August 22nd, 2011

Oath Keepers Offers to Assist in Peaceful Resolution of Charles Dyer Situation


John Shirley, our Texas Chapter President, has just learned that Charles Dyer turned himself in to some uniformed deputies in Fort Bent County, Texas, this morning, without incident.    We consider this very good news.  Now we just hope he has a fair trial with all the evidence considered, including new evidence supporting his innocence that has come to light (according to his family).

Oath Keepers

PS – those who wish to donate in support of his legal defense may do so by sending donations to:

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, OK


As you may know, Charles Dyer, known as “July4patriot” on Youtube, is now the subject of an FBI manhunt after failing to appear for trial in Oklahoma.  News reports came in that he may be in the Sealy, Texas area, and now there are news reports stating that Charles Dyer may be in the area of Fort Bend County, Texas.  Jay Stang, our Texas Vice President, lives in Sugar Land, which is in Fort Bend County.

Jay met Charles Dyer at the Oath Keepers rally on Lexington Green, April 19, 2009, and they became friends.  They also happened to serve in the same unit in the Marine Corps, though not at the same time.   Because Charles Dyer may be in the Houston Texas area, Jay Stang has offered to serve as a go-between to help Charles surrender peacefully, so he can go to trial.

After coordinating with Oath Keepers national President, Stewart Rhodes and with Texas Chapter President, John Shirley ( a current serving Houston PD sergeant), Jay contacted Dyer’s attorney, who agreed with the idea, and then contacted the FBI Houston Field Office to let the FBI know that Jay is willing to serve in that capacity, as  a go-between.

We don’t want to see anyone get hurt – either Charles or peace officers.   We think the very safest way for Charles to turn himself in would be to go to a local police department, take off his shirt or even strip down to his skivvies, walk in and turn himself over to the desk sergeant, who is less likely to be amped up and on the trigger when compared to officers involved in the manhunt.

But if Charles Dyer contacts Jay, or if Jay is contacted by law enforcement, he is willing to help bring Charles Dyer in peacefully, whatever the circumstances.

Here is a message from Jay to Charles, in case Charles or someone with him reads this:

I met Charles at Lexington in April of 2009. He and I are friends. We are also fellow Marines and fellow sergeants. I want nothing more than to see a peaceful resolution to this situation, and will serve, if asked, as a go between to facilitate his safe return. I believe he is innocent of all the charges against him. Charles, if you get this message, please turn yourself in to the local police station. My main concern is for your safety.

We here at Oath Keepers don’t want to see anyone hurt, and we hope that Charles Dyer will simply turn himself in, and face trial.   We think he is innocent of the charges against him, and that he has a very good chance of prevailing at trial.

While Charles Dyer never became a member of Oath Keepers, he attended our April 19, 2009 gathering in Lexington, Massachusetts, and we considered him for the position of Liaison to the United States Marine Corps.  Below is our previous statement, by Oath Keepers President Stewart Rhodes, about Charles Dyer and his association with Oath Keepers:

“Charles Dyer never became an actual member of Oath Keepers. I met him when he attended our April 19, 2009 gathering at Lexington, and back then I considered him for a position as our liaison to the Marine Corps, but I decided against that when he made it clear he intended to train and help organize private militias across the country when he got out of the Marines. I considered such plans to be incompatible with the Oath Keepers mission and goals, and certainly incompatible with any leadership position within this org. He understood and agreed with my decision to not have him become officially involved with Oath Keepers.  So, he was never a member, and never in any leadership position.”

That statement was issued last year to clear up misconceptions about Charles Dyer’s relationship with Oath Keepers.   And here is a new statement by Stewart Rhodes:

Early on, Charles Dyer supported the mission of Oath Keepers, including encouraging his Youtube audience to attend our gathering on Lexington Green, April 19, 2009.  As already noted, he also attended that rally and I spoke to him about the possibility of serving as our national liaison to the Marine Corps once he got out of the Marines.   At that time he told me of his intent to train and help establish private militias when he was discharged from the Corps.  I let him know that such a course of action would be incompatible with a position within Oath Keepers.  He understood.  Over the next few months, we kept in touch and I tried to change his mind, since I thought his abilities could be best used in outreach to the current serving, but he would not relent, and we both agreed that it would be best if he did not join Oath Keepers.  He went his own way.

As with Jay, I urge Charles to turn himself in and face trial.  He has already prevailed in federal court, being found innocent of the federal destructive device possession charges.  He also secured a hung jury in the April, 2011 trial on these state felony charges.  He obviously has competent legal counsel and he has a very good chance of prevailing at this new trial on the state sexual assault charges, if he will simply turn himself in.  It is not too late to do so.  Charles, if you read this, please turn yourself in, and go to trial.  I know you feel like the authorities are just plain out to get you, but you still have a good chance of winning, and you are making a tragic mistake by not taking that chance.   Just walk into a local police department and turn yourself over to the desk sergeant.  That is the safest course.  Go to trial.  – Stewart Rhodes

All readers, please spread this post far and wide, in the hope that Charles, or anyone who is in contact with him, will read it.

Oath Keepers

PS – Additional Personal Statement from Stewart Rhodes:

Speaking as an individual, not as the President of Oath Keepers, I also have this to say:

While it is important to set the record straight about Charles not joining Oath Keepers and taking his own chosen path, I do also want to state that I believe he is innocent of the sexual abuse charges he currently faces.  While Charles was still on active duty, back in 2009, he told me he had recently discovered his wife (now his ex-wife) was hanging out with drug addicts in Oklahoma, which greatly upset Charles since he was concerned about his daughter’s safety.  Charles told me that immediately after he insisted that his estranged wife stop bringing their daughter around people like that, she and her relatives tried to get Charles in trouble with the Marine Corps by outing him as the “masked Marine” on Youtube, calling his command and accusing him of making seditious statements and conduct unbecoming of a service member.  That attempt to get him in trouble with his command failed, but it does show a pattern of his ex-wife and her family trying to use the law as a weapon against Charles.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I have seen many examples of disgruntled ex-wives using trumped up sexual abuse allegations as the “nuclear option” in custody disputes.  I believe that is what happened to Charles.   I believe he is completely innocent of the charges against him, and not only in the sense of being innocent until proven guilty, but also in the absolute sense of not having done it.  Given what Charles told me about the past behavior of his ex-wife and her family, and after having looked Charles in the eye, I find the sexual abuse allegations ludicrous.  – Stewart Rhodes

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  1. 1
    Elias Alias Says:

    Reserving this for an important message which needs to be atop the comments thread here.

  2. 2
    Larry Says:

    I hope SGT Dyer manages to surrender peacefully. I’m sure a jury will give him justice.

  3. 3
    Allan Smith Says:

    Stewart / Jay, our collective thanks for posting your comments, both here and (J) on FB. We’re with you in your concerns for Charles and look forward to his safe and peaceful return to a fair chance @ a trial by jury of his peers. If there are any OK’ers who can provide qualified legal counsel for Charles, I’m sure that his confidence in his victory in court will be greatly improved. He and some friends and family lack confidence in their recent experiences with “the law”. Having assurance that he has pro-active representation in his defense will greatly improve the chances of Charles expeditiously returning to his rightful day in court. There’s a biblical principle which suggests that if we have, in our hand, something with which to meet the need of a brother or sister, we should not send them away but should meet that need. Is there any among our numbers who is ready, willing and able to work to insure and assure Charles a safe return to his home ( or what’s left of it ) and to stand by him for his defense in court ?

  4. 4
    Steven Armbruster Says:

    I also believe that Charles is innocent and certainly NOT dangerous.

    There was a hate tracker group involved from the start of this incident and they boast on-line about setting up patriot groups from the inside.

    Fact: Developing “a conspiracy that endeavors to achieve political or social change through activities that involve force or violence is a federal offence.

    I look forward to a full investigation by our federal authorities and the safe and peaceful surrender of Charles Dyer….

    Steven Armbruster
    Active Duty Law Enforcement
    Pennsylvania Chapter President Oath keepers

  5. 5
    Raymond Bostard Says:

    Steve, I too belive Charles Dyer is innocent. If we need to take up a collection for Charles let me Know

  6. 6
    sick joke Says:

    Sounds like what happened to a veteran friend of mine. His ex-wife went bat shit and had him arrested a number of times. The poor guy still hasn’t gotten over it all these years later. What a pathetic excuse for a legal system we have, the founders would have burned the courthouse down long ago.

  7. 7
    Robin W. Tong Says:

    Stewart, Jay, Thank both of you for your efforts.

    Charles, if you are out there reading this, there are some here whom have stood trial and have battled against all odds and have been exonerated. You are in a difficult situation. Make the right choice and have your day in court and stand before a Jury of your fellow citizens.

  8. 8
    Robin W. Tong Says:

    @ Sick Joke…

    I would suggest that you study and learn something about our founding fathers. One of them actually defended the British Troops responsible for firing upon and killing civilians at the Boston massacre. And several traveled to England and stood at their own peril before the English Courts to argue cases on behalf of the Colonies and American citizens. Our courts and jurisprudence is rather tame compared to that of King George.

  9. 9
    William C. Gau III Says:

    While I appreciate the advice to turn himself in to authorities, I also have a certain amount of trepidation in re Charles’ safety. Randy Weaver ring a bell? Trust in God, but keep your weapons oiled, honed and at the ready. Trust your instincts and training, jarhead. Semper Fi.–Wm.

  10. 10
    defender of the republic Says:

    Charles Dyer will be railroaded and ran over roughshod. Especially if he has no education in the position of sovereign elector status. He surely knows little about the lawful definition of a peer and so on. Civics haven’t beeen taught in this country in 3 generations so the likelyhood of him knowing this info is very low. Even the armed service of the USMC offers little in the way of education of our beloved Constitution to which every service member swears an oath. OathKeepers , you all know this. A PC position will not serve this end so please do not push that agenda. William Gau says it all when mentioning Randy Weaver. The government and its agents are not your friends. They do not care about Charles or his safety,they have already convicted him in the press as a madman. History is the best determining factor of what the future holds for Charles. Keep your head down Charles.
    Respectfully in truth and liberty,
    Consciousness aware of itself

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