July 28th, 2011


Quartzsite Desert Rainbow

Quartzsite Desert Rainbow


“Gems In The Rough At Quartzsite, Arizona”

Writing July 20, 2011 through July 27, 2011; Willow Creek, Montana

By Elias Alias

Owing to my work career as a jewelry designer, I had known about Quartzsite’s famous desert-sprawling mineral show which happens each winter. The American jewelry industry is well aware of Quartzsite’s remarkable mineral and gem show. The show has a good reputation and is attended by large numbers of jewelers from around America. Many swing from the Quartzsite show right into the Tucson show, which is the world’s largest gem, mineral, jewelry and fossil show.  Having had businesses in both manufacturing and retail ends of the jewelry industry, I for many years knew people who traded at Quartzsite.

But I did not know about the possibility of some outlaw from Ohio or South Carolina hiding out under an alias while working in the camel stables at Arizona back in the 1850s.

Did I say “camel stables”? In Arizona? Yep. There is a really cute little tidbit of southwest American history waiting for you at this link:


Here is a teaser – [quoting] “…in 1855 when Secretary of War Jefferson Davis was told of an innovative plan to import camels to help build and supply a Western wagon route from Texas to California. It was a dry, hot and otherwise hostile region, not unlike the camel’s natural terrain in the Middle East.

“Davis, convinced of the idea, proposed a Camel Military Corps to Congress. “For military purposes, and for reconnaissances, it is believed the dromedary would supply a want now seriously felt in our service,” he explained.

“Congress agreed and appropriated $30,000.

“Major Henry Wayne was sent to the Middle East where he bought 33 of the animals. With much difficulty, they were loaded onto a Navy ship (with part of its deck modified to accommodate the large creatures) and transported to Texas. There Lieutenant Edward Fitzgerald Beale took over. Forty-four more camels arrived later.” [end quote]

Camel Monument Quartzsite

Camel Monument Quartzsite

But while the camel caravans are now just old history, a new type of caravan musters at Qaurtzsite each winter. An “RV Big Tent” show rolls into tiny Quartzsite well before the mineral show. The camp crowd which shows up each winter in their RVs and Motor-homes and Campers can swell the town’s population from under its customary four thousand citizens to more than a hundred thousand. This annual flock of snowbirds descends upon little Quartzsite and turns the desert into what is sometimes billed as “the world’s largest desert parking lot”.

Quartzsite Big Tent RV Show

Quartzsite Big Tent RV Show

So we see that Quartzsite has some interesting color in its desert culture. And now on July 20, 2011, I sit to write about another story in Quartzsite. It had been playing around in my head since mid-June, a month earlier, and today I knew I had to start writing it. I had received a call from a gentleman who lives in Quartzsite, Arizona, who told me quite a desert-styled tale of intrigues and overt corruption.

That call in June was unbelievable, but I would soon become a believer.  You probably will too.

That is when this story started for me – when a guy called back in June of 2011. (Let’s call him “Daryl”, which is not his name but will serve to protect his anonymity.)

Daryl  was highly concerned, worried. Yet he was composed and coherent. He was obviously accustomed to speaking with people. His voice carried concern without sacrificing his poise as a man of dignity. But there was urgency in his voice, and he could not hide it. He was reaching out for help.

Daryl spoke of ten Quartzsite police officers who had compiled 200 pages of written allegations against various members of local government, including the Chief of Police in Quartzsite and the City Council.  He spoke of the Mayor of Quartzsite being arrested by the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police is alleged to be corrupt.

He had previously read coverage of the Oath Keepers ceremony at the Jose Guerena memorial on May 30, Memorial Day 2011, at Tucson, Arizona, and he thought of Oath Keepers in his personal moment of stress.  Learn why he would naturally think of Oath Keepers by reading, in case you missed this, here  –


I listened intently as Daryl spoke of police officers who had written allegations of corruption in Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert’s department.  The more Daryl spoke, the more interested I became. He noted that there are between twelve and fourteen officers on the Quartzsite, Arizona Police Department.  He said that ten of those officers had put in writing, or had signed with the others, allegations of corruption.  Ten out of fourteen is a significant number of cops accusing their Chief of corrupted and abusive practices in his Department.

Further, Daryl told me that the Mayor of Quartzsite was on his way to Phoenix that very moment as we were speaking, to seek assistance from the Governor’s office.  He had the 200 pages in hand, to show the Governor.

I asked Daryl to give the Mayor my phone number here in Montana and after we ended our talk he did so.

Soon enough, that afternoon in June, I got a call from the Honorable Mayor Ed Foster. He was still in Phoenix and he was perplexed. Said he had gone to the Governor’s office and was referred to the Attorney General’s office. He went there, and they referred him back to the Governor’s office. It had become a “run-around”.

As the Mayor of a town in Arizona, he had no traction with the State government, even while holding ten Quartzsite cops’ written statements about corruption in his hand. Mayor Foster told me that he could not get any interest in either office, and that both muttered something about jurisdictions. Said he hoped Oath Keepers could help.

Ten out of fourteen police officers sign allegations of corruption against their Police Chief? And that Police Chief arrests a Mayor? Twice? Really?  I don’t get calls like this every day.

Both of those tales would be of interest if they proved to be true. Why, I wondered, would the Governor’s office and the Attorney General’s office have no interest in such a bizarre matter? I wanted to find out all I could. I mean, the man is the sitting Mayor of Quartzsite. So I got busy looking into it by asking myself ‘why Quartzsite of all places’, and ‘what’s going on there?’

Quartzsite is about a hundred-thirty miles west of Phoenix, Arizona, out in the southwest desert, near the California border with Arizona.  It sits right on top of Interstate 10 in the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by desert mountains. The intrigue there is blooming into a topic of epic proportions and national curiosity. But it is a dark bloom, in contrast with the natural beauty of Quartzsite’s desert surrounding.

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom

Taken aback, I brought this up to several Oath Keepers friends, officers and Board members in following days – what should we think of approximately eighty percent of a small city’s police force standing up and signing allegations against the Chief of Police and the City Council? It struck us as darn good Oath Keeping.  Had we stumbled across ten peace officer Oath Keepers in one small town in the desert? While the Quartzsite Ten are not dues-paying members in Oath Keepers, we are proud that these peace officers have become willing to risk their careers by making a stand against alleged corruption and injustice. I salute them for being true Americans and following their consciences.

But what should we make of the Police Chief arresting the Mayor? What was going on in that town?

If we read at the Mayor’s website we learn that candidate Ed Foster got himself elected as Mayor. He did so with a platform which promised the citizens of Quartzsite that he would expose the alleged corruption if he were elected. When Ed Foster was elected as Mayor, the City Council had a heart attack and scurried around to make new rules limiting the powers of the Mayor’s office, before his tenure as Mayor began. They de-fanged the Mayor’s office by Council resolution, before the man could be seated as Mayor.

You read that right. Here is how Mayor Foster says it himself on his website  –

“We have a situation wherein I was elected to office and immediately prohibited from looking at any of the town’s financial records. I was also forced to sit silently by and watch as the council immediately moved to restrict my activities and actions as Mayor until there were quite literally none left.”

Well, when Daryl and the Honorable Mayor called me that day, I was hooked.

That was in mid-June, 2011. Since then I have spoken with Daryl a number of times and have exchanged emails. Quartzsite has become in past weeks a daily source of interest for me. I could see back in June that Quartzsite could quickly become a case-study for Oath Keepers, and truly it has.

Just as the Quartzsite Ten have stood to oppose a tyrannical alleged corruption, the Police Chief and City Council have stood to protect  something.  It is an open battle, and one which could turn to frightening times for many of Quartzsite’s citizens and guests.

Oath Keepers enjoys supporting peace officers who oppose corruption in government and departments, for that is the spirit of justice embodied in the Oath.

Polishing Facets On A Quartzsite Crystal

Between the time Daryl first called me and his call today, a remarkable mistake was made by the Quartzsite City Council and the Chief of Police at a Council meeting.  It would be the first of many, as we will see. On June 28, 2011, more than a week after Daryl had given me his first phone call, a City Council meeting occurred and was open to the public as required by law in Quartzsite.

Over the strenuous objections of the City’s Mayor (newly elected Ed Foster), a citizen was arrested at that meeting  - while she was holding the microphone and addressing the meeting. She had been duly given the floor to speak before the Council, and was arrested while speaking, for doing nothing other than speaking. The Council’s problem was not that she was speaking, it was what she was speaking, which some might fear would lead to embarrassing revelations of the corruption infesting that town. Her name is now known all over America.

Jennifer Jade Jones

Jennifer Jade Jones

Jennifer “Jade” Jones, activist and patriot, having been given the microphone, began to speak into matters that the City Council did not want recorded at a public meeting.  The nervous Council members quickly feigned an unauthorized vote, over the objections of the Mayor, who, being an honorable patriot himself, wanted Jennifer Jones to spill all she knew. Upon the basis of that vote, which was not properly engaged by a motion to vote, the Council signaled the attending police officers to arrest Jennifer Jones.

They attempted to remove her while she stood before the Council with the microphone as the designated speaker, the one who was supposed to have the floor. She was not waving a gun in the air, she was not threatening anyone, she was not speaking obscenities, she was simply speaking as a citizen before the City Council – with the Mayor’s recognition as the designated speaker. And that was all it took to bring down upon her the power and force of the Quartzsite Police Department. Officers approached her and attempted to take the microphone from her hand.

Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones did not wish to relinquish the microphone and the officers struggled with her briefly. She held on to the microphone valiantly as the officers tried to force it from her hand. As they scuffled the Mayor managed to restore some degree of order and convinced the officers that they must let this woman speak her peace.

The officers backed away finally, and Jennifer Jones continued to speak.

The City Council members saw that the Mayor had regained control over his meeting. He had thwarted their attempt to keep embarrassing Council business from being addressed in the meeting. Did this strike fear into the Council members’ hearts? Who can say, but amazingly, the Council quickly, again, signaled for the officers to stop her.

Again the officers approached Jennifer Jones and this time they succeeded in wrestling the microphone from her hands. They grabbed her arms and used force to move her from the room. She did not go quietly.

Well, that embarrassment to Quartzsite, courtesy of the City Council and the Chief of Police, made its way onto a video which was posted on the Internet. You may see it here –

Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones runs a newspaper. (That would not cause Chief Gilbert to hold a grudge against her, right?) She does a great job with her paper. Check out her website – The Desert Freedom Press:


The City Council Goes Berserk

Less than two weeks later, Daryl called me again from Quartzsite to say that the City Council had called a meeting earlier in the day, on July 10, 2011, and had sent Police Chief Jeff Gilbert to personally request that the Mayor attend. Mayor Ed Foster, who had already been arrested twice by this Police Chief, agreed to go to the town hall, but refused to ride there in the Chief’s car.

When the Mayor arrived he realized that this Council meeting was unlawful and he stated that he would not be involved in the meeting.  The rest of the Council members went into the meeting room and closed the doors, refusing to allow the public into the meeting.

As their Mayor waited outside with some concerned citizens, the Council declared a “state of emergency” for the city of Quartzsite.

The Chief would now have some added assurance from the City Council if he chose to further harass the patriot citizens in Quartzsite, which is one of his customary habits, according to ten of his officers. The City Council knows about things which Council members prefer to keep hidden from the citizenry, so the Council has good reason to place extra authority in the hands of the Chief of Police.

Their cover-story is that activists have made threats to the City’s leadership, creating an emergency which detracts from dutiful functioning of government. So the Council has condoned the Chief’s activities regarding the patriots in town.  In fact, harassing patriot citizens is one of the allegations about which ten of his police officers denote the need for an investigation.

The Chief’s and the Council’s abuse and/or misuse of government power is being alleged and contested here in a power-play. Indeed, much of the allegations lodged against the Chief of Police by the Quartzsite Ten involve use of police power to harass political opponents or patriots who dared question the murky goings-on in the city’s government.

That is now on the record, put there by ten of his officers.

In writing.

Here is part of their statement –

Over the last two years the problems have continually got worse. Chief Jeff Gilbert is fIxated [sic]on the politics in this town. He is personally involved in them and all his time and attention is directed towards political gain to benefit of himself. He is obviously biased towards certain council members and is against and outspoken to other candidates and council members. He runs license plates just to find out names of people whose vehicles are parked at business residences of people he don’t like. Not for an investigation, but to gain personal information about people for his political benefit. He runs criminal history reports through NCIC to try to find “dirt” on candidates or citizens supporting the candidates he does not like. Our policy clearly states that we are not to get involved in politics and must remain unbiased at all times. He orders officers to pull over and arrest or cite violations of citizens he feels are against him or he doesn’t like. Not because they have committed a violation that he wants enforced equally, but because it is someone he doesn’t like. Clearly this is a misuse of his power. He will target officers and go after them if he feels they are going against him. Candidates, supporters of him or friends can be in the same violation, even have outstanding valid warrants and officers are told to leave them alone. He caused the firing of the town prosecuting attorney because Chief Jeff Gilbert felt the  Town  Attorney would not follow through on or file ridiculous charges against people involved In a certain political group. He practices selective enforcement in the community against people who do not like him, agree with him or may go against him. He also directs the officers to do the same. This selective enforcement by Chief Jeff Gilbert can Influence decision and can initiate negative actions with highly negative results; this practice can also leave the Quartzsite Police Department employees and the City of Quartzsite open to accusations and lawsuits and liabilities. This also gives Law Enforcement as a whole a bad image.

That was written and signed by ten of Quartzsite’s police officers.

Read it here: http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2011/07/12/quartzsite-police-officers-association-letter-regarding-police-chief-jeff-gilbert/?cp=7#comment-33312

And from the Lost Chord on July 12, 2011 …


…we note the following:

Now the council has ousted Mayor Ed Foster from power and declared a state of emergency.

Mayor Foster asserts that the town council held a last-minute meeting that was closed to the public — in violation of the open meetings law — Sunday night, after declaring a state of emergency in the 3,600-person western Arizona town.

Compounding matters, the council issued a declaration putting controversial police Chief Jeff Gilbert in charge. Foster referred to the act as making him the “deputy chief executive of nothing right now.” The declaration also allows the five-member council to meet without public notice and suspend all public comment at the meetings until they declare the state of emergency over.

The videos have gotten thousands of views and have people near and far sending messages of support to Foster and messages of outrage to the council. Foster’s supporters have launched a Facebook page and website.

Foster was elected in May 2010 on a campaign promise to investigate allegations of corruption in the La Paz County town.

He said since being in office, he has discovered that every pay period, eight to 10 paychecks go to unnamed people and that he has been denied access to financial records to find out where the money actually goes. He said that’s been happening since 1991 and amounts to $250,000 every year. “That’s literally millions of dollars,” Foster said.


Aha! Enter money, stage Left.

I began to look into some other people in Quartzsite, and have discovered that the townspeople are a divided lot. There have been legal actions flung back and forth like a dueling dart war. Outside town is a very large and valuable collection of collectible cars, owned by one man. That man not long ago sold a lot of land for a lot of money, and some people in Quartzsite did not like it. But who is he? Does he fit into this unfolding story? Ever hear of Richard Oldham?

Richard Oldham was the City of Quartzsite’s first Mayor, the founding Mayor.

Richard Oldham Quartzsite

Richard Oldham Quartzsite

There is an interesting bit of history surrounding Richard Oldham. Oldham, being an honorable and dignified individual, worked to arrange the water rights for the City of Quartzsite, as he was the founding Mayor. He was also a property owner of some enviable means, a true Western gentleman and an honest man.

We may talk more about Richard Oldham in coming times, but at present let’s look at just one interesting event in this founding Mayor’s past. After serving his term in office as Quartzsite’s Mayor, a subsequent Mayor, who had a beef with former Mayor Oldham, put out a murder contract on Richard Oldham. That nasty Mayor got caught, and went to prison, and former Mayor Oldham dodged the bullet, figuratively speaking.  But wait. After some time in prison, I am told, the nasty Mayor got released from prison – I’m told it was by virtue of a new source of contradictory testimony – and returned to local government, not as a Mayor, but in another capacity. We’re likely to hear more about this guy, and Richard Oldham, as the Quartzsite spectacle unfolds.

There are other problems which the City Council apparently does not want aired publicly. There are questions about a judge who seems to be helping the Council protect something.  There has been a problem with porn on the City’s computers – the illegal kind. The City had to hire an out-of-towner to come in and purge their computer system to get rid of it. Stories swirl around that little embarrassment.

And there is also this crazy question about an airplane runway belonging to founding Mayor Richard Oldham, on his property, which has recently had a swath cut across the runway wide enough to accommodate a road, which someone has decided must be cut across Oldham’s runway landing strip.

There is a story in that one thing right there, to be sure. And what’s this about the County Sheriff having once worked with the Quartzsite Chief of Police when they were both on assignment in Colorado? Could an old working friendship be behind the Sheriff’s reluctance to help this Mayor in his fight to expose the corruption? Does the Chief of Police have an abnormal relationship with the City Council? I’m asking.

Actually, there is not time to go into all the types of mischief that have been going on way out there in the southwestern desert.  Some of these things could come up, out of darkness into public light. Corruption is now on the defensive, which explains why the City Council has suspended public attendance at City Council meetings, declared a state of emergency, given the Police Chief extraordinary powers, virtually bound an honest Mayor, placed eight of its City Police Officers on Administrative Leave with Intent to Investigate and/or Fire, and has snarled in the face of a curious nation.

So we see that one article on this story will never suffice. I’ll keep running current updates as the story unfolds. In the meantime, let’s look at one of our heroes.

Here is Mayor Ed Foster. Recall, his first phone conversation with me was back in mid-June, while he was being frustrated in the Attorney General’s office and the Governor’s office, being led ‘round the rosebush in a circular disregard shielded by the excuse of “questionable jurisdiction”.  He has been fighting this corruption since winning election to the office of Mayor. He was disappointed that the State government of Arizona had no interest in his fight for justice in Quartzsite, an Arizona city. Personally, I think that the Governor should express an interest – but apparently that will take a bit more leverage, of the sort which only the Internet can generate.

Mayor Ed Foster runs this website, where you can keep up with the developing story directly from the Mayor’s desk.


Some contact info for reaching or following Mayor Ed Foster:


Just Log Into Your Facebook Account and do a search for Supporters of Mayor Ed Foster –  Join In!


Edward L. Foster

Post Office Box 956

Quartzsite, Arizona 85346



From Mayor Foster’s front page –

“Why can’t the officials at the Town of Quartzsite run the town according to the rules? Why are they so interested in refusing to subject themselves to any level of scrutiny by those qualified to offer it? Instead, they’ve appointed Al Johnson, the wearer of any and all hats — interchangeably — to ‘investigate the police’ who have asked for an investigation of the police department as operating under the direction of Chief Jeff Gilbert.”

Also on Mayor Foster’s homepage is an article announcing his being represented legally by Stewart Rhodes, and the Mayor has some good words to say about Oath Keepers.

Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster 2011

Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster 2011

Like Jennifer Jones, Mayor Foster is telling his story online for all to read and know.

Let’s prove true something an old hand in the computer game, one Rageboy (Chris Locke of Boulder, Colorado), once prophetically said – that being:  “hyperlinks subvert hierarchy”. (It’s number ‘7′.)


This story should go viral, in the newly arrived tradition of the good ol’ Internet. It can happen, and I’m thinking it shall, for already a number of news crews and anchor journalists on tv have reported on this story, so it’s growing legs as we speak.

The video of Jennifer Jones being hauled out of that City Council meeting has jumped to more than a hundred-twenty thousand downloads, which is likely good enough numbers to trigger viral growth nationally.

Doing The Devil’s Due

So I’ll wrap up. Now Daryl was on the phone again, with a new update. It was Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

“Elias, let me tell you about what they’ve just done!” he said, his voice stern with a strained resolve to be able to actually say it, to actually speak it.

“Go ahead, Daryl”.

“Mr. Alias, they’ve just put the Quartzsite Ten on Administrative Leave! With ‘intent to fire’!”

“What are you saying, Daryl – are you saying that they have just suspended the ten good cops on the force there?”

“Yes! With intent to fire! I’m frightened to death! This town’s Council and Police Chief have gone crazy.”

“I’ll certainly agree with that. This is unbelievable! Tell me what happened please.”

He laid it out for me.

This is the pdf link for the Quartzsite City document which has placed the Quartzsite Ten on “Administrative Leave”. I only count nine names in this document being placed on leave, and one of them is not a police officer, iirc, so I’ll update when I find out why all ten names are not on the document.


You’ll see in reading that document that the Quartzsite Ten are placed on what amounts to house arrest between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and Noon, and between the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. five days per week.  The officers are to be paid while on Administrative leave. The officers are being investigated by assistant town manager Al Johnson. The investigation is stated to focus on “Engaging in any conduct, on or off the job, that might bring discredit to the Town in violation of Quartzsite Personnel Policy Section 1502 (O).”

That’s pretty rich, in my opinion – a town conflicted by alleged corruption within its government is now trying to prove that the ten officers who value their Oath and understand that they are to serve and protect the people of Quartzsite, those ten who are giving the only sign of hope for dignity and justice in Quartzsite’s governance, are to be accused of giving the town a bad name.

A Darker Bloom Unfolding

I will wrap up this first article on Quartzsite’s political power play with some words of another writer. This is the most chilling and telling development yet. This is the connection between the Department of Homeland Security and a local jurisdiction, the nexus at which the force of the domestic war on terror is brought home to the daily lives of a town’s citizens as Federal policy working hand in hand with local corruption to the advantage of a thusly empowered government.

By comparing citizen activism with terrorism, the full force and authority of the Federal bureaucratic behemoth shall be brought down upon this helpless little town as an exercise in governmental assistance to the proper civil authorities, just as we’ve covered in the Oath Keepers series on Jose Guerena’s death by SWAT at Tucson back on May 05, 2011. Here – read it for yourself –


Law Enforcement Receives Quartzsite Alert- AZ Independent

by powerandpolitic on July 23, 2011

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is not commenting on a counter terrorist alert issued for Quartzsite and La Paz County, suggesting that the controversial arrest of a woman at a public meeting in June could result in a future threat.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves said the department does not comment on active alerts. Earlier this week, The Independent obtained a copy of the alert, which advises area law enforcement to be aware of possible domestic terrorist threats in response to the arrest of Jennifer Jones at a Quartzsite City Council meeting. A video of the arrest has been viewed by thousands of Internet browsers.

Graves also said the DPS is conducting an active investigation involving Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, but did not indicate when that investigation might be concluded.

“About a month ago our major crimes bureau was asked to investigate,” he said.

Graves said per state law, ARS 41-17.11 B, the DPS needs to be asked to assist an entity with their investigations, but declined to say who in Quartzsite asked for the assistance.

-end quoted passage-

This story knows no bounds. And, incredibly, this story is only in its beginning phase.There will be more, and now we can see that this story can go all the way up the “chain of command” to the Department of Homeland Security and its profiling pushers of foolishness at the SPLC.

We’ve stumbled across a gem in the southwest desert, and it belongs to the people of Quartzsite. Like any quartz crystal in the rough, it will need to be cut, shaped into a gemstone, and polished. The Quartzsite Ten, Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, and Quartzsite Publisher Jennifer Jones have dug up this Quartzsite Crystal, and the town Council has unplugged the lapidary shop at City Hall, and the Chief of Police with his four remaining footmen who did not join the Quartzsite Ten are now guarding the ‘mine’. It is my hope that the people of America will rally to support the good folks of Quartzsite, Arizona, in their fight to keep the gem of liberty in their own hands.

Garnet Diamond 18k Gold on Quartz Crystal by Elias Alias

Garnet Diamond 18k Gold on Quartz Crystal by Elias Alias


Elias Alias, for Oath Keepers National and Montana Oath Keepers


Important Update for this story, posting on July 30, 2011: I spoke with Mayor Ed Foster on the evening of July 29, 2011, and he advised me that two of the Quartzsite Ten have been fired as of July 29, 2011. They are Officers Linda Conley and Sgt. Ponce. We send our deepest regrets that this has befallen two of the honorable cops who have served Quartzsite. We also note that the Chief’s investigation of the remaining Quartzsite Ten who have been placed on Administrative Leave is being accelerated in a quest to remove as many of them from the Quartzsite Police Department payroll. Mayor Foster suggests that more will be fired in the next few days. - Elias


Second update: Under the sub-title named “Law Enforcement Receives Quartzsite Alert- AZ Independent” by powerandpolitic on July 23, 2011,  I posted some paragraphs which Mayor Foster has just told me are questionable. I would like to correct any misconceptions that the AZ Independent article may have caused, namely, that there now exists a “counter-terrorism alert” for law enforcement at Quartzsite and La Paz County. That claim cannot at present moment be verified, and is probably incorrect.  Please bear that in mind while reflecting on the content of this article over-all. Thank you. More updates as they arrive. – Elias



Here is Jennifer Jones on FOX’s Freedom Watch


Jennifer Jones’ Desert Freedom Presshttp://thedesertfreedompress.blogspot.com/


From July 25 2011


Posted Monday, July 25, 2011 by Desert Freedom Press

OMLET arm of the AG’s Office investigation update

I, Jennifer Jones, had an important phone conversation earlier today. I was informed by Mr. Christopher Munns, of the Attorney General’s Office, Open Meetings Law Enforcement Team (OMLET) that his office was expediting our complaints. Please thank him for that. However, after I discussed the evidence I wanted to email him, he informed me that they did not have authority to rule on the investigation. Basically, the OMLET department is a “toothless tiger” as Mayor Foster likes to say. In other words, their standard operating procedure is to contact the town and attempt to bring the council into compliance with open meetings law. If the town fails to comply, then a court action may proceed. Eventually, the courts will intercede. In the mean time, AG Tom Horne could look into issuing a legal opinion on action taken by the council, but has not indicated any interest in doing so. So you see, both Governor Brewer and Attorney General Horne have avoided any responsibility for Quartzsite’s open ended “state of emergency” and subsequent lawlessness of it’s officials.

I suggest that we may contact:

United States Attorney

District of Arizona

Two Renaissance Square

40 N. Central Ave, suite 1200

Phoenix, AZ 85004


FAX 602-514-7693

You can request a “Citizen Complaint Form”


Very interesting page I found on July 27 2011, video involving Michael Roth and Joe Winslow. Roth is said to be an outspoken and somewhat abrasive Tea Party activist. Whatever else may be said of him, he clearly has a superior sense of justice over Joe Winslow, in my opinion. See for yourself  –



Mayor Ed Foster is interviewed for the news, talks about being elected and disallowed to take his chair until the Council had removed much of the town Mayor’s seat’s powers. Video.



This is the pdf link for the Quartzsite City document which has placed the Quartzsite Ten on “Administrative Leave”. I only count nine names in this document being placed on leave, so I’ll update when I find out why all ten names are not on the document.



Quartzsite Police Department pdf May 10 2011 statement of the Quartzsite Ten



World Net Daily coverage:

July 27, 2011, WND coverage of City’s confiscation of Michael Roth’s guns – on grounds he is an activist.  http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=326601

July 20, 2011: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=324161

July 13, 2011: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=321857

July 10, 2011: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=320829

July 06, 2011: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=319501


The Arizona Republic July 17 2011



Local Miscellaneous Resources –

Jennifer  ‘Jade’ Jones’ website: Desert Freedom Press



Mayor Ed Foster’s website:


And additional reading from March of 2010:



Letter regarding private law firm engaged to investigate police internal reporting of abuse of power against Chief Gilbert. http://www.epageflip.net/title/6362 (Play with your mouse on this one.)


Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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    Elias Alias Says:

    I am keenly interested in the fact that a “counter-terrorism alert” has been issued. Here is proof that the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 can and will be used against Americans. By the time political dissent is labeled “terrorism”, this nation is under a rule of tyranny. The citizens of Quartzsite are Tea Party type folks, grassroots citizens who want to clean up their local government, and for that they now are to be seen by law enforcement as “terrorists” – otherwise there would not be a “counter-terrorism alert”. This thing has become quite insane. Government power brought to bear upon innocent citizens just because they want the Council to open its books, is insanity.

    I predict thia story will grow lets – long legs which will travel far and wide. This truly is the “canary in the mine” situation. We all need to support the citizens of Quartzsite, Jennifer Jones, and Mayor Ed Foster. These people are true American heroes.


  3. 3
    Robin W. Tong Says:


    There are so many facets of this story it boggles the mind. However, there is one particular facet concerning the Quartsite Ten that should be discussed in further detail.

    Although it is a common practice in many communities for there to be clauses in the personnel policies of community police forces guiding honorable conduct and prohibiting personal conduct that would dishonor or discredit the police force or the community, the town council of Quartzsite has interpreted such policies as to ban officers from engaging in Constitutionally protected speech, seeking redress for grievances, or bearing witness against those alleged to have committed civil and criminal offenses. It is important to note that this last, bearing witness against civil and criminal offenses, is their sworn duty as peace officers.

    While being placed on administrative leave, the Quartsite Ten are effectively under house arrest during business hours every day. The Quartzsite Ten are also barred from having legal counsel or qualified attorney present during the adversarial and politically motivated ‘interviews’ seeking to establish grounds to fire them… and are only allowed to access to or consultation with legal counsel via phone IF they are given permission to do so. They also are denied the right to remain silent and are forcibly compelled to take polygraph test and to be witnesses against themselves without due process of law or the means of compelling witnesses on their own behalf or to have the facts reviewed by an unbiased body.

    The Quartzsite Ten are under blanket orders not to discuss the politically motivated investigation against them. Last time I checked, legislators and legislative committees, state regulatory and investigative agencies, the attorney generals office, legal counsel and attorneys, and grand juries and jury foremen do not make house calls. The Quartzsite Ten are being forcibly compelled into silence, without any effective means of seeking redress during the business hours in which businesses and governmental offices normally conduct business.

    Under the terms of their house arrest, the Quartzsite Ten would have approximately 1 hour each day during the customary lunch hour in which many offices close in which they might attempt to travel, avail themselves of legal counsel, and to meet with and provide evidences and testimony to state investigatory bodies and grand juries, and then attempt to make it back to their homes before being in violation of the house arrest they were ordered to comply with.

    Failure to comply with the terms of their house arrest during business hours is deemed to be a dereliction of duty and grounds for immediate disciplinary action or dismissal.

    The town council is claiming that these ten officers are unfit for office and duty because they do not turn a blind eye or openly support the corruption within their department and have instead attempted to bring facts of civil and criminal misconduct to public light.

    These officers are being held to account and being forced to make sacrifices because they dared to do the right thing.

  4. 4
    averageman Says:

    Post the bad cops names and the dirty councilmans names so we can ostracize them

  5. 5
    William Says:

    One of the names is visible in the picture of the mayor.

    Patricia Anderson.

  6. 6
    rev. dave Says:

    Hmmm. I’m thinking, 10 good cops, 4 bad ones and a bad Chief, that’s 2 to 1 odds. Why don’t the good guys just take over, lock up the others pending ‘investigation’, and then round up the council and jam them all into the next cell? Just finding out who’s cashing those bogus checks would probably send half of them to the pen right there and they’d find out how the others were involved too, and I’ll bet a dollar the Chief is one of them cashing the checks. Also, it would bring out the other state / county supporters of the chief because all of a sudden they would get involved in order to protect their hineys too. It also sounds as if they may be connected to the drugs trade, acting out the way they do, so it may be that the DEA should have some interest in this situation.

  7. 7
    Dave Mason Says:

    Remember the City of Bell, Calif? Eight top officials of the city were arrested for stealing enormous amounts of money from the city.
    FOX News needs to hear of this travesty in Quartzite. Once it goes public, the Governor and AG will have to take steps to investigate this.

  8. 8
    x-a-1-6 Says:

    Thats EXACTLY what should not occure. Here is a perfect example where passive resistance will yeild the best results. You gotta fight intellengently in these situations.

  9. 9
    Neil C. Reinhardt Says:



  10. 10
    Brian Compton Says:

    Where is the county SHERIFF in all this…doesn’t he have the ability to step in and order and investigation and be able to REMOVE said officers if they are in fact corrupt. Heck he might even be able to force the city council to open the books and divulge where those “mysterious” checks are going!

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