some conclusive answers to the questions being raised about him, we are not going to even be listing Mr. Loporto as a volunteer over at that site, and we will not be using him as a volunteer in our efforts.   If Bob Dwyer, as leader of Mass LPA, wants to continue to coordinate with him in Boston, when it comes to steering those protesters toward protesting the Fed, that’s up to him.   He can do what he wants with his own org, of course.  But at the national level, and on our Occupy the Fed site, we will not – not unless and until I get some answers to my questions and even then, only with a vote of our National Board of Directors.

So, there is now not even the minimal connection between Loporto and Oath Keepers that would have come from him being a volunteer in our Occupy the Fed effort.  So, again, everyone please relax.

Now, I know I can expect to hear from people who will be angry because we are not in some alliance with Wayseers.  Can’t please everyone.   I am very careful about who I work with, and my principle question is whether a person or an org is committed to preserving our Constitution, as written.  Period.  That is the first and most important criteria.  Secondly, do they have a firm understanding of the Constitution and also of the timeless, eternal truths of liberty that form the foundations of our Republic, as enunciated in our Declaration of Independence?    Last night I watched a video of a presentation Mr. Loporto gave at MIT back in 2004 that caused me to be concerned on both points (yes, he could have changed his political orientation since, but until shown otherwise, I will take him at his word from that MIT speech).   So, even if you DO like his psychological analysis and work, please understand that this og only allies itself, in any way, with people who are firmly committed to the Constitution and who have a firm grasp on its principles.   I am confident that all of the other volunteers over at our Occupy the Fed site do meet those criteria (and you WILL NOT see anyone listed as a volunteer there from Code Pink, Answer, etc).  I am not so sure, now, of Mr. Loporto’s understanding or commitment to the Constitution and the principles of liberty.    We will look into it, as is our obligation, before we do anything with him.   If you like his book, fine.  If you want to check it out, then feel free.  This is a free country.  But we won’t be working with him in any way unless and until he proves out on those fundamental questions.

Now, it is important to draw a distinction between who we will talk to, as we try to teach about the Constitution, and who we will ally with in such efforts.  We face tough challenges ahead.   There is a great lack of understanding among the population, due in large part to the government control of education and also due to the intentional manipulations of mainstream media.   We Oath Keepers must be willing to get out there and talk to others about liberty and the Constitution, whatever their current level of understanding (and however deficient it may be) but when it comes to working with other orgs and individuals on joint projects, we must be picky.   Talk about freedom to anyone, but be careful who you work with when it comes to that outreach.    I hope you all can see the difference there.   Now, that doesn’t mean we have to agree completely with others on all points to work with them.  We don’t.  But they must have a firm grasp on liberty principles, constitutional principles, and also a commitment to preserving and defending the Constitution we all swore to defend.  That is the necessary threshold.

Any questions, fire away in the comments.   As for the broader mission of the Occupy the Fed initiative, I will post a NEW announcement and press release very shortly.


Stewart Rhodes

EDITED ANNOUNCEMENT (Edited by Stewart Rhodes, October 7, 2001, 2pm Eastern)

Oath Keepers has an assessment of what is currently happening in America regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which is spreading.  On Tuesday, October 04, 2011, we came up with a plan, a new initiative which shall be Oath Keepers’ response to the demonstrations billed as “Occupy Wall Street”.

Our initiative is to place Oath Keepers’ message of Constitutionality in front of the demonstrators who show up at the rallies.

Oath Keepers is not involved in the leadership of “Occupy Wall Street”, but we have a keen interest in some subtle forces at play in all this, and we have a plan for countering those forces.

We have had numerous reports from our people who have attended some of these rallies, from Occupy Seattle to Occupy Los Angeles to Occupy Boston. Our reports indicate that many of the youth showing up at these events are people who have been suddenly awakened to the realization that this nation is in serious trouble. Many are frightened, more are angry, and most are confused. Oath Keepers notes that certain forces (socialists and Marxists) are attempting to co-opt their awakening by pointing a finger at Wall Street and using the very real and well documented corruption there, which is certainly obvious to all, to attack “capitalism”.  They are using the sins of corporatism, a.ka. crony capitalism, to attach the ideal of a free market and economic freedom in general, in order to persuade our youth that socialism (a soft form of communism) is to be preferred over the madhouse tactics of berserk corporate America, or, “Wall Street”.   They are presenting them a false choice between fascism (which is the proper name for a marriage between big government and big business) and Marxism, while totally ignoring the free market and sound money that our Constitutional Republic is supposed to have.

This is a lie being sold to our nation’s youth. Oath Keepers intends to redirect that lie back to the truth, which is the fact that the Federal Reserve is at the heart of the problem and without the Fed the bad boys of Wall Street could not do so much damage to our country.

Therefore, Oath Keepers sees good reason to stand in the streets with these awakening souls and protect their right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to redress their grievances to their government, as the Constitution prescribes for all Americans.  That is one thing.   Another facet of our initiative is to use these public gatherings to reach and teach many who now hunger for the truth – we can show them how the Constitution will protect them better than an oversized, bloated Federal behemoth hell-bent on controlling every aspect of each citizen’s life.

To point this out to the masses, Oath Keepers is organizing a joint effort along with Alex Jones of Infowars dot com (who himself called for an Occupy the Fed movement); Steven Vincent of End The Fed; Danny Panzella’s Truth Squad TV; Brandon Smith of  Alt-Mkt.com; Gary Franch of Restore The Republic; and others as quickly as we can contact them. Remember Bob Dwyer, the guy who started the first Tea Party to launch the Ron Paul revolution? He’s in. The forces of Constitutional rule of law must muster now to deflect the bile being belched forth by the socialist/statist extremists who work for Soros and his ilk. Soros wants our youth to believe that capitalism is the enemy within, while in truth it is the Federal Reserve. Oath Keepers has the message American youth need. If we do not go out into the street and give them the truth, can we really say we’re still honoring our Oath?

Maybe it’s time we all got up off the sofa, turned off the damned TV set, and get out there with all the other Oath Keepers to share our message with the awakening masses. If there is any question, please pause right now and read this article by Dr. Edwin Vieira, and then come back here and think on what’s below.


Here is a quotation from Dr. Vieira’s article at that above link -

Political loyalties move on a two-way street. Masses of economically deprived, socially dislocated, and politically disenfranchised, disgruntled, and disgusted people—who have next to nothing left and therefore almost nothing more to lose—are unlikely to entertain any obligation to the political system under which they happen to live, or to the political parties, politicians, and special-interest groups that run that system for their own parochial benefit. When America’s economy slips into the free-fall of hyperinflation or depression, impoverished people will rebel. First, against ever-worsening conditions, by demanding that public officials correct the situation. Then, when their protests accomplish little or nothing, they will rebel against incumbent officials at the next election. Finally, when they discover that the two major political parties are really one party with an empty cranium and a pair of duplicitous faces, and that changing the political personalities in office does not ameliorate the conditions that arise out of the government’s hare-brained economic policies, they will rebel against this country’s governmental institutions as a whole.


Oath Keepers is planning to “Occupy The Fed Now!” and publicize this to remind the Occupy Wall Street people that the Fed is the source problem, without which the Wall Street criminals would be set back a hundred years. I will be posting our press release and a longer list of groups and orgs who will be joining Oath Keepers in this initiative.

We are currently drawing up our press release regarding our own response to the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, which will be Oath Keepers’ official statement.   We are now planning an official Oath Keepers project which we’ve named “Occupy The Fed Now!”.

Yes, Oath Keepers has seen the need to block the attempted takeover of the populist movement generally referred to as Occupy Wall Street.

In an extensive phone conference on the evening of October 04, 2011, we heard from Oath Keepers who have attended Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Boston, Occupy Los Angeles, and Occupy Seattle. The overall consensus from our people at these rallies is that most people attending the rallies are very open-minded to the Oath Keepers mission/message, and that they are hungry for answers. Indeed, our reports indicate that many Americans right now are awakening, in droves it seems, and they are full of questions for which we have the answer – the Constitution for the united States of America.

Oath Keepers is not going to stand idly by and watch the Soros socialist/collectivist/Big Government crowd claim these newly-awakening Americans as their own. From Michael Moore to a host of other Big Government statists, the Soros faction is trying now to steal the people’s thunder, just the way the Republican Party tried to steal the Tea Party’s thunder by co-opting the Tea Party.

The Soros/socialist/Big Government message is that those evil Capitalists on Wall Street are the problem which now threatens to destroy America. That is an outright lie, and it is being promoted in the mass media by the way they’re covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Despite the fact that the “Monopoly Capitalists” are indeed present on Wall Street, and among them are serious corporate threats to America’s sovereignty, the media fails to distinguish the difference between true free-market capitalism and Monopoly Capitalism. Soros and his followers are attempting to misdirect the movement by claiming that capitalism is the problem. We shall expose that lie.

The problem is the Federal Reserve System, Inc.  This is the finest and most inclusive video documentary available, and Oath Keepers salutes Bill Still for a remarkable job with this educational documentary -


See Steve Watson’s great article on the mass media / Soros lie about the true culprits of Wall Street  –


When it comes to stealing thunder, nobody does it better than the U.S. mass media, which of course takes its marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  We note that history shows that the same people who created the CFR and the Federal Reserve also gave us the National Education Association (to determine content in public school textbooks), the American Medical Association (the pill-pushers’ lobby), the American Historical Society (the spin doctors for our true history), as well as the Trilateral Commission and numerous “think tanks” in the private sector, such as La Raza and SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).  This is not being divulged or expounded by the mainstream media, as we know.

The Federal Reserve is not a part of our government, but instead is a private corporation, another danged corporation – and in all actuality the Federal Reserve System, Inc., is the biggest baddest corporation of all.

But wait! Am I saying that corporations are bad? Not at all. Like some snakes, which are not poisonous or aggressive, such as King Snakes which help keep the rodent population in check on farms across America, some corporations are very fine and docile assets for modern America. Like the King Snake, a good corporation carries its weight and benefits the economy locally and nationally by generating wages and taxes while at the same time providing services and/or products which people need or want.

Americans like and want that kind of corporation.

But when a corporation becomes larger than is useful, and seeks to concentrate financial power into the political and governmental spheres, its likeness is no longer the King Snake, but instead is more like a Rattlesnake.  At a point we call such corps “Monopoly Capitalists”. By the time a grouping of such Monopoly Capitalist corps are setting U.S. foreign policy, which the arms industry certainly does nowadays, the problem becomes unbearably apparent.  Bechtel comes to mind, along with Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, Monsanto, General Electric, et al.

That part of Wall Street is certainly to blame. But that is not “Capitalism”. Instead, it is “Monopoly Capitalism”, and it is now observably moving America into a new world order with intent to place America under the alleged authority of a one-world government. As such, Monopoly Capitalism is un-Constitutional and must be opposed.

Truth: No corporation could threaten America without the help of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is the problem, and Wall Street is merely the symptom of that problem.

For the socialist movement in America to take this new-wave of Tea Party-type energy, the “Occupy” energy wave, and divert it into protesting a mere symptom of the problem is flat-out wrong. Especially when they use the crimes of corporate Monopoly Capitalism to attack American-styled free-market capitalism itself. That is why Oath Keepers is launching the movement to “Occupy The Fed Now!

We will also be working in conjunction with Alex Jones, who arrived at the decision this past Sunday while doing a live television broadcast. (October 02, 2011) Stewart Rhodes will appear on the Alex Jones show on Friday, October 07, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, to coordinate Oath Keepers and Infowars forces in this effort.

Our new initiative, Occupy The Fed Now!, will have its own website up and running by Friday morning, October 07, 2011. We are also using a Meetup calendar system, and are doing a facebook page for this new initiative.

Stand by for an upcoming article about the entire “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon and our own Occupy The Fed Now! initiative,  right here at Oath Keepers’ national site.

Oath Keepers

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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  1. 1
    Elias Alias Says:

    Sending my personal thanks to Garret LoPorto, Deborah Ireland, Tracey Croteau, and Stewart Rhodes for each, in their own styles, living up to their individual “Way”.
    A special “Thank You” to Garret LoPorto for being a visionary Oath Keeper with a powerful talent and a brilliant mind. Oath Keepers is honored to have you here.


  2. 2
    Larry Says:

    I’ve taken a look at the “Wayseers” movement. While their promotional video is inspiring and exciting, I find the actual substance of the movement to be rather hollow. They seem to be promoting an idea that non-conformists and social misfits are special people. That idea is VERY attractive to non-conformists like me. But they also seem to put forth an idea that lack of discipline is the same thing as creativity. Or that creative people should also lack discipline.

    Some of the people they identified as “wayseers” simply do not fit this model. Some of them were indeed non-conformists, but they were anything BUT undisciplined slackers.

    I’m glad that this guy who has such a large audience is going to help spread OUR message. But as nice as his little video is, his “movement” strikes me as a way to sell self-help books to slackers.

  3. 3
    Pilgrims Pride Says:

    This correspondent is an MBA management consultant, with an entire career spent in the “White Shoe” firms and “NWO” consultancies. I’ve been in and out of a good number of the Fortune 500 finance organizations and spent a good amount of time at dot-gov, enough to understand the nature of the beast.

    Our system hasn’t been a free market in my lifetime and history suggests is might never have been one. However, what we have today is a curious mix of Marx’s soulless, money-grubbing “capitalism” (to call it monopoly capitalism is redundant: all capitalists seek to destroy competition and take revenue for the least expense the market will tolerate). Of course dot-gov loves capitalists and it’s easier when the Fortune 500 acts as the management layer of their unquenchable desire to dictate the details of our very lives.

    In other words, no one alive in the US has seen a free market at work and you probably wouldn’t like it if you did. But that doesn’t mean the control freaks in DC are righteous. Not by any stretch.

    The problem is, they have no natural enemies. “But corporate America!” No, corporate America is bought and paid for and I don’t mean via lobbyists or kickbacks. I mean the corporate worker/manager/executives themselves. They sold their souls to the company when they took the first check. It’s a freaky weird thing to see flesh-and-blood act as though their customers are something less than human. What they think of their fellow employees … well they were never considered “human” in the first place. Their single object of affection, adoration and desire is the increase in the quarterly metric. Period.

    It was a sad day when I realized the Bolshevik Left told the truth about our situation. Wall Street mainly but every CEO anb BOD and CFO on the list acted up to Marx’ every stereotype of a Scrouge who cares only about his profits.

    Anyway, Soros deserves his fate when he meets his Maker. So too with the rest of them. But it’s time someone on the inside call the spade a spade and tell the impolite truth about the American transnational corporation.

    God help us for it really is Fascism.

    Pilgrim’s Pride.

  4. 4
    gmiller Says:

    We are checking with members on their interest in doing this

  5. 5
    Pilgrims Pride Says:

    Gosh I forgot to say it after all that build up:

    We need an “Oath Keepers” for corporate officers and management. Corporations are NOT and NEVER WERE chartered to “Maximize Shareholder Return on their Investment” as Uncle Milty’s canard would have it.

    Corporations were chartered — and offered incredible legal privilege — to serve the sovereign that chartered it. here in America, Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride, we have no king so that sovereign is …


    Corporations exist to serve the interests of the American people who grant them immunity to numerous potential legal risks so that the entire citizenry might benefit. Oh yeah, the investors should stand to win and lose according to the merits of the company’s plan and management. But that is a distant second reason but the only one we ever hear on FTV and b-school.

  6. 6
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    This is immense! The combining of two powerful messages, Oath Keepers and the Wayseers.The minds of the people have been conditioned by the powers that be to think we have not the ability to know what is right and wrong, or what is good for us or bad. Wayseers seek to empower everyone, not just those who see the “Way”. Oath Keepers seeks to empower those who have the badges and the guns to do what is right, not necessarily what they are told to do. It is a sign of hope for the future that these two organizations have seen fit to join forces and attack the core of today’s problems. Occupy The Fed Now is a brilliant idea! It turns the Soros/Rockefeller/CFR consortium’s core program on its head and grabs the spirit of the American people who know something is desperately wrong in America.
    Let us take this new strength to higher and higher levels to return America to its promise of a Democratic Republic.

    Shorty Dawkins

  7. 7
    Suz Says:

    I linked this on my blog; I hope that’s OK. If you object, I’ll take it down.

  8. 8
    sgt donald rutledge Says:

    i guess i’m an one i took the test i score 100%. salute from an oathkeeper

  9. 9
    Elias Alias Says:

    To Larry, @#2

    Larry, I can understand your basis for your critique if you have not yet read Garret’s book. If, after you read his book you still feel that way, please let me know. A visit to his site, and a once-over viewing of the video, could easily give the impression that Garret’s project has little direction – until one downloads that free pdf of chapter one from his book. By the time one has read that entire chapter, there is no way one can still hold your current opinion.
    Therefore, I’m suggesting that you go back to the site…


    … and read Chapter One – at least, read the latter half of that chapter. I think that will help you begin to grok the majesty of his vision. Thanks Bro!

  10. 10
    Sons Of Liberty Riders Says:

    Great Work OKs, We are currently discussing the latest events regarding OWS and are reaching similar conclusions. We will be mobilizing to stand with OKs where needed. Sons Of Liberty Riders

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