July 12th, 2011

Quartzsite Police Officers Refuse to Follow Unlawful Orders. Read Their Official Letter


Full disclosure – I will be representing both Jennifer Jones and for Ed Foster, the Mayor of Quartzsite, Arizona, regarding all of the many well documented abuses of their civil rights, and in particular, their First Amendment protected rights of free speech, assembly, as well as their rights to take part in the political process, by the Quartzsite Chief of Police and Town Council.  This is in my individual capacity as a lawyer, not as the President of Oath Keepers.  I want to make that clear.  But I do see this as part of my responsibility to keep my oath, and in particular the oath I swore as a lawyer, to defend the Constitution.   Sometimes the law can indeed be used as a sword of justice, so please wish me luck in helping them hold the town council and the Chief of Police accountable!

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Oath Keepers – You may have heard about the situation in Quartzsite, Arizona.  The town council and the Police Chief there are now in full spin mode in reaction to national media attention being focused on their well documented pattern of silencing political opponents by means of intimidation and false arrest, including at public meetings.  Now they are claiming that there is an “emergency” which requires them to cancel normally scheduled and open public meetings, by claiming that they are in danger – claiming they have received threats.

An easy way to cut through all the spin is to read the written report submitted by ten of the police officers in the Quartzsite Police Department, expressing their vote of no confidence in the Chief of Police, and requesting an independent investigation of misconduct by the Chief.  Their letter lays out many violations of the law and of the rights of the people.  This is from the men and women who work in that department, who feel compelled to step up and speak out, at risk of their jobs.   These officers are a stellar example of what all police should be doing when unconstitutional behavior happens in their departments, and they are keeping their oaths.  Our hats are off to them!  The whole document is worth reading, but the following quotes are particularly valuable in understanding what is going on there:

From page 4 of the document:

We feel It Is our duty to inform the citizens of this community and the rest of the public, that we do not stand behind Chief Gilbert, or condone any of his criminal actions, nor will we jeopardize our own careers by following orders we know are unconstitutional, or by not reporting his criminal behavior. As it is apparent to us that a vote of No Confidence In Chief Gilbert is not enough to ask for his resignation with cause, we feel that notifying your constituents of the kind of man and Officer that is being allowed to run the Quartzsite Police Department is the only avenue left to convince you to start an honest investigation into a serious matter. [emphasis added]

Quote taken from page 7 of the document

Over the last two years the problems have continually got worse. Chief Jeff Gilbert is fixated on the politics in this town. He is personally involved in them and all his time and attention is directed towards political gain to benefit of himself. He is obviously biased towards certain council members and is against and outspoken to other candidates and council members. He runs license plates just to find out names of people whose vehicles are parked at businesses/residences of people he doesn’t like. Not for an investigation, but to gain personal Information about people for his political benefit. He runs criminal history reports through NClC to try to find “dirt” on candidates or citizens supporting the candidates he does not like. Our policy clearly states that we are not to get involved in politics and must remain unbiased at all times. He orders officers to pull over and arrest/cite violations of citizens he feels are against him or he doesn’t like. Not because they have committed a violation that he wants enforced equally, but because it is someone he doesn’t like. Clearly this is a misuse of his power. He will  target officers and go after them if he feels they are going  against him. Candidates, supporters of him or friends can be in the same violation, even have outstanding valid warrants and officers are told to leave them alone. He caused the firing of the town prosecuting attorney because  Chief Jeff Gilbert felt the Town Attorney would not follow through on or file ridicules charges against people involved In a certain political group, he practices selective enforcement in the community against people who do not like him, agree with him, or may go against him. He also directs the officers to do the same. This selective enforcement by Chief Jeff Gilbert can influence decision and can initiate negative actions with highly negative results; this practice can also leave the Qualtzsite Police Department employees and the City of Quartzsite open to accusations and lawsuits and liability. This also gives Law Enforcement, as a whole, a bad Image.

Additionally, Chief Jeff Gilbert has made it clear that he does not have the time to be involved in the daily operations of this  department. His attention is diverted to his involvement in politics. He is not involved with the department and is hardly ever present. He takes no interest to those he commands. It is perceived that Chief Jeff Gilbert is oblivious to the decisions, actions and day to day operations of the department, unless it involves politics or someone involved in politics. [emphasis added]


In closing, we would like to remind you that we are not troublemakers, malcontents or disgruntled employees. We are employees of the Quartzsite Police Department, who have given our hearts and souls to serve the citizens of Quartzsite. Our dedication to the citizens of Quartzsite and the other employees of the Quartzsite Police Department gives us the courage to write this very difficult letter. Our agenda is strictly based in the well-being of the Quartzsite Police Department, and Town of Quartzsite so we may provide the greatest level of service to the much deserving members of this community.

If you cannot see the below PDF Document: please click the following link to view and download the full PDF.

Official Letter PDF

Quarlzsite Police Officers Association Letter regarding Police Chief

We salute these officers for their courageous stand.  They serve as an excellent example of what needs to happen all across this nation, and they serve as an example of the truth that there are good police officers out there.  We Oath Keepers already know that, since we have many great officers within this organization, but the stand by these ten fine Arizona peace officers now serves as a clear example for the whole nation to see.

For those who are not up to speed on this situation in Quartzsite, here is the video that sparked national attention.  In this video, a local activist and alternative media journalist, Jennifer Jones, is arrested at a town council meeting during a Call to the Public (open public comment time) for no apparent reason other than the city council members not liking the content of her speech.  The council members order the Police Chief to arrest Mrs. Jones over the objections of the Mayor, Ed Foster, who stated “the lady has the floor. She’s exercising her First Amendment rights …. You are in violation of my rules of order.”  She was arrested anyway:

Jennifer Jones has, in fact, been arrested three times by the Chief of Police, in similar incidents.  And the Mayor of the town, Ed Foster, has also been arrested twice by the Chief of Police, simply for speaking his mind and expressing his official opposition to the Chief’s actions.  Quartzsite, Arizona is now ground zero in the fight for free speech, the right to peaceably assemble and petition government for a redress of grievances, and the fight against abuse of power and corruption in local government.  Stay tuned!  – Oath Keepers


Both Jennifer Jones and Mayor Foster (a Marine veteran) should be commended for their courage, as should the officers who are standing up against their own Chief of Police.  What is most disturbing is that this is simply a particularly visible example of the kind of corruption that is absolutely pervasive across the country. I have seen it over, and over, all across America, whether it be GOP central committees (and the Dems are the same, but I don’t go to those), city councils, county commissioners, police chiefs, sheriffs, judges, legislators, you name it, it is the same, with few exceptions – the rule of men, rather than the rule of law (the Constitution), and a sense of entitlement to rule that will use any and all dirty tricks against anyone who stands up to them.   What I have seen down at the local level is every bit as corrupt and totalitarian minded as anything that comes out of the US Congress or the White House. Just petty little tin-hat versions.

It’s enough to make a person just throw up their hands and give up. But, the answer is that we need to take our city halls, our county buildings, our local courts, our police departments, and our Sheriff Department BACK and kick out the corrupt career political hacks.  The same goes for your local political party. Take it back. That is where the real battle ground is, right there in your home town and country, rather than Congress.

There are a few notable exceptions to this pattern, such as Sheriff Mark Gower, and Sheriff Palmer of Grant County Oregon (as Sheriff Mack noted in his article on our main site) and we should not forget that. But we also need to see clearly how bad it really is. Nearly every single community suffers from willful, corrupt politicians who care not a whit for the rights of the people or for the Constitution, caring only for their own naked power. They are oath breakers who should be seen as a cancer on the body politic, and rooted out before they kill the host.

The exceptions show us what is possible. The rule shows us what must be corrected.  The politicos have been left alone to run things so long they begin to have the delusion that they are above us, as a superior class of rulers.  It’s time to wake them up with a bucket of cold reality and kick the bums out.

The people of Quartzsite are showing what needs to be done everywhere in the United States.   Remember how the polticians freaked when us commoners called them on the carpet at town hall meetings across the country in 2009? Well, that hasn’t stopped. People are finally waking up to their responsibility to go to those meetings and actually participate, to keep an eye not just on their Congresscritters, but also on their local politicians.  And the politicos don’t like it, hence reactions like we see in Quartzsite.

We need to kick out the career and patronage good ol boy networks that act like petty organized crime families and replace them with average folks who have not intent to stay in there for life. Run, serve a term or two, and get out! Let some other patriotic civic minded citizen take their turn, serve a term or two, and get out. Rinse and repeat.

We are heading for some seriously hard times, and the character, constitutional knowledge, and courage of those in local office will be pivotal in whether we slide into tyranny or see a renaissance of liberty rise up from the ashes of the coming hard times. We will see hard and dangerous times. It is coming. But how we handle it, and whether we come out the other end free, will depend on what we do right now, and that includes most especially who we put into positions of leadership at the town and county level.

Look what one good, principled, knowledgeable, brave Sheriff can do, such as Sheriff Palmer of Grant County Oregon, and imagine what we could do if we had more men like that, or MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, OR YOU YOURSELF, in office.

If we all sweep our own political “porch” clean, the whole nation will be swept clean, from the bottom up.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

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94 Responses to “Quartzsite Police Officers Refuse to Follow Unlawful Orders. Read Their Official Letter”

  1. 1
    Mike Austell Says:

    Salute to these 10 Oath Keepers! That should be representative of EVERY law enforcement officer and police officer and firefighter. We have to redouble our efforts towards that end.

  2. 2
    donald rutledge, sgt Says:

    as an oathkeeper i stand by this outstanding org and all thoses who will uphold their oaths, with respect sgt donald rutledge(oathkeeper)

  3. 3
    Larry Says:

    Give em hell, Stewart!

  4. 4
    Bob Says:

    There are more in Blue that are Oath Keepers in their hearts than most realize. We are just characterized as “dissidents” and “malcontents”.

  5. 5
    Art Phillips Says:

    I salute those officers standing up for what they know is right and supporting our Constitution. Each of these officers understand and possess Honor, Duty, Loyalty and Morality. America needs your kind of service, each of you have my respect!

    Art Phillips
    Constitutional Guard Texas

  6. 6
    Capt Glenn Rowe Says:

    Finally some “Patrick Henry’s” (Give me Liberty of Give Me Death)are coming forward ! ! God Bless this Lady, Mayor and The “Real” Police Officers that have 1. listened to the Oath they took 2. Understood the Oath they took and 3. Have the intestinal fortitude to stand by their Oath ! My heart and Prayers are with these fine folks / AMERICANS ! ! ! ! !

  7. 7
    Linko Says:

    This is how we are going ti beat this Tyranny.They are testing the resolve of the american people all over the country.This is only beta testing.Thank you 10officers for standing up and remembering our sacred oath.We are with you 100% God Bless you all

  8. 8

    I saw this video a few days ago and immediately e-mailed Mayor Foster to thank him for standing up
    for the constitution. Jennifer Jones is also to be saluted for her courage at the meeting and for not backing down. As I stated in my e-mail to Mayor Foster, our liberty is going to depend on the actions of individuals all over the country. The fight is now up to us, that is crystal clear.

  9. 9
    jay dee Says:

    Thank the Good Lord for these brave men, who have taken their stand for what is right. And thanks to Stewart for taking the case for Ms Jones and Mayor Foster !!! This is the type of Patriotic Courage that needs to break out all over the nation :) )

  10. 10
    CM Gilbert Says:

    What is really sad is the citizens there did not rise up and throw the traitors out instead of Ms. Jones. This man is NOT a peace officer and should have his license revoked and his badge taken from him immediately.

  11. 11
    Freedom Warrior Says:

    Columbia, MO July 12, 2011 – In an almost unreported piece of news, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a court decision in Bond vs. United States was clearly against the 10th Amendment. What is of even more importance is the actual decision itself, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, in which Kennedy writes,

    “Bond has standing to challenge the Federal Statute on grounds that the measure interferes with the powers reserved to states.”

    In an opinion piece about the decision that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, David Rivkin and Lee Casey wrote that, “…the court held squarely that individual citizens have every right to challenge federal laws on the ground that they exceed the limited and enumerated powers vested in Congress by the Constitution.” This will be welcomed news for defendants in the myriad of “Obamacare” suits being heard in Florida and elsewhere. With Obamacare provisions set to take affect, many in 2014, at least 30 cases are now in courts across the United States, many are still fighting to figure out if the legislation is even Constitutional.

    Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Ron Paul, Gary Johnson The Freedom, and Constitution Ticket! Freedom most of all from Federal Tyranny!

  12. 12
    Herrmann Glockler Says:

    For this to happen a million times all over the nation, we will need to renew our our faith in God and the intentions of the Founders.

    The original Constitution is as valid and current as it was 235 years ago.

  13. 13


  14. 14


  15. 15
    jerry dudley Says:

    Iam proud of the police officers that spoke up and the others should be locked up for what happen there.

  16. 16
    Fran Says:

    I thank God daily for you, the Oathkeepers. Even though this “little old lady” owns a Smikth & Wesson 38 Speciial, I fear that the day is coming when I depend on you to protect me and my rights. God bless you — each and every one of you!

  17. 17
    Thomas David Berger Says:

    I thank our heavenly father for these strong people who stand strong against this tyranny. I’m a 61 year old disabled Veteran, but I will die defending our Republic.

  18. 18
    Mike Ronayne Says:

    We are following this closely here in Montana and want to Thank all the brave Oathkeepers there..Keep up the good fight…III%

  19. 19
    martin Says:

    oh oh you guys need to look at this site,we just might be being decieved by staged acts to puch us into rebellion.This might be true guys look at what these people are doing.

  20. 20
    Ruth Larkin Says:

    I salute these fine officers – Is there anything I can do to help them ?

  21. 21
    Blades73 Says:

    Is the chief appointed or elected? Simple solution..based upon his gross misconduct and insubordination..fire his ass! If he’s elected..place him on administrative leave or under house arrest pending the outcome of an investigation. Mayor..you are his boss..rein him in hard!! Put a snaffle in and rip it back!! To my Brothers and Sisters in Blue out there..stand tough..hold your ground. More of us are out here than you know. We’re watchin y’all and will have your six.

  22. 22
    Bob Says:

    Shame on “officer” garcia for not thinking for herself. She has in fact illegally arrested a fellow Citizen and therein committed a crime. Hopefully she’ll be charged and or sued. Maybe then she can take a second look at the OATH she took. . . . . . or take a job up at Kinko’s

  23. 23
    Einherjar Says:

    All I have to say is ‘100 heads’.


    Touch one of my brothers or sisters from Quartzsite or their families and I we start counting heads.

  24. 24
    Elias Alias Says:

    @ 20, Ruth Larkin -

    Ruth, Oath Keepers is working to cover this unfolding saga, and we need to increase our membership. The dues our members pay help fund efforts like this, such as our case in New Hampshire last year and at Tucson this past Memorial Day. The officers need to know that America is standing with them, and one very good way to send that message is to join our organization as a dues-paying member.

    Thank you for caring and wanting to help. That’s the spirit, Ruth.

  25. 25
    Randall Covey Says:

    The fact that Jan Brewer and the AZ AG hasn’t/isn’t moving on this has me wondering… another fake? Additionally, this is going on around the “country”. Will be going to the next council meeting, again. Will you?

  26. 26
    Jennifer Jones Says:

    Thank you for standing by these officers. A little over three years ago, I didn’t know any of them, even though I has been in town about 8 years. I know several of them personally now, and I am concerned for their safety, as the actions of the police chief reflect badly upon the department. When a department vehicle passes by, someone inevitably says “Is that one of the good guys, or one of the bad guys?” That question should never have to be asked.

    I know it was a difficult decision for these men and women to risk their careers, and their families in order to do the right thing. It’s something that you would hope that all public servants have the courage to do. Even though they may have made errors in judgment under Gilbert’s rule, they are only human and what is most important is that they stood together and did the right thing. It is inexcusable that they council refused to stand up for them and side with Gilbert. But Gilbert is how the council has managed to maintain their tenuous grasp on power. Council and senior staff have a symbiotic relationship.

  27. 27
    Elias Alias Says:

    Thank you, Jennifer, for posting here. While we appreciate the ten good officers greatly, we also appreciate what you did at that town meeting – the way you handled yourself was quite fine and dignified. Your courage matches that of the officers, and speaking out the way you tried to do before being removed from the meeting was the catalyst which sparked national attention. Oath Keepers salutes you for being a true American patriot and an excellent activist. I’m sure many viewers who see the video of your arrest will feel inspired to take more personal responsibility in their communities also. Our sincere thanks to you and the other brave souls there who are standing with you and Mayor Foster.


  28. 28
    Ed Stephens Says:

    Let’s go find Sheriff Andy of Mayberry RFD. That’ll do the trick.

  29. 29
    Kathryn Weishar Says:

    I, as a fairly new member of Oath Keepers, know that with Stewart Rhodes as counsel, they will prevail. The way the justice system has been so abused lately against the definition in the Constitution, jurors will be more alert to do what is right and just. It was with Patriotism that those words were written and Mr. Rhodes is a keeper of the oath that sets us apart from those who do not honor it as do we. I fear a guilty verdict would result in a battle for all Oath Keepers to fight the decision. I think the prosecution is aware of what the repercussions would be. The justice system is running on trepidation right now after so many quarrelsome outcomes. Mr. Rhodes will not let his clients down and the Oath Keeper in him will free them.

  30. 30

    May the HOLY SPIRIT be with you Stewart.
    You are a real patriot!

    “Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God? Thomas Jefferson

    “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson

    The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

  31. 31
    randall hyden Says:

    Thanks for publishing this story and letter. I saw it on youtube for the first time yesterday. There is not a small town in central Texas that is not infested with ” officers” like the Quartzite chief. It sickens the decent people in these communities. May more cameras make more video that will go viral. God help us from the criminals, who pose more danger to the citizens than so called criminals. Law enforcement has become one of the biggest shake downs in American history.

  32. 32
    Craig Says:

    My hat’s off to all the courageous people involved in this Quartzsite issue, as well as all the other people involved in similar cases throughout this country, who have stood up to the tyranny that has become the norm in this nation. I stand with you and encourage all Americans to do whatever they can to put an end to the greed, corruption, and systematic destruction of our Constitution, Liberty and Freedom before it is too late.

  33. 33
    Ken Kirkham Says:

    The time when “bad is good and good is bad” has arrived. These brave officers are showing the level of courage required to move a step closer to restoring law. I want to add another officer to the list of “good guys”, Sheriff Frank Rogers in Okanogan County, Washington State. Here the law enforcement community is far better than most.

    After the death by SWAT of the Marine in Arizona it would be easy to think that law enforcement may have lost its way but these officers standing up for the law at their own peril gives me hope that we can take back our country.

  34. 34
    Bill Says:

    A breath of fresh air to see these Officers standing up to the corruption that has so infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives!! I hope to make this hearing as we are only about 30 miles away from there!! Thank You Stewart, you are a True Patriot and Gentleman!!!

  35. 35
    Debra Says:

    I am from Arizona, the police corruption has been around here for a very long time. In many cases they are gang members in uniform. That doesn’t pertain to the honest policemen who really are here to serve and protect. However since the 80s I can recall many situations where there have been situations of people have been shot in their yards, or vehicles, while drug dealers go free time after time, with the same officer in charge or involved of the case. Chances are officer Gilbert has some of these buggers in his own nose, which seem pretty obvious. I do pray for justice to reign, and for you Stewart to expose this corruptions from the root. May God place a hedge of protection around you and provide for you the wisdom and knowledge you need to bring justice to this small town.
    It is time to root out all corruption, we ourselves need to stop the corruption within self before it will cease in the political realm.
    To continuously keep voting for these corrupt politicians is terrible, yet most of the time we end up voting for the least of the two evils. I am sick of the choices we have and have made. We could use some honest politian’s who love this country more than their own agenda, or money.
    It is this persons opinion civil duty is civil duty, no politian deserves better pay or medical, or benefits than our service men and women. Nor should they be permitted to vote themselves a pay raise. It also should be required that all political personal to have served in the United States military, among the other requirements.

  36. 36
    JosephSHaas at hotmaildotcom Says:

    Thanks for this great 4-minute video. What I see is a multi-headed hydra. Who is the spokesman for the hydra? The Mayor is Chairman and spokesman. For the man on the board to the side to talk to the others on the board without going through the Mayor for a vote placed all of them out-of-order, of the COPs taking their directives from a majority in such a way is proof of these people living in a Democracy or mobocracy rather than an Article IV, Sec. 4 U.S. Constitutional Republic with the flag there for what reason? To wipe up any spilt blood? Remember what Thomas Jefferson wrote about The Tree of Liberty, and Samuel Adams of for us to set brushfires. The orderly way of griping from the board of that the rules were voted on correctly would be to show proof. This same type of crap occurs here in New Hampshire. When a citizen challenges the board members as illegal as not having subscribed their oaths by RSA Ch. 42:1 but merely waiving their hands in the air as recorded into some record book of a verbal oath at March Town Meeting, and then files for such in a court case by way of some Motion for Discovery, the judge does violate his or her oath too by saying that the end justifies the means, that because they did not have then (past tense), but do so now, relieves them of the responsibility of having to get back to square one to do it right from the start. This is a violation of Procedural Due Process of Law, meaning the Rule of Law and that ought to get that judge impeached. Her name: Judge Kathleen McGuire of Hopkinton, N.H., Retired and collecting 75% of her $150,000 per year salary by Article 36 but with no annual inspections by the State Rep. during the budget process. cc: of this to my new State rep. to please impeach her and get my case back on track. JosephSHaas at hotmail dot com

  37. 37
    David Gilpin Says:

    If you will pay attention to the video, most of the people at that meeting were older citizens, wherein lies the problem. Older citizens have been brainwashed by the government, to believe the government can be trusted, and believe it their civic duty to be obedient. If younger citizens would become interested in local politics, especially in towns like quartzite, there would be greater chance of someone standing up for people like Ms. Jones. There is a rattling of political activist sabers within the national arena, but no one seems to really be interested in local politics. This is a shame. We need to get busy in every county of this nation and start putting pressure on our Sheriffs to do their jobs, and start enforcing the Constitution.

  38. 38
    skipfoss Says:

    This meeting is a small example of what is going on in Washington ,our so called president is holding our country hostage by his DOJ and his czars. He is using our money to set up himself as a dictator,he has been told that he can decide himself can decide to raise the debt ceiling by his DOJ ,Pelosi Reid and HO Chi Kerry he can do it by excutive order,if he does this we don’t need a congress or senate. It is time that “We the people ” take back our city,county,state and Federal governments back,get these slime out,disband these czars and the muslim communist that back this would be dictator it is time to do this by what ever means it takes.And I do mean by what ever means. As a vet that that fought and nearly lost both legs I will fight again to ffullfill my oath to my nation

  39. 39
    Geoffrey Says:

    This letter does not excuse the prior behavior of these officers. Their hive mentality has caused them to overlook this problem until now. Unless granted immunity, they are in hot water.

  40. 40
    Elias Alias Says:

    Uhm, Geoffrey @39;

    What exactly do you know about these ten officers and their past performance? Remember that there are two other officers on the force in Quartzsite who did not sign this letter of complaint. Maybe the Chief of Police relied more heavily on those two? Who knows, at this point, eh? My point is that you’re making assumptions now which cause me to wonder if you know something, or if you’re just speaking in generalities. If the latter, I’d hope no one judges anyone until the case reveals all information. If the former, please be specific.

    Oath Keepers supports any officer who recognizes corruption within the ranks and comes forward to dispel it. Recall the apostle Paul’s epiphany on the road, in which a brutal enforcer of the Roman law had a change of heart and chose to do the right thing. Would you deny any human being that same opportunity?

    Would you judge a man who came to his senses, for what he was doing senselessly before?

    I am very proud of these ten officers, and I think we should embrace them with acceptance and gratitude, and encourage all other peace officers everywhere to look up to the example these ten have demonstrated. Their letter is a landmark victory for Liberty in this nation and a sign that the people of Quartzsite are deserving of justice.


  41. 41
    Les Patterson Says:

    this is a very good example of qwhat is going on in all of Gov. It is the responsibility of every citizen to get involved and make sure all of those elected to serve are honest and stand up for the constitution. As a winter time resident and property owner in Quartzsite I say thank you to the 10 officers that are standing u p for the true. The true will set you free.

  42. 42
    Spirit of '76 Says:

    Hoorah! Bully for the Americans!

  43. 43
    Spirit of '76 Says:

    Meaning of course, that the “chief” and the “council” are hardly American and seem to be more Bolshevik than anything else.

  44. 44
    Eddie Gilbert Says:

    Kudos to my Brother and Sister Peace Officers in the Quartzsite Police Department for taking a stand against this corruption and infringement of the rights of the citizens of Quartzsite.

    Kudos to my Marine Brother, Mayor Foster, for his stand against the same. Semper Fi, Brother!

    And finally, kudos to my fellow Citizen, Jennifer Jones. Ma’am, you have my deepest admiration and respect. I salute you for your courage and commitment to the common good of “we the People”.

    Eddie Gilbert
    Detective, Cleveland Police
    Staff Sergeant, USMC (1970-1978)

  45. 45
    John Hurst Says:

    What I witnessed in the video is our worse fears. Not only does it appear the top is corrupt, but the rank and file will “follow orders” to the gates of hell and lock’em behind them. BRAVO to Oathkeepers for bringing the 10 order we will not obey, I served in two branches (Navy and Army) and I honestly say I fear the police and most of our military (for the most part). As I believe most will “follow orders” first and support any ass clown who tells them what to do. I also believe “Eventually” they may question what is going on (in ones and pairs) but we need ALL of them to understand what they should and shouldn’t do. Most kids/people have been dumbed down to the point they can’t make a decision on their own NOR do they know enough history to recognize trouble when it starts. “I was just following orders” didn’t work at Nuremberg and it won’t wash here either. That is the knowledge they need to understand along with their responsibility of oath to protect and defend rather than the mindless obey and support.

  46. 46
    Michele Ducharme Says:

    Please note that being a paralegal, I know for a fact that the Mayor has the right to get all ten of the complaining officers together, and go and arrest Chief Gilbert. First, simple step in the process. I have sent an email to oathkeepers offering my help in this matter, as I went to law school, in order to better understand my rights as a citizen. Also, having taken many political science courses, and being a regulations analyst for over ten years now, I think I speak with confidence of this advise. Then the Mayor and Ms. Jones needs to start getting a petition going for a recall of all the city council members that have let this “hired” officer run “rough-shod” over this town.

  47. 47
    Stan Salazar Says:

    US Navy Vet here..read report and saw the raw video of this courrupt,illegal, and cowardly show of
    force. It’s hitting the walls everywhere,my friends..our worst traitors are “home-bred” and have no
    human feelings for anyone but themselves, and their kind..Judge Napolitano’s eye-opening book,”CONSTITUTIONAL CHAOS”, really reveals the sad state of law breaking by our own (supposedly) chosen leaders..no decent people and government can survive this envitable end ,of the most noble experiment our founding fathers envisioned ,and the great minds of this world wrote about in their philosophy(s)..may Almighty God lead His Warriors of Truth and Justice, because the other side sure as hell forgot that the sword is a “two-edged” weapon,and “evil” runs to hide when good people had enough “injustice” for themselves,and their neighbors. God Bless !!!

  48. 48
    Pam W Says:

    Wishing for the best, sir. With you all the way.

  49. 49
    Ernie S. Says:

    After seeing the video of the meeting it would appear to me that Ms. Jones rights were being violated. This opinion is taken, however without knowing anything about her attitude or behavior prior to the beginning of the video.

    As a citizen of Arizona, which is in the process of trying to get out of a mess made by politicians caving in to municipal unions, I would place more credence in the police officers letter if they had signed as individuals rather than as members of the union. I have seen the lengths some of the municipal workers unions have gone to to gain and hang on to political power.

  50. 50
    VAPA Says:

    Outstanding, these ten police officers, Mayor, and courageous citizen! Fantastic case to get behind Stewart, thank you. We need more examples of this courage because, as you have said, tough times are coming and they are coming because we citizens have been asleep at the accountability wheel. Is there a way we can donate to this great cause?

  51. 51
    VAPA Says:

    Ernie S, is there a law in Arizona making a “bad attitude” an arrestable offense? Are there any other thought crimes on the books (since an attitude is certainly a mental state)?

  52. 52
    Jeff Maehr Says:

    This is people power… the true rulers of this country. We, THE PEOPLE, need to wake up, take back our power and authority and hold all these political hacks and corrupt, treasonous, domestic terrorists accountable. They have marked themselves… and this is just the beginning of their demise… may they wake up, too, and not receive their just punishment…

  53. 53
    Don Says:

    Kudos to these brave officers. Having stood up to a similar type of Police Chief in my time when I was on the force, I can say this is not easy. Many will run and hide but these guys are really brave and a credit to the badge.

  54. 54
    michael Says:

    These days many of us feel more threatened by law enforcement (what happened to peace officers?) than the hyped threat of terrorism or common criminality. It is wonderful to hear of some decent cops doing the right thing. If only more would help weed out the arrogant and abusive bullies and criminals within their ranks.

  55. 55
    Carin Wiley Says:

    I was shocked to see a police state here in AZ. These corrupt officals need to get kicked out. I felt the lady talking had all the right in the USA to express he freedom of speach. I take my hat off to her and the Mayer.

  56. 56
    Paul Stramer Says:

    Congratulations Stewart.
    You are the right man for the job in Quartzite.
    Many people from here go there in the Winter also. I get reports that over 1 million people show up
    during that time of year.

    I hope you shove the Constitution down the throats of those stupid cops and council members
    so hard that they bounce.


  57. 57
    Jerrye Says:

    What’s happening in Quartzsite is happening all over this land. You good patriots are a shining star leading the way for a light to wake up the sleeping sheep who are beginning to get a whiff of the wolves visualizing them for lunch.We,as good citizens have patiently watched everything we held sacred in this land being snuffed out systematically and sadistically as we’ve been pushed and shoved by bullies wearing titles and badges stained with corruption.The concept of “leaders” has become a mockery and a bitter hatred has been installed worldwide at the word “Americans”.We’ve watched as shivering sheep,bewildered and confused as our land has been invaded,not by terrorists from abroad, but rather,terrorists from within political corrupt and depraved dynasties and the cronies and corporate whores who bought them.We have become enslaved to the lies and propoganda spun like a tighly woven noose by the “media” who are nothing more than an extension of the criminals holding American citizenry hostage.
    It’s never real until it strikes each individual at the heart of personal freedom,simple rights to all living creatures,to live without fear of retaliation by bullies and a dwelling secure in privacy and peace and basic food,water,air that is not sold at a price none can pay.We,are the second tenants of this great,vast,country next to the native american tribes who had all their rights stolen in similar fashion.We are a generation of privilege and technology which should have been used for the common good of all mankind,but we’ve had our patent to this great American dream stolen and our bountiful resoures used for war,destruction,death and our own demise.I weep as I write these words that in fact,the chickens have come home to roost.

    The collective answered prayers of a nation of just people are being answered in Quartzsite, Arizona. Thank God for Jennifer Jones, a woman of courage,and the lawfully elected Mayor Foster,and Stewart Rhodes,and Mr.Ross, and the handful of decent human beings who are making the stand,drawn the line in the sand,and are heroes to all America.

  58. 58
    Michael Edward Says:

    I just want to share with everyone there is a tool created that enables and empowers the American People, which is nothing short of Grassroots on Steroids; Statewide Communications. You will find it at the web site http://www.AmericansWithPitchforks.com and it is FREE. Yours in Freedom, ME

  59. 59
    Gary Says:

    Why don’t you put him into a quick constructive trust situation and be done with him?

  60. 60
    Henry Says:

    Good article! And good to read that there are good people willing to stand up to these corrupt career politicians. I agree with the notion that good civic-minded people should serve a term or two and then get out to let someone else serve a term or two. “Rinse and repeat”. I disagree with just kicking the corrupt politicians out. That is insufficient. Those who chose to take up such an office have a grave responsibility to their constituents. When that responsibility is abused for personal gain and power, to the detriment of the people, the most severe redress must be sought. Such corrupt politicians must be publicly [EA edit: "brought to justice"] as a great deterrent to all other public officials with thoughts of using their official positions for anything other than the true and honest service of the people. Treason and corruption should have this mandatory death sentence.

  61. 61
    David Jewel Says:

    God Bless all of you who are standing up for what this country was founded on. A clear message needs to be sent to those in power that they still answer to We The People. Having spent time as a contractor in Washington DC Im all to aware of the entrenched beaucracy that exists but worse the entrenched mentality that those in power know whats best for us. Small town corruption is nothing new in this country however the corruption has spread all the way to Washington DC into Congress and the Executive Branch itself. Those on the left consistantly dream of ways to circumvent the will of the people to shove their socialist/communist agenda down our throats through the corruption of the 3rd branch of the judiciary. As a wise man once said “It only takes a good man doing nothing for evil to take root” and it is true. Evil is taking root, our freedoms upon which our great country were founded are slowly disappearing. One only need look at raids that took place on April 15th under the guise of illegal gambling when people who were simply playing friendly online poker games had their funds stolen by the US Government under the guise of civil forfeiture. No matter your opinion on ‘gambling’ from a moral standpoint what the government did in this case was inexcusable. (and it started with middle of the night politics back in 2006 by the Republicans attaching a rider to a homeland security bill). Its only gotten worse as the government has continued to pass laws to “protect us from ourselves”. Im a small investor who trusts my own judgement to decide where nad how I wish to invest but yet the laws that have been changed have only limited my own options instead of holding accountable the fat cats in NY and what not. As of 2 days ago Americans can no longer trade in Gold and Silver via margin trading (you can still buy coins and what not on a 1:1 ratio) additionally those of us who trade in the currency markets had our buying power significantly cut down to a limit of 50:1 but worse we as individual traders can no longer hedge trades (IE have a trade open in both directions at the same time on a single commodity/currency pair) but yet you can sure bet the big boys on Wall Street can. If I wish to open a sell I have to close my open and take a loss on the trade instead of taking a temporary position in the opposite direction to possibly hedge against my current paper loss or pick up some small gain. (This to me reeks of nannystatism and a big way to keep us from investing as wed like because they would much prefer we just trust our money to their idiotic scams and mutual funds instead of those o fus witht he time and energy to research our own trades). I mean I find it funny they worry bout saving us from ourselves but Ive never asked for a govt bailout if I lose money on my trades if I do its my loss my responsibility but I guess the Government only believes in protecting us from our selves and in doing so we’re giving up our precious freedoms we hold so dear..

  62. 62
    BearWithMeHere Says:

    Bear with me here, but this is what we need to be doing across America.

    The liberal tyrants are on the run and make no mistake they ARE liberals, when they mouth the words “I’m a conservative constitutionalist” and VOTE for larger government as Rick Perry does….that is the ONLY definition for them. Liberal tyrants!

    We need to beware of these evil people and get them out of here, out of the GOP committees as well. Send them packing and if they want to join the democrats I’m sure those tyrants would welcome them back! The fact is, WE HAVE BEEN getting NOTHING but LARGER government for more than twenty years, all in totalitarian preparation for the Globalist New World Order!!!

    They are a bunch of nuts, unconstitutional jackboot THUGS and rather than liking the 2nd amendment they LOATHE the amendment and the founders….because they are willfully being traitors. They are for big government, they are liberally increasing the size of government & they must be stopped.

    As my witness, these slime ball weaklings will be kicked back to the communist side of the fence for spying on virtually everyone’s house….and the Democratic Party, of which I do think there is never any reform possible, will be stopped. A salute to the people of Quartzite.

  63. 63
    Elias Alias Says:

    Got a call from Quartzsite on Wednesday afternoon, July 20, 2011. The City Council has suspended the ten officers who have stood up against the corruption. They have been placed on “administrative leave with intent to fire”.

    Apparently the City Council of Quartzsite and the Chief of Police are bull-headedly going to pull evry trick they think they can get away with in order to retain their grip over the citizens of Quartzsite. I am amazed that the Council would do this – but then again, I’ve been amazed all along as new developments erupt at Quartzsite. Still, this is a major move by corruption.

    A number of the citizens of Quartzsite are now frightened and disoriented.

    I hope America will rally in support of the Quartzsite Ten. Oath Keepers is now looking into our options for ways to offer support.


  64. 64
    Norbert Tanguay Says:

    Too bad the good people of Quartzsite, AZ do not know the power they have over their government. The most powerful tool that any freedom loving citizen can have to negate tyranny. It’s called Jury Nullification. Read and understand the power at http://secondamendmentwarrior.webs.com
    Or don’t and let tyranny control your lives. Sheeples don’t have to read and study it also. They won’t know or understand the difference until they are let to slaughter.

  65. 65
    Norbert Tanguay Says:

    …led to slaughter. Every time an unlawful arrest is made or a law is misapplied, it only takes one member of the jury to vote “Not Guilty”. Simple isn’t it.

  66. 66
    Elias Alias Says:

    Yes, Norbert, jury power is people power. Oath Keepers strongly supports the Fully Informed Jury Association/ American Jury Institute.


    Stewart Rhodes and Don Doig (co-founder of FIJA) have done a wonderful article on the jury power -


    Also, you may enjoy sharing this link -


    Thank you for bringing up the topic of jury nullification. Keep spreading the word. ;)


  67. 67
    X-A 1-6 Says:

    Stewart, I read your “additional comments from stewart” above.

    I’de like to address one statement you made about ordinary people running for certain political office, staying for a couple of terms, and then getting out.

    The fact is, it appears that no ordinary honest person can run for and get elected into any political office( or most office’s-at least) due to the solid wall of money that is behind most of the usual well entrenched encumbants. All my life i have observed the same well connected Get elected, then reelected, or, some other type of the same cut get elected, and subsequently, nothing ever changes. We continually observe the politically connected, once elected, being corrupted by the money thrown at them by the special interrest lobbies. It’s always money! Money-money-money!
    These guys holding office always appear to have millions at their disposal to spend to get elected, or reelected. It’s the same every cycle. ASnd when they get in, nothing changes. They pander just enough to fool the voters into getting reelected, but, nothing ever really changes. Do you disagree with that observation?

    My oppinion would be, there is probably no way ordinary people, who are genuinely concerned for their fellow citizens to get elected into most office’s where differenc’es can be really obtained.
    And furthermore, if you get one or two genuinely honest people elected into some body of government that is filled otherwise with self interrested, essentially corrupted individual’s, what true effectiveness can the honest person who DOES manage to get into this body , ever hope to achieve anything of honest substance when they usually stand alone, in their honest position of interrest of serving their people? An honest poor individual cannot even hope to get into any office where real difference can be obtained. Im sure there may be a few local exceptions, but where it REALLY counts, no, a poor honest guy or gal cannot hope to get in. It just seems to me that our system of government has goten to the point where the only result is that promotes coruption. Thats our national by-product.

    And for this basic reason, i have lost ALL hope for ever seeing the changes this country requires to advoid the situation that i beleive will bring it all crumbleing down.

    There ARE honest interrested parties that could serve in Congress. But just try to put them in those office’s. For every dollar they can use to get elected, the dishonest and corupted officer holders can counter with ten thousand.

    What we now have in the office’s where the real power is, where genuine change could be made in the best interrest of the country, we have the best currupted office holders money can buy.
    And THIS is what we’re stuck with and no type of peacefull civil activity can ever change this.

    THEY-CAN’T-HEAR-US-STEWART! THEIR-NOT-INTERRESTED-IN-US! We are on the bottom of their list of priorities. They do not hear our cries. They are not responding to us Stewart. There is only ONE thing that is left, that they WILL respond to,,,,,,,,,statac overpressure.

  68. 68
    344thBrother Says:

    I am an oath keeper and proud to be one. That makes me a terrorist obviously.
    When we’re done rounding up these petty crooks, we can start in on the real terrorists.
    Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Bushes, the Chiefs of Staff, the murderers after the fact who cover up the truth about these injust wars and the “Terrorist attacks” of 911, 7/7, OKC and all the rest.

    We will see to it that they are arrested, interrogated and incarcerated, awaiting final trial and punishment to include death by firing squad.

    We will never stop. We will never forgetl. We will never surrender. We will prevail.

    Sleep well all you bastards.

    Keep up the good work Jennifer.

    peace on earth through Truth, Justice and Freedom

  69. 69
    344thBrother Says:

    And thank you Stewart Rhodes!

  70. 70
    JayCee Says:

    Looks like it is time for a recall and a new runoff for C.O.P., Chief of Police, I will be there this winter, and I will throw my hat in!

  71. 71
    Chavo Says:

    Hey 344th – Being an oathkeeper doesn’t make you a terrorist, but issuing threats to arrest, imprison, kangaroo some people and then kill them without any authority whatsoever DOES make you a terrorist. You can take that WE business and stick it in your ear, and I’d be hoping Jennifer,Stewart, and Alias would tell you he same thing.

  72. 72
    Lee Says:

    Chavo, I think he might of accidentally left out “fair trial”.

  73. 73
    Elias Alias Says:

    Hooah, 344th! Love your righteous attitude, which is admirable and is necessary for the resistance of tyranny. But I also like Chavo’s cautionary admonition, that we do not want to sink to the same depraved level of the various Federal authorities who are selling this country down the river into totalitarian despotism. As Lee pointed out in a timely fashion, I recommend public trials ranging from mass murder to outright treason against the American people and our Constitutional self-governance.

    So for the record, Oath Keepers does not condone any unlawful punishment for the deranged and pathological criminals who are destroying this country. To be lawful, we advocate action through proper legal and lawful channels as laid down in our Constitution. I personally want public trials, including, for several recent Presidents, trials on charges of treason. And I’m sure that we all know what the maximum penalty for treason is, correct?

    As the criminality has seeped downward and outward from atop the twin pyramids of governmental and economic power structures, the corruption and the environment in which corruption thrives has spread even into the smallest towns and hamlets across this vast land. Oath Keepers advocates a return to the rule of Constitutional law, as written, which is the highest uncontested law of the land. Therein lies our solution to this insane corruption, political greed, massive abuse of the people’s trust, and police-state tyranny.

    So, 344th, always remember to do as Lee has noted – remember to give the bastards fair trials, yes? One thing is awesome and true – when the people finally have taken all they will take, and they begin to awaken to this methodical tyranny and all of its inherent evils and the torment of a big government which would regulate and control their lives in the smallest details, I pray they will turn to peaceful and proper pathways in seeking the justice to which they are long overdue. And the same goes for this small town’s City Council and its Chief of Police. Let each soul receive justice according to crimes committed, violations perpetrated, and offenses done against the people and against the trust of the public. Let justice prevail, let freedom ring once again for the good folks of Quartzsite, Arizona, and indeed for every town, city, County, and State in America. If the town of Quartzsite is foolish enough to let Jennifer Jones’ lawsuit go to court, I feel confident that Jennifer Jones and Mayor Foster will walk out the other side of courtroom action with broad smiles on their faces, and the town of Quartzsite will breathe much easier.

    So now, my Brother in the 344th, Godspeed to you on all missions. Thank you for being not only willing to serve this country in uniform, but also for being a true patriot. Hooah! Gung Ho!


  74. 74
    X-A-1-6 Says:

    -Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    Elias, as you know, the above is an extraction from the Preamble. With respect to the conversation, to which you have interviened, What i would like to ask you, is, although the above is known as the Premble, it’s not an amendment, yet, the founding fathers DID state the above words, presumibly directed toward future generations of Americans, does the right, the duty to throw off destructive government, lie exclusivly within these specific words? Should push ever come to shove ever become the absolute only solution, As how you charictetized toward the 344th, Is the absolute authority to do do so derive it’s right, and duty only to these words, or is there further specific authority granted elsewhere in the constitution? Or, it this exclusivly where the authority lies toward that endeavor?

    Now understand Elias, im not lookin to find the legal rational to go out today, immediatly, and get up a bus load of people to go start something. Im just trying to figure out if this particular statement in the Preamble is the exclusive wording granting the authority to throw down destructive govermental practice’s. It clearly states the obvious, in my oppinion however, im just lacking in understanding as to whether or not there is further defined statements elsewhere, within the constitution granting this authority.

  75. 75
    X-A-1-6 Says:

    I’de like to add this also Elias. And im going to also direct this toward the 344th fir his consideration. And i really think this is important.

    None of us ordinary lay people, should ever, act upon the specific defination that “when ever government becomes destructive to life, liberty and happyness etc etc, we should not ever presume to possess the authority to pursue the conduct necessary to abolish said destructive government, on any of our own presumed authority, under normal circumstances.

    What i think, is, only people like Stewart, (attorneys) with the legal trainning and understanding of the legal principals involved, and in league with other attorneys. they are the only one’s who should make the decision as to when it’s time to act in a manner necessary to eliminate destructive government. And those decisions should only be made on sound legal principals and not ordinary emotions. So, guys like stewart have to step up when the time is right, and do their lawer thing. Otherwise, i suspect it would just be a sort of mob action. There has to be a legally recignized mandate. Personal lay emotions have to be kept out of the decision making process, exactly as it occured 225 approximate years ago .

    So, 344th, all due respect, you just cant go out into the field, on your own emotional initiative and do, the do.

  76. 76
    Elias Alias Says:

    X-A 1-6,

    There was mention of a long train of abuses, iirc. That is one thing.

    But the other, and more important thing, is the meaning contained and carried within one term the Founders used.


    Everything you will want to know about how to track the source of your sovereign authority in the writings and documents of the Founders is hidden in that one word, imo. How can I say that?

    Think about it. The Founders made sure that our unalienable rights were acknowledged in all they wrote down for this nation’s General government. They believed that those unalienable rights came from a higher authority, and that no government can rightfully take those rights from the individual. When one meditates upon that, one begins to see the reasoning of the Founders’ day, and of the current Patriot movement. Amigo, the people own the government, despite the antics of today’s government, which has stood things on their head for nearly a century. Today’s General government (Federal government) claims to have a higher authority than the States which created it. That is flat-out wrong, as the writings of Jefferson and Madison show.

    When the General government seeks to usurp an individual’s unalienable rights in any of the several sovereign nation-State Republics in compact, that General government has no proper authority or legitimacy. In the Tenth Amendment it says “…or to the people” – not “…and to the people.” That is worded that way for a very delightful reason – the Constitution itself recognizes the people as the ultimate source of authority over man-made government. In other words, where it talks about those powers not granted to the General government, it reminds all that some powers were reserved to the States *or* to the people. The chain of authority goes from the Individual, upward through his particular State (each State being its own sovereign nation-State Republic, which also the Constitution guarantees) and from his nation-State upward to the General government. The people are to control their respective nation-State Republics, and the nation-State Republics are to control the General (Federal) government. As Justice Scalia noted in the majority opinion in the Mack/Printz v USA Supreme Court ruling, 1997, “it is incontestable that the Constitution created a system of dual sovereignty”. The States have sovereignty which was not relinquished to the General government created by the Constitution. The people own their States. The Individual is the component element on which all authority and legitimacy rests ultimately. It’s our “unalienable” right to use representative governance for the purpose of governing ourselves. Anyone who would take away your individual sovereignty as a human being, as a soul enmeshed in flesh and blood who came into this world from a source which no government or corporation can duplicate or even approximate, is a tyrant by definition and any free sovereign soul is perfectly entitled to resist any encroachments upon his unalienable rights by altering or abolishing said government and instituting a government which will serve his needs best. This knowledge is exactly why the FBI and other Justice Department and State Department offices are hell-bent on demonizing the word “sovereign” or “sovereignty”. Fedgov’s house of cards tumbles down instantly each time another American, another citizen of one of the several States in compact, realizes this.

    The fact that Constitutionalists know this is why idiots such as those who run the SPLC have a big problem with the “Patriot” movement. The Patriot movement is the Constitutionalist movement, and as both are one and the same thing, any Patriot of Constitutionalist is targeted by SPLC and the General government as being “anti-government”. The reason Patriots are called ‘anti-government’ is because the present current General government is operating wildly outside its lawful grants of power, and the only ones who know how far outside its lawful bounds it is operating seem to be Constitutionalist or Patriot citizens, and they therefore could wreck the illusion the Federal government has created over the past hundred years – the illusion that the Federal government somehow has attained powers never granted and that the Federal government “owns” the States. That is what the big-government Federal statists want us all to accept and believe, that the Federal authority is the final authority. But that is simply not true for anyone who studies the Constitution and the history from which it derived.

    I will punctuate the foregoing with a quote from John C. Calhoun from 1831 in his Fort Hill Address:

    “The error is in the assumption that the General government was party to the compact.”

    That says it all. Notice that no one signed the Constitution on behalf of the General government (the Federal government – our Founders used the word “general” often in reference to the Federal government). The Federal (General) government sent no one to sign the compact, because until the States created it, there was no Federal government. The several sovereign nation-State Republics came together in compact between themselves, and their “original intent” should be our guiding principle when interpreting and understanding the written document which came out of that compact, the Constitution for the united States of America.

    Sorry to labor too much on this. I’ll cut to the chase. We have every right to alter or abolish any man-made government by virtue of our being born with unalienable rights. The beauty in that knowledge is that the Constitution itself provides the remedy for any infraction or distortion of the compact. We don’t need no steenkin’ papers, Bro. We are born free. We created the damned government to do some things for us, not to own us or lord it over our respective States. Now all we need do is remind our dearly beloved Federal behemoth that we’re not going to take its totalitarian military-police state, that we are not servants to Federal whim, and neither are our respective sovereign nation-State Republics. Consciousness works, Bro. The more Americans who can quickly wake up to this previously suppressed truth, the more likely we’ll be able to save our country and lead her peacefully back to the good ol’ days before the banksters stole her from us on the sly.(Federal Reserve)

    Hope I’ve answered your question. Sorry I’m a bit hurried and can’t write more on this for you.


  77. 77
    Scholarlee Says:

    “The States have sovereignty which was not relinquished to the General government created by the Constitution.”

    And therein lies your problem. With sovereignty comes responsibilities, and by far the greater portion of Federal intervention and assumption of power has been due to the abject failure of the states to assume the duty to protect the rights of their citizens, either through inability, unwillingness, neglect, or even legislated denial. These situations still arise everyday, and the states still come begging to the Federal government to save their asses. If you want to cut the legs out from under the central government, or “drown it in a bathtub”, you better be damn sure the states are ready to step up to prevent the collapse of the whole shebang. Right now, they’re not.
    The shortest road to ruin for this country would be to turn things over to the states.

    Think … why was the Constitution created in the first place? Because the central government under the Articles of Confederation was too weak. The individual states could not, and would not, cooperate. The strong central government shaped by the Constitution is the basis of all that this nation has achieved. Our government certainly has its faults and shortcomings, but it carries within itself the seed for correction without turning into a banana republic.

  78. 78
    X-A-1-6 Says:

    Alright Elias. Heres what im gonna do. Im gonna go back, reread the above, probably about 30 more times, but further, im going to think, and contemplate what you have said. and refer to my copy of the entire constitution.

    Thank you for your response. Now, Elias, you know im gonna be returnning with additional need for more questions to put forth. I hope im not imposing. Quite frsankly, i don’t exactly have anyone else i trust. I really only trust the Oath keeper angle to all this constitutional inquirey.
    Consider me one of those people, that the current serving Oath Keepers have vowed not to do harm to, and that means a lot to me.

    For now, im gonna sleep on it.

  79. 79
    X-A-1-6 Says:

    Alright, i slept on it. I’ve reread it several times, concentrating on several points you made.

    Let me clairfy this,(god, this is more difficult than i thought) the crux of my position, is that if and when citizens can plainly observe usurputaions(???)by the central government, of, to their constitutional rights, with these observation may come the compulsion to, upon their own inititive based upon their personal views, assumptions, they may be desire to “lash out” violently. Now, if i understood correctly, Elias, you indicated that the 10th Amendment is applicible as a legal impliment granted to the individual states, but more importsntly, to the citizens of thise states.

    What im concerned about is, for instance, the Gurena case, the local Tuscon Republican central committee removing one of it own members, the case involving the town that just passed the ordinance banning dialog about that city government, and the issue of the ten police officers taking the stand against their city council and the police chief. There are other cases of issurs like this occuring all over the country. So, essentially, were not necessairly looking at usurptations being committed by our central government. These are usurptations being conducted below the central government level. And i think that presents us with a unique set of circumstances .

    But Elias, that is not what i was trying to say. Yes i understand that we have a constitutional right to throw off our oppressers, to include the use of force as a last resort. We all know we possess that right. The point i was trying to make, is this. The pages of reader comments here in OK is filled with rhetoric revolving around statements of individuals indicating they beleive it’s time to throw down. Sometimes, from some of these comments, i get the impression that some are on the brink of resorting to this conduct. There is no way to gadge whether or not they actual will.
    What i was trying to covey was, in so much as it may be that we are getting close to that situation, it is my belief that the level headed individuals who are here may have to understand, if this is actually so, that no individual should act on his own intitive to that extent, and here is my rational for that.

    There is a very high amount of people in this country who have not been effected negitively what so ever by this current economic situation. For them, all is well in the world. They see the nightly news reports of situations like the Gurena case, and hear and beleive the falsity that is reported,
    they listen to the falsity that is reported relitive to other subjects on the nightly news and except all of it as factual. All is well in the world, for them. And there is nothing wrong with that. Im not against success or succsessfull people. What i am against is subversion of the truth.

    Remember that day Elias when those guys came into this site and attacked the facts concernning the Guerena case? They presented no evidence yet claimed they had, when they had not. Remember how they attacked me verbally? Remember how you attacked me verbally? The crux of their attack was OK’s position in the Guerena case was in gross error to the extent that they seperated from thisorganization. And actually, didn’t it actually come out that they had direct connections back to the Pima County Sheriff’s Dept? And hasen’t it come out that the Pima County Sheriff’s Dept, and the local Tuscon Republican Central commettee has engadged on a smear campaign, more or less directed toward Oath Keepers over the Guerena case issue? What was it those guys said i was, a nut case, a looney? Someone who should be put away somewhere? Really? Because i challanged their statements? Gee, i couldn’t help but suspect that they may have, if it had been possible for them, to take me out into the desert somewhere, and put a bullet in my head. But the bottom line is, who is correct? Those guys connected back to the Pima County Sheriff’s dept, who proclaimed that Guerena was a dirtbag who got what he deserved? Or was the Oath Keepers’ possition correct?
    Each American has to decide. I made my decision, and i stand by that decision today.

    As a result of that incident that occured on May 5th, And the other like incidents that have occured since may 5th, all over the country, that that is or has become the norm, not some sort of exception. And the continuence of that sort of conduct, added to other conduct, is going to lead to trouble. And my concern is to warn my fellow citizens not to take the law into their own hands on their own initiative, on their own assumptions of their constitutional rights to act alone. But rather, to wait for that constitutional mandate i spoke of yesterday that can only come from individuals like Stewart, who is an Atty. Yes, we all hate Atty’s i know. But Atty’s are a necessary evil in the administration of law. Because if push comes to shove, there will be a struggle in the attempt to win popular support by those people, who i already mentioned, who see that all is well in the world, and to whom represent the majority of popular oppinion, and their support will be needed if and win push comes to shove.
    Otherwise, they will adjudicate any action to restore the constitution, as nothing more than a misguided mob action.(They may assume that anyhow) And what ever you may think, the “unconstitutionalists” will use this lack of popular support, to unleash an unregulated hell upon what could be seen as nothing more than a mob action. It’s a classic win the hearts and mind burden that im concerned about. What is constitutionally correct will not matter what so ever if the attempt is viewed as a mob action by the mis-informed popular support aspect.

    The lawers have to produce a legal mandate. Without that mandate, something vital will be missing.
    I do beleive whan the time is right, that mandate will be forthcomming. Until then, i urge restraint. What Oath keepers is doing, educating people, thats the right play at this time.

    aaHAAA. Thank you.

  80. 80
    X-A-1-6 Says:

    Elias,,,,,,,,,,,did you happen to notice a bright light to your Eastern horizon last nite? That was the light going off over my head upon the comprehension of your last post above, in ref to my OTHER initial question to you ref: where else in the constitution is it refered to a citizens right to throw off destructive government, (your ref to the 10th Amendment)(others,retained, by the people) And an addtionnal after thought reguarding all i stated immediately above, i souuld have thought to mention this, in any citizen action like i refer too immediately above, my concern with the public relation aspect to it all is how the SPLC would have a field day discrediting such action thereby subverting the honest constitutional right behind it, with their objective being to erode the popular support i refer to as so important.

  81. 81
    bill Says:

    I have been following the situation onthe net, and have not been able to make my mind up on the llegations, so I would consider myself impartial. After reading the report provided by the city’s insurance carrier, I am confused. This appears to be a vilid report, but I can not understand why any competent city official would commission an investigation by their insurance company or company’s risk administrator. The sole purpose of the insruance company is to protect its and the city’s assetts, ie; any potential pay out as a result of a civil action. There can not be in any way such a report even be remotely considered impartial, as the investigaotr and writer fo the report has a financial gain in the outcome of the investigation.

  82. 82
    Bill Says:

    This individual should have already been removed from office, stripped of his badge, weapon and then locked up for treason. His actions and the actions of the police officers standing with him are in direct violation the citizens constitutional rights.

  83. 83
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    Scholarlee Says:
    “The shortest road to ruin for this country would be to turn things over to the states.”

    Then it is time that the “individual” “sovereign” StateS start “practicing” exerting their “Constitutional” sovereignty under the U.S. Constitution. As far as a “road to ruin” I am not worried about the StateS doing a better job ruining the country than the federal government. It’s time that the U.S. Congress and the President get a wake-up call on the Tenth Amendment which they swore to defend and uphold.

    State elected officials also need a wake-up call on the Tenth Amendment which they swore to defend and uphold.

    I called the Attorney General’s office for the State of Arizona regarding the situation at Quartzsite, Arizona and the receptionist acted like she didn’t even know that there was a Quartzsite, Arizona. The problem is that the federal government has been “taking care” of things too long.

  84. 84

    Before you ‘jump on the bandwagon’

    There is Much more to this ’story’ which is not being reported.

    I hope that the OK’s mission
    is priority #1..

    Remember if you ‘mess with trash you will get trashed’.. that’s an ol’ saying my
    dad used to tell us.

  85. 85
    James Says:

    I’m surprised that the Quartzite citizens haven’t sued for Removal from Office & surrender of the Chief’s Bond of Office…Or maybe they’ve tried & I haven’t heard of it yet. From what I gather of the actual “Letter of the Law,” Quartzite citizens could call upon the Sheriff to do conduct arrests (under HIS Oath of Office). If the Sheriff has difficulties in “manpower” to do so, he DOES have the power to appoint deputies to aid him…Said deputies can then be armed & authorized BY THE LAW to arrest Council Members too. All it would take is a duly notorized petition & Statement of Charges signed by Quartzite citizens to get the ball rolling…The Sheriff need only obtain a lawful Warrant (on County or even State level) & start deputizing the manpower he’ll need.

  86. 86
    Chuck Says:

    All i want to know is why are you waiting until the 27th?This should have been done a long time ago,and you should be going there to arrest this guy.

  87. 87
    richard wagener Says:

    Bravo to these people for standng against tyrants. It takes a backbone when your job and good name are on the line,just as our foundera did. May their always be people with fire in their bellies to fight against injustice. May we all rise together in the same spirit to take back our country, and return it to its former position, of the welcoming shining light on the hill, for the world’s oppressed and downtrodden. To continue the dreams of those who have gone before us to maintain this place of domestic tranquility, where everyone who works hard to achieve his or her dreams, with the freedom to pursue them without constant impediments and roadblocks thrown in by a government, that seems more and more to punish achievers, confiscate what they earned, and give it to those who simply are lazy and refuse to work. America is a generous country to a fault and its people are more than willing to help the truly needy through no fault of their own. We just don’t need a bunch of politicias who buy votes by giving others their ill-gotton goods stolen from us with confiscatory taxes.

  88. 88
    Phantom Says:

    Very IMPORTANT!!! Here are some of your tools for fighting for FREEDOM…It starts from within…the mind!















    We each play a part in this world called life!

  89. 89
    Raland Says:

    Ill say again also “Salute to these 10 Oath Keepers! That should be representative of EVERY law enforcement officer and police officer and firefighter.”

  90. 90
    William Flatt Says:

    Someone should point out to this chief and his JBT minions that violating people’s basic rights (whether it be free speech, due process, peaceable assembly, etc.) under the color of law is a FELONY punishable under federal law, and if is done publicly then misprision of a felony attaches…

    I applaud the officers who are standing up to this, and if ANY incident like this occurs again, they should act in unison to arrest the Chief and anyone else who knowingly carries out his illegal orders. I only wish that state or federal investigators would look into the apparent criminal activity of the Council, and these 8 mysterious paychecks that go out every month to these unsubs. As the article above points out, that’s $250,000 a year, millions of dollars now that have been embezzled from the taxpayers. The Council and the Chief know that even a cursory investigation of the records will reveal that a crime has been committed, and I would not be surprised if the records are mysteriously “lost” by the time an actual investigation gains access to the archives.

    Of course, Stewart Rhodes is correct – corruption and malfeasance are everywhere. We must take America back, starting in our own towns. I’m looking into how I can run for office in my town, for the sake of the public good. I hope people visiting this page will consider that – yes – anyone can do it, you just have to commit and jump in. Anyone can make a difference!

  91. 91
    JHS Says:

    Back when I got out of the service I thought about becoming a cop specifically to earn an opportunity to bust dirty ones. I don’t think anything would have given me greater personal or professional pleasure than to slap the cuffs on a crooked cop. The idea gives me a tingle. Seriously.

  92. 92
    344thBrother Says:

    Marine shot in the face at the Oakland Occupy America protests.

  93. 93
    344thBrother Says:

    * Target: The Senate of the United States
    * Sponsored by: I want the American people to Sponsor the Petition!

    Stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the American People! IMPEACH every single Senator who voted FOR the McCain/Levin “U.S. is a Battlefield” bill that gives the military the right to go to the houses of U.S. Citizens and take them without charges or rights to a lawyer or trial for the rest of their lives! The Senators COMMITTED TREASON Directly Against the United States Citizens!

    Never mind it saying goal of 1000 – I had put in 10,000,000! Please pass this along to everyone!

    Do not fear signing it. Because if we live in fear we will have lost! This is a way of peacefully standing up and saying we will NOT allow a handful of people take away the rights and freedoms of 300,000,000+ people!

    The Senators did commit Treason with that We the People need to hold them accountable and say “We will not let this happen.”

    This vote went directly against the U.S. Citizens Bill of Rights written by our Founding Fathers. It is the basis of the country and no group of people are allowed to take away our rights!

    Stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the American People! IMPEACH every single Senator who voted FOR the McCain/Levin “U.S. is a Battlefield” bill that gives the military the right to go to the houses of U.S. Citizens and take them without charges or rights to a lawyer or trial for the rest of their lives! The Senators COMMITTED TREASON Directly Against the United States Citizens!


    Good interview today on Alex Jones Stuart!

  94. 94
    John Says:

    FOR MORE QUARTZSITE INFORMATION visit http://www.Qtown.Us and http://www.aview.info

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