October 15th, 2009

Troubling Videos From G-20

G20 Riot Police Trap U of Pittsburgh Students on a Staircase and Tear Gas/Pepper Spray Them – police attack students in UPitt complex from all sides.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) used in Pittsburgh.

The first thing that came to my mind when watching that was “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Likely because of the leftist “anarchist” (really marxist) protesters that Vinture Sciarretti spoke of, the police went into full bore “riot control” mode and then lumped everyone into the same bucket, treating them all the same. And that is where the problem is.

I don’t have all the details, but what I saw there, as to those particular protesters in the video, looks to me like a violation of the right of we the people to peaceably assemble and to petition our government for a redress of grievances. Rock throwing, window bashing kids in black are not peaceably assembled, but the people in this video sure as hell were.

So, yes, unless there are facts not evident from the video, the police on that street were violating the free speech of the people on that street, and in my book, violating their oaths.

How, exactly, was that an unlawful assembly? And if it violated some obscure city ordinance, then the next question is whether that ordinance is even constitutional, and thus worthy of being considered law (since all laws in violation of the Constitution are null and void, as if never enacted). They did not appear to be violent or other than peaceable. So what was it? Were they impeding traffic? No permit? And if not impeding traffic, why would they need a permit? And if they were impeding traffic, did the police tell them to stick to the sidewalk?

It doesn’t look like there was any discussion, instruction, or dialogue other than the command to disperse. All I saw were commands and then stomping boots and riot batons being smacked against shields – where was the officer in charge simply speaking to the protesters? If anyone knows of other information, please share it.

And most disturbing of all is the way it was done, with that Orwellian sound weapon being threatened, atop that massive armored vehicle. Talk about overkill!

The proper solution would have been for the commander on the ground to step out and see what was going on, perhaps speaking to the protesters, and then make the call that these protesters were lawfully assembled, not part of the trouble makers on the next block, and the order likely issued in response to the rock chuckers did not apply to these people. Police need to have and use that kind of discretion, discernment, and flexibility or they will end up overstepping and violating the rights of fellow citizens, and thus violating their oaths.

It is improper, and a violation of the First Amendment, to forceably disperse peaceful people using their right of free speech and assembly, just because other protesters are not being peaceable. That is just not a valid response. Otherwise, all the left would have to do at the next huge Tea Party rally is to insert some rock throwing agent provocateurs, even on the next block over, and thus wipe out the free speech of all the rest in attendance. That’s not how it is supposed to work. And if that happened, the Tea Party folks would be justifiably outraged.

Without the right of free speech, assembly, and petition, we are left with what recourse?

This is not a good sign at all. Yes, the Oath Keepers message is sorely needed.


Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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75 Responses to “Troubling Videos From G-20”

  1. 1
    Chris Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. As long as police and military allow themselves to be indoctrinated that average US citizens who understand the constitution are the enemy, it’s going to be hell on earth. Again, I compliment the patriotic and legal dissent Oathkeepers is all about.

  2. 2
    Chief Judee Says:

    Americans wake up! We need to unite and VOTE everyone out of office, ask the questions of your candidates, know what they read, whom the associate with who are their role models, ect. We can turn this sinking ship around VOTE. It starts at the grass root level. I fear for all our freedoms, the video’s show a violation of the oath that we took, I take this oath very seriously. To protect and defend the Constitution, so help me God! I still believe in our freedoms. Chief of Police Judee Stand up and fight for freedoms VOTE!

  3. 3
    illinois Says:

    I agree the g-20 thing was heavy handed but the college kids are naive wimps…. a scratch on the neck and the girl is going to call mom. The boy has his rights infringed…… wahhhh.
    the world is much harsher than these little babies can imagine

  4. 4
    Randall Covey Says:

    Watched the so called “riots”, the introduction of the “sound cannon”. Waiting for the microwave weapon to be used, shortly.
    I understand PA has some of the most draconian, un Constitutional laws of any State in the Union… is this true? Was the area under martial “law” at the time?
    I do remember driving through Pa a couple months ago, and hearing about some of their judges imprisoning the children of the area for kickbacks from a private prison contractor…

    I don’t know what to make of PA. It was in my history books as being one of the Founding States of a free Country… looking a little “Third World” these days.

  5. 5
    Mike Van Kirk Says:

    I saw this video and immediately signed up with Oath Keepers! If we dont take a stand now against the tyrannical behavior of run away government and wreckless law enforcement agencies, it wont be long before the masked uniformed “officers” that stomp over your constitutional rights do so with foreign accents with orders originating from a schmuck from the UN! Way to go Oath Keepers!

  6. 6
    Basic Rifleman Says:

    I used and maintained an L.R.A.D. in Fallujah, in 2004, during Operation Phantom Fury against enemy combatants. Seeing this “non lethal” weapon being used on American soil on American citizens was a realization to me that our republic is currently in true danger. I cried as I watched these videos the day they occurred.

    Even more disturbing to me was the protester who was tackled and tossed into a unmarked vehicle by two men in cammy uniform, and then speedily driven behind the riot security line. Only thing missing from that scene was a black bag over his head.

    Weapons of war have been deployed against our own citizens, there were no Oathkeepers there that day. There was no defiance, only the sound of liberty dying.

  7. 7
    anonymous Says:

    @ #6, Basic Rifleman: You wrote: “Even more disturbing to me was the protester who was tackled and tossed into a unmarked vehicle by two men in cammy uniform, and then speedily driven behind the riot security line. Only thing missing from that scene was a black bag over his head.”

    That particular incident was a PsyOp, I think. This was a staged event designed to test the public’s willingness to accept these types of military/LE abductions, and to instill fear of government. Why do I think that?

    1)experienced military personnel do NOT shove unrestrained individuals into cars still wearing their backpacks!! Special Forces personnel are trained in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat (i.e. fighting in cars, guard shacks, small rooms, etc.). Supposedly they don’t know who this guy is; he could be a highly trained killer with a concealed bomb in his backpack! So, in real life, they would not take all those unnecessary risks. They would have done a quick search of the individual – especially his backpack – and then restrained him before bundling him into the vehicle.

    2) The 2nd guy who was with the “kidnap victim” was left completely unsecured for some time…just going by the video, he would have had plenty of time to remote-detonate his companion’s bomb – killing everyone in the vehicle – and then his own, which could have killed or wounded many bystanders…IF these military/LE thought they were a real terrorist team that man would have been properly secured as well.

    3) Smoke/teargas, sirens whaling, a car roaring through the crowd, …all very dramatic indeed! Almost like it was made-for-tv, which it was! When asked, the Pittsburgh police dept. said that the guy was arrested for vandalizing a local business and that the reason he was put into a car a driven away was because the crowd was hostile and they were afraid for their safety. If they were afraid for their safety why didn’t the heavily armed and armored cops, who were standing right there, make the arrest? And, if they were so afraid of the crowd, why weren’t the cammo-LE guys armed?

    I’m confident that incident was a PsyOp. So, on the assumption that it’s a PsyOp, what does it tell us? It tells me that the public is fully ready to accept LE kidnappings, right off the streets, in broad daylight, as a part of life in a “post 9/11 world”!

    “Weapons of war have been deployed against our own citizens, there were no Oathkeepers there that day.” Right you are, brother. Oath Keepers is NOT the solution we’re looking for. It’s a great idea, but it falls far short of what we need to take our country back.

  8. 8
    quiltingsando Says:

    Wow, things are really getting scary. I never used to be afraid of the police, but when they all started wearing black and the vehicles all look military it concerns me. It looks like some communities are going with PRIVATE police (mercenaries). If I didn’t know better I would think I was living in Russia or something.
    Thank you, Oath Keepers for being here and I sure hope we don’t lose our country. I think it was Kissinger that said “You can hire half the country to kill the other half” I sure hope he’s wrong.

  9. 9
    Anonymous Says:

    Response to #7
    The incident to which you are referring was not a “PsyOp”. The officers wearing camo are part of the PA State Police SERT Team and Pittsburgh PD SWAT. They were arresting a young man who had just committed more than $20K in property damage to local businesses including a BMW dealership. The method of grabbing him up and throwing him into a car was used to get out of the area where he could be safely arrested without more anarchists surrounding the police. I am new to this website and strongly agree with the priciples of the Oath Keepers. Be careful saying that all of the police involved at the G20 are willfully stomping on the Constitution. Most men and women in law enforcement that I know are on the side of the Oath Keepers at heart.

  10. 10
    Jay Says:

    Thank you for being Oathkeepers! America needs you!
    You have the media talking about you because they fear what you are doing – supporting the Constitution and our rights.
    People like Chris Matthews are treasonous criminals.

  11. 11
    little guy Says:

    Response to #9

    lol…let me get this straight: The PA state police SERT team and the Pittsburgh PD SWAT team rammed their car through a crowd of pimple-faced high school/college kids (Anarchists), shoved another kid that allegedly did $20,000 worth of damage to some businesses into the car, and then sped away through a cloud of teargas (almost hitting another cop in the process!)? I was giving them the benefit of the doubt by saying it was a PsyOp!

    All that over a mere $20,000 in damage?! It’ll cost the city of Pittsburgh 1000x that just to repair their reputation! And God only knows how much they lost in potential business relocation and tourism revenue! That video went viral…hundreds of millions of people watched those cops kidnap someone right off the street in broad daylight! What a brilliant PR move!

    As for the safety of the camouflaged special SERT team cops: I routinely face far greater risk of bodily harm just going to my favorite bar every Saturday night then they did with those “anarchists”…lol! Heck, the one “anarchist” holding the video camera was so young that his voice was still cracking!

    Cowardice and incompetence seems to be pervasive throughout LE agencies across the US these days. Cops tasering 90 year old women and people in wheelchairs, arresting retards for “terrorist activities”, and beating up drunk people while knowingly being video-taped, etc., etc.; all this seem to be commonplace in our society now. Maybe Oath Keepers can turn the tide.

  12. 12
    Anonymous Says:

    If you saw these protesters interviewed on FOX you would know they are for total redistribution of wealth where the new government control all no rich no poor. The girls interviewed said no one should be allowed to make over $250K it should be illegal. I know from the video these were not the rock chuckers or the ones causing damage but they were there in support of those that were. If no one was watching do you think these things would have happened. This groups wants a new Constitution not to live by the one we already have. This is the far left wing once again doing a much better job of getting organized than the “silent majority” look who gets all the media coverage. How do you think we got where we are today the ultra left make more noise and get all the media. If tea parties were like this do you not think there would have been 1000% more media coverage than they actually received. I am not one to promote violence but from the 1960s forward it is these groups who get things changed because people hear them and no one hears the silent right majority.

  13. 13
    Anonymous Says:

    The house is burning and once again the silent right majority is just sitting by and watching it! It will be to late once the Constitution is gone. Our children are not being taught the ideas of our founders look at the average age of the protesters in Pittsburgh do you think they learned about this great nation in public schools and college campuses do you really think they were taught the truth? No they were taught America is the big bad guy who causes all the problems in the world and kills the poor of other countries because of the older generations ego. The Oath Keepers is about 2 generations to late.

  14. 14
    little guy Says:

    Response to #12

    You wrote: “This is the far left wing once again doing a much better job of getting organized than the “silent majority” look who gets all the media coverage.”

    The Left-Right paradigm is practically dead…the same group of people are funding and influencing both “sides” so that no matter what happens they come out the sole winners every time! In other words they are playing the Right and the left against each other in order to ’steer the country off it’s intended course, and toward a destination of their choosing – another step toward communist world government!

    The people who control ALL mainstream media in the US are the very same group that controls our monetary system (the Federal Reserve), and the meaningful political movements in this country…the Jews. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. If you really want to know who controls this country see my post in the “Freedom Files with James Burns” thread in the “Latest Videos” section here at Oath Keepers. It took me nearly 8 years of research to figure out who the trouble makers are…but once I did, all the pieces fell perfectly into place and everything became crystal clear and made perfect sense.

    Response to #13

    You wrote: “Our children are not being taught the ideas of our founders look at the average age of the protesters in Pittsburgh do you think they learned about this great nation in public schools and college campuses do you really think they were taught the truth?”

    Perfect, brother/sister! Hit the nail right on the head with that question. Now, who’s behind the public school system…who’s influencing the educational policies in this country? Please see my response to # 12 above. It’s the same group of people.

  15. 15
    JERRY C Says:


  16. 16
    oathkeeper Says:

    #12, Anonymous said: “I know from the video these were not the rock chuckers or the ones causing damage but they were there in support of those that were.”

    Yes, the rock chuckers were Marxists, as I said in my post. But the folks in the video with the guy using the bullhorn are not Marxists, or any kind of lefists, and do not support such collectivist views. Those folks are anti-IMF, anti-FED libertarians, constitutionalists, and anarcho-capitalists who believe in individual rights. The guy with the bullhorn is Luke Rudowski, a member of our Oath Keepers forum. That’s why he was so focused on the oath while talking to the police.

    As others have already said, the views of a peaceful protester (not throwing rocks)should not matter when it comes to police action. In fact, changing how they are treated because of their message or their beliefs is unconstitutional – as a targeting of their speech. However, I wanted to point out the FACT that the people in at least that one video where Luke is on the bullhorn are folks just like us, and like those who marched on DC on 9-12. They are constitutionalists.


  17. 17
    little guy Says:

    @ #16, Stewart wrote: “…changing how they are treated because of their message or their beliefs is unconstitutional – as a targeting of their speech.” Not if the ADL has it’s way! The hate bill attached to the national defense appropriations bill
    will change all that…we have until tomorrow (Friday) to defeat it.

  18. 18
    Anonymous Says:

    #16 The Luke you write about is the founder of Wearechange. An organization that believes 9/11 was an inside job and are for social justice. Social Justice is another term for redistribution of wealth, that everyone is entitled to the same, income, health-care ect. They also promote “We the People” instead of We the legal citizens of the USA. This group in my mind wants to twist the freedoms given to Americans by the Constitution and the bill of rights to bring down this county or turn it into a European type country. Maybe I am wrong but do the research yourself.

  19. 19
    John Law Says:

    @ #18, Luke Rudowski is the founder of WeAreChange, an organization that was created as an adjunct to the Alex Jones/Infowars/GCN disinformation network. Their main objective is to obfuscate Israeli MOSSAD/Zionist Jew links to 9/11 and redirect the blame onto the “US Government”, in general, and toward globalist think tanks like the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, etc..

    To say that 9/11 was an inside job is a half truth. The Israeli MOSSAD, along with high level Zionist elements within the Bush administration, planned and executed the terror attacks that occurred on 9/11…the FBI, working with the Jewish controlled media, handled the cover up.

  20. 20
    Robin Suggs Says:

    I just watched the “Hardball” segment with Chris Matthews “interviewing” Stewart Rhodes. I have to assume then that Mr. Matthews condones the use of this type of force against young Americans. Perhaps he will rethink his position if he were to find himself on the receiving end of this force….

  21. 21
    Anonymous Says:

    This is Nazi Germany. Those Police Officers were acting illegally, and violating the constitution. They were cowards. This is the New World Order and we are going to see this on a mass scale soon unless the people wake up.

  22. 22
    Benjamin Says:

    Go to Youtube and check out all the vids from g-20. In one you will see 3 agent provocatuers in it. They are over 25 years old (or even older) walking around with 18 to 22 year olds. One even says “I am getting too old for this”. One of them even broke a kids camera. Using weapons of war (lethal or non-lethal) on American citizens is disturbing. Anarchists have as much of a right to protest, just as much as a libertarian does. The fact that the “president” or any public leader did not come out and address the crowds about what was going on in the G-20 summit or answer questions is cowardly.Bad things happen when governments close doors.

  23. 23
    Don Cordell Says:

    This assault against citizens is happening in every city of our nation. How to end this?
    There is only one solution, a President that will actually uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obama said the words but his deeds show us the real person, who is so proud that he was placed in office, that he will follow orders of the Corporate raiders of our financial status of this nation, to put all of us on Welfare, and to enact poverty for all Americans. The plan is to reduce us to Third World Status because we have lived too good, and we are using Resources the very rich will need in the future. The plans to disarm us with HR 45, and Public Law 87-297 is beyond the intelligence of most citizens who are too busy trying to make a living, support their families, and keep the bill collectors from the front door.
    If you Patriots do not throw Obama out of office in the next year, and elect a President who believes in preserving this nation, we will be forced to surrender to more of this police action. I will restore, not change America.

  24. 24
    19th Generation American Says:

    In response to #14; my family has fought for and served the flag of this great nation including the War for Independence. I deeply resent the fact that you claim it is the Jews who are responsible for our contries problems. I have many friends who are Jews and I find them to be an honest and warm hearted people. In fact I suggest you research the name of:
    Hayim Solomon. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haym_Solomon)
    Francis Salvador
    …you may find we ALL owe them our allegience.

    Fact is folks, its the petty little divisions of racism like this that are killing our country. Its not about Race, Religion, or moral code anymore… ITS ABOUT ARE YOU AMERICAN – OR NOT!!
    dont believe me?
    Then get a load of these Jokers: http://www.revcom.us or these Jerks: http://www.nclr.org
    … this is what freedom of speech gets twisted into.
    yet I hear that OBAMA has refused to be interviewed by FOX News (so why is he afraid of a few “tough” questions anyway?)

    I find it appalling that there are those that hide behind the very Flag that they gleefully burn and spit upon; when it is the same Flag that represents their saftey and freedom to do so.

    In conclusion we need solidarity in our beliefs and not waste energy pointing fingers at what group or individual is to blame… its all of us (because we vote and therefore allow Congress-men/woman to continue; buisness as usual… we need to flush out the corrupt and paid for; starting with Speaker Pelosi and all the way down the line stop the chaos they create in our lives that is being motivated by lobbyists, private interest groups, and foreign influence.)

    “Envy the country that has heroes, huh? I say pity the country that needs them.” We are the people of the Land Of Freedom; We are the Brave who call it Home… LET US NOT FORGET.

  25. 25
    Proud Policeman Says:

    In response to “the Little guy” in #11: You’ve got it right your a little guy with a little brain if any at all. To refer to the Police as incompentent and cowards, I refer you to the National Law Enforcement Memorial to look at all the “cowards” who gave their lives for people like you upholding the laws of this country and doing their best to make this a safe place to live so you can enjoy your saturday nights down at the bar….I agree with alot of what the Oathkeepers stand for, but if this is going to be a sounding board for “anti-police” comments then good-bye and good luck!

  26. 26
    Michael Says:

    Most anarchists are not Marxists.

    There may be some overlap of anarchism and Marxism among autonomists, Luxembourgists, Marxist humanists, etc.

    However there are form of Anarchism that don’t fit well into the right/left divide. Market socialism, mutualism, etc.

    The majority of anarchists are left wing but against Marxism. Bakunin was one of the founders of modern anarchist thought and he fiercely debated Marx. Many syndicalists, libertarian communists, etc left wing anarchists are anti-marxist.

    Also there is a growing trend of post-left anarchism. Primitivism, insurrectionism, situationism, etc…usually full of flowery language denouncing everything and supporting little more than acts of destruction.

  27. 27
    Aaron Layes Says:

    Stewart you said what are we left Without the right of free speech, assembly, and petition, we are left with what recourse?

    I do not recall which one said it but I believe I saw this statement made by one of our founding fathers in a speech and the result was thus.

    If we are not able to address our problems peacefully and with demonstration in assembly. We are left with only one course and that is a Violent Course. Nature tells us one thing that when those who are being attacked are silenced they will be heard on one way or another, I fear that they are pushing us towards a Violent Resolution, and I side 100% with my founding Fathers and it was best stated in a Movie Called the Majestic.

    Jim Carry’s Character said this http://www.uucast.com/Majestic/the-majestic-peters-speech

  28. 28
    Aaron Layes Says:

    I am Proud of Police when they do their Job Just as I am Proud of Military when they do Theirs, But if either violates their oaths they need to be called to answer for their violations, and as in Nuremberg Just Following Orders in no good excuse, but we need not to fight amongst ourselves we need to Unite Against Ignorance, and we need to do something about Oath Violations.

    I want to Say thank you to #25 Proud Policeman Thank you for your service Sir, Thank you for Defending the Oath as you have, and I hope you Will!

  29. 29
    Justin Nichols Says:

    The one problem with the Oath Keepers is the refusal to follow unconstitutional orders, but not the active hand in subduing the oath breakers around them. There will be no victory for the people if no-one fights. I know they have loyalty to their brothers in the law, but their loyalty to their oath and the United States is vastly more important.

  30. 30
    anonymous Says:

    Ooooh, lots of name-calling and characterization in this discussion …

    Well, the highlight of the week was watching the armored-in-riot-gear guys, allegedly from Chicago, forcing someone to kneel in front of them in a humiliating trophy photo….

    Abu Ghraib come tricklin’ down to Main Street.

    I am surprised they didn’t have him wearing stained panties on his head and standing on one leg until he peed his pants, with his fingers wired up to the LRAD.

    This is what America has become, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Dem or GOP, or Obama or not.

    Who gave THAT order? Was it Constitutional? (if so, how so?) Why was it obeyed by peace officers?

  31. 31
    Aaron Layes Says:

    The only time some one will Obey an unlawful order is out of FEAR of some sort of repercussion. The Difference here is that our four fathers were not near as afraid of the repercussions because they said to live like that was worse than to be tortured or die like that!!!

  32. 32
    RanDomino Says:

    Thanks Michael but I doubt any of this folks will understand the important difference… Communists fought open battles against Anarchists in Ukraine and Barcelona, but that’s forgotten history, isn’t it?

    The distinctions between Marxist ideas of property appropriation by ’society’ vs Anarchist ideas of personal property and community are alien to these people. The only think Marxism and Anarchism have in common are their analysis of capitalism; and even then Marxism refuses to admit that individuals have free will.

    Anarchists and Oath Keepers appear to me to be natural allies against tyranny in all forms and I hope we can work it out… I hope Anarchists can extend a hand by not pre-judging OKs, and OKs can extend theirs by critically reading books that challenge their worldview (like A People’s History of the United States). And then we can all be circle-A-OK, lol

  33. 33
    Dana Eddy Says:

    Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change NYC is the guy on the bullhorn, and yes this was a violation of rights from start to finish.

    I’ve looked through the Constitution, and I see no caveat that one must obtain a permit to assemble peacably, so regardless of minor city statutes, these officers are in flagrant violation of their sworn oath.

    Thank God for this site and this mission. I spend most of my waking hours preaching this message to military and law enforcement, and now I have an amazing resource to call upon.

    I’m no longer active duty, but the site owner will know what I mean when I say Co. C / 2-505 ABN

  34. 34
    GDeas Says:

    Students can’t fight jack booted thugs. Like sending the sheep against the wolves. It takes another group of military men to counter attack things like this. So it will take a group of Rebels to make the first strike and make it costly to the police and military. You can’t reason with a Bully, all they understand is force. This is where “well armed militia” comes in to play.

  35. 35
    Texas Tea Says:

    Why isn’t there a emergency 800 number for the malitia in every state?

  36. 36
    19th Generation American Says:

    Texas Tea, it is an interesting question you pose in regards to having a communication line for local and state militias… the problem lies in that there are no recognized “Private Citizen” militia (although there is probably a long “Watch List” of them somewhere). There is only the National Guard. the original “Minute Men” Militia was made up of local individuals dedicated to assisting their communities in fighting oppression at a “Minutes” notice. The National Guard on the other hand is controlled by government… which as this site has shown; can create a basic conflict of interest.

    Scary thought here: Do we need to create one? a network of “Minutemen”? *he asks to the sound of an FBI file being slammed open ;) *
    The last three elections have been practically 50/50 splits, the last election especially seemed to be an either/or vote (and it seems that everyone I speak with voted for this guy because they didnt want that guy… yet didnt seem to support either candidate other than which party they represented). We- the working class- are being taxed into oblivion (not to say anyone making more than $250,000 deserve being robbed in what amounts to a Communist tactic of wealth re-distribution in the name of taxation), we are being conquored by an inrush of illegal aliens from all over the world ( and some not so illegal aliens- http://www.thefederalregister.com/d.p/2009-02-04-E9-2488 ), we are being coerced into a government run health care plan that was voted in by the very people who decided its not good enough for them, our children are being taught not to listen to their parents in regards to personal beliefs concerning-Religion and Moral codes by private interest groups who want everyone to accept their twisted view of reality or risk being sued or publically ridiculed for bigotry, the jobs have gone overseas (but the crap being built is sent back so Americans will buy it), our futures are being flushed away in what boils down to a wholesale victimization/government-dependent population, our leaders are ingratiating themselves with Freedoms enemies, and the we are all systematically being silenced and bound into submission. So the question remains; “how much more should I/WE silently abide?”…and then what?

  37. 37
    19th Generation American Says:

    interesting site:


  38. 38
    Ainsley Says:

    I watched many of these videos a few days ago on another site and I agree with you. I do not condone destruction of property or assaults on our police forces but much of what I viewed of these incidences in Pittsburgh were Americans peacefully exercising their rights under the Constitution. While viewing the black clad police,smashing their shields and stomping their feet against a lawful assembly, I could only think of those news reels of foreign police forces smashing popular dissent. I have lived six decades and I have never witnessed what I am seeing today. Thank God for Oath Keepers and those members of American law enforcement who daily embrace the oaths they’ve taken to our Constitution and who reject such Jackboot tactics as we see displayed in these videos.

  39. 39
    John Green 2/5 Marines Says:




    In the meantime I hand out videos and dvd’s and cards and any other pertinent material i can to leo’s,active military,vets, Encouraging them to HONOR their OATH.
    Don’t know how or when or where — but tyranny has messed with LIBERTY -”SHE AIN’T HAPPY”
    LIBERTY must be satisfied – like an IDEA ->LIBERTY IS BULLETPROOF.

    Semper Fi

  40. 40
    Jon Watts Says:

    Peaceable assembly is crucial. I faced East German provocateurs at Ramstein when the Pershing 1-As arrived by air into the base. It started with a peaceful crowd, our “confrontation management”, aka “stomp and drag” team of several hundred stayed put until the bricks started flying. Once a few bad guys went violent, some of the more hostile “peaceable types” joined in. Enter the Polizei, their teargas/water trucks, dogs, and then us. Violent individuals were cuffed and stuffed pretty quickly, but not before some good guys got caught in the fray.

    Even in Germany, peaceful protesters were not assaulted on purpose. A police assault on a peaceful assembly is in my view a crime, which can be prevented through prior education (Oath Keepers.) On the other hand, as a crowd member, bring your camera to get footage of violent types to turn in to the cops as they are acting criminally, and trashing an otherwise useful effort. When it gets really ugly, best to get out of dodge unless being a martyr for the cause seems a moral imperative to you. Your call on that one.

    Jon Watts, SMSgt, USAF, (ret.)
    Oath Keeper

  41. 41
    Texas Tea Says:

    It seems that this country is not set up to protect peaceful assembly and it’s citizens from enemies from within… Why will no united group stand up and guard peaceful protesters and patrol against an abusive riot team for fellow man. Will no one put their lives on the line to protect our future. It is our right!!! Our constitution is being destroyed, studens abused yet no one does anything. How ugly does it have to get? Someone says.. #0 When it gets “ugly” it’s best to “dodge”…. lmao. Is this how we will save our country???

  42. 42
    19th Generation American Says:

    Thursday November 5, 2009 Fort Hood Texas.


    ….a U.S. official identified the gunman as
    Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, ….

    May the Lord watch over the wounded and the families of the fallen; in this time.

    ….. I dont know what to say.
    Tragic, senselessly tragic, … and cowardly betrayal.
    I am crushed at my heart…my mind is full of anger. Why?!? How can you turn on your Brothers!?!

    I say there is a special place in Hell for anyone who tries to show him the leniency they gave the USS Cole Terrorists.

  43. 43
    Jeff Douglass Says:

    Hurray for Jon Watts’ common sence advice to protest PEACEFUULY,weed out the ones who wish to turn said peacefull protest into a riot,and avoid becoming “colateral damage” Finally a voice of reason.
    Instead of the false bravado of a “Call to Arms” Behind a silly assed sudonym why not show some real balls and post using your real name Texas Tea?

  44. 44
    Jeff Douglass Says:

    19th Gen , Dump the anger.Keep the how and why.
    This guy was a Maj. He had been around for quite awhile.With the name he had been given at his birth was he treated as a brother?Maybe he felt he was betrayed by those who should have been his brothers. Anger turns into Bigotry. I am not advocating for his actions.I just would like to truely know what caused him to snap. The people incharge seem to want us angry and not reasoning.
    We need to reason before we can take them on.We can’t get rid of them if we allow ourselves to be divided

  45. 45
    Jeff Douglass Says:

    Why were all of the pictures of burning and violence from england while they were talking about Pitsburg? How bloody frigging stupid do they think we are?

  46. 46
    Your Aunt Jemima Says:


    They are really immuned to prosecution so they feel free to do anything. The students live were they where so why did the police open up with tear gas and pepper spray. Who gave them the order to do this: Obama, the Chinese Communist?

    I was fearful while on the Tea Party in Washington that the police would do this to us. When do they ever need any provication?

    This is why since January people have purchased enough firearms and ammunition to equip 5 US Army infentry divisions. We may have to deploy these divisions soon. NO MORE FORT HOODS.

  47. 47
    Jon Watts Says:

    Thanks for the support Jeff. Reason and law will get us through this. To me, Oath Keepers is like a trigger lock on government force – you have to use the constitutional key, or it won’t fire. It is a fail-safe, a vehicle of reason – not anger. I know many are outraged, as am I. We cannot, however, violate the Constitution in order to save it. Let its law be our weapon. We are not savages, we are Americans.

  48. 48
    William in NC Says:

    Guess they forgot to apply for their permit. Remember is you have to apply for a permit ie get permission then it is not considered a right but a privilege.

  49. 49
    William in NC Says:

    The First amendment is not a privileged but a God Given Right so permits alone are in violation.

  50. 50
    Delvecchio Says:

    Oath Keepers is a noble experiment, and it may well work to preserve what is left of our Republic, but actually RESTORING the Republic will take an enormous effort by millions upon millions of Americans. As these videos show, like hundreds of other indications we are all familiar with, the Republic is on critical life support, and its’ heartbeat is becoming weaker and more irregular. I look forward to what the Continental Congress in Illinois comes up with. Many states exercising their Constitutional sovereignty is a hopeful sign, as well. These are all hopeful signs, but will they be enough? No one can tell, yet. In the end, I believe it will come down to a decision by every single responsible American: do I believe in liberty? Not just liberty for me, but liberty for everyone? Do I believe in the Constitution? Am I willing to risk my life and the lives of my family for it? Am I willing to die for it? These are like the questions I’m sure Americans of the Revolutionary War generation asked themselves, and they probably asked them nearly every day during the years prior to the outbreak of war, and during the war. Only a small minority of the American colonists ever took up arms against the British; a slightly larger number actually aided the rebels, but much larger numbers were either indifferent to the outcome of the conflict or supported the British. In fact, patriot soldiers had to fight loyalist soldiers and Hessian mercenaries almost as often as they had to fight British regulars. Hence, the Revolutionary War was also a real civil war, as well as a revolution against British rule.

    But many, many things have changed in the more than two hundred years since the Revolution. The technology available to those who oppress us, their sophisticated disinformation and psywar capabilities, and the difficulties of coordinating any kind of resistance effort make a war based on a small minority of active combatants and forces, with a minority of supporting population, impracticable. A far greater percentage of the American populace will have to support, and be willing to fight, a modern revolutionary war. I think upwards of thirty percent of the U.S. population would have to support the revolution, and fully two or three million Americans would have to be willing to fight it. The problems of logistics support for such a force would be enormous. Also, the theater of operations for the conflict would very likely be confined to the large population centers, where the oppressors would have the advantage. The consequences of that would be catastrophic for the civilian population. Fully twenty million Americans might die in such a conflict from military actions alone, and probably many more from disease, thirst starvation, exposure, and general social chaos. I think, therefore, that more than fifty million Americans might die in such a war.

    In fact, I think that is a CONSERVATIVE estimate of American casualties, because the New World Order is able to pour a virtually UNLIMITED number of foreign troops into the conflict, that is, unless people in other countries decide to start their own revolutions inspired by ours, which might happen. However, it’s not a matter of a few thousand Hessians any more!

    Everything considered, I think we all should pray very diligently that such a conflict doesn’t break out, and we should all do whatever we can reasonably do to preclude it, because it is likely to mean the end of this country, certainly as we have known it, and possibly for all time.

  51. 51
    19th Generation American Says:

    Delvecchio I agree on all points made. I feel that the fallout in both human casualty and destruction (and possible annihilation) of the American infrastructure is not acceptable. I feel that it is a matter of giving those that feel helpless, hopeless, afraid, and alone a common voice and pride in who we are as Free Americans is imperative. The Media is key. We need to turn the minds of the youth especially. They have been taught that unconditional acceptance is the only way to function in society. They have been taught that the individual has priority over the many. They have been taught that a criminal mind is to be celebrated and that heroism and selflisness is for fools. WE NEED TO BRING BACK OUR HEROES!
    We need to show them something to beleive in, that they are not alone, that they do not have to be afraid, that their voice is not to be silenced. Freedom cannot go out with a whisper while the present Regime chips away at our Freedom; Our Birthright. The media is key. Time to turn off the mindless twaddle that is there to distract. Time for some “Real News”… some real thought. The question needs to be posed; “Where will we be in 10years? 20yrs? 50years? …. 100?”

    No more do we see Wyatt Earp rounding up the bad guys. No more do we hear the Lone Ranger “Hi HO SILVER!!” as he brings justice to the Badlands. No more do we cheer as Audie Murphy lays the smack down on some enemy soldiers. John Wayne and General Patton KICKIN ASS AND TAKIN NAMES for the FLAG. no more. we see thugs and criminals waving guns around. we see the latest scandal in Hollywood where some drunken idiot celebrity wrapped their car around a telephone pole for the 3rd time this week. we wait in anticipation for some half starved knucklehead to get voted off some island. But I couldnt tell you the first thing about the War in Afghanistan…. its just not there in the news. I hear that there is a debate on whether we should send more troops…. did they go? are we pulling out? what are we doing over there? If I have to ask… how many do not? THE MEDIA IS WHAT RUNS THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR MEDIA.
    Samuel Adams: It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.
    —- apparently Sam agreed. The media is key.

  52. 52
    Dick Stallion Says:


    Take it back from who? Who controls the media?

  53. 53
    Dave B Says:

    I have reviewed these videos and as a police veteran for 34 years, a supervisor, it is disturbing. I would plead with police officers all over the country to re-evaluate their ideas of what their duties are and to not do anything like this again. It was obvious, to most police officers, that what you were doing was illegal, unconstitutional, and embarassing to the rest of us. How did you let that happen? I’m sorry but I don’t believe many of us would have complied. I know, being a police officer that wasn’t there, not to jump to conclusions but… COME ON! Didn’t your training kick in at some point? What the hell did they teach you? Are police officers in your Department so repressed that you are afraid to confront supervisors if they give you an unlawful order? Sorry brothers and sisters but I have to ask; Where are your balls? Hopefully it was a learning experience similar to Katrina and you won’t let it happen again. You might want to evaluate your supervisors in a different light. Sorry, been there, faced that, and I didn’t fold, neither did the officers around me. I can’t understand that type of atmosphere. I CAN understand how it happened however and I openly question whether or not your Department is equipped properly to apply the laws of our Country and your state. No excuses. Just don’t let it happen again. Bullshit whoever you have to bullshit about what happened but know there are thousands of us out here that saw what happened and expect you to act differently next time. You know we love and support you regardless, you know we understand to some degree what happened, but please don’t let that happen again. Times are changing and we’re going to be the front line when the government tries to take away the rights of the citizens we protect every day. They are our supporters, friends, relatives, neighbors, and we’re going to have to make a stand. You must KNOW it’s coming. If you don’t then.. go take a road job and leave the police business to others more capable to do the job. Get your head out of your asses… it’s coming soon.

  54. 54
    19th Generation American Says:

    Mr. Stallion, you asked ” Who controls the media?”

    apparently the Nationl Foundation for Women asked the same question…. and answered it:

    My concerns are further explained by “PAR” (Partnership for Alcohol Responsibility)…oddly enough: http://www.tshc.fsu.edu/par/media/influences.htm
    specifically they state-”The media works in many ways in our society. It is a tool for promotion, news, information, a platform for sharing ideas as well as serving as a local and national mouthpiece for many organizations. It is one huge factor in our environment that influences decisions and acts to inspire our youth. Sometimes the messages that the media projects, however, are not all positive….”

    they go on further to point out that: “While it is impossible to immediately eradicate the environment of such messages, groups and individuals can work with the creators of the ads as well as the media to promote more positive messages.”

    That all being said, when I stated we needed to “take back our media”; I was trying to point out that our media is owned and operated by international conglomerates that may not neccesarily have our best interests at heart… and therefore do not show those things that are too “Politically Incorrect” or “Politically Secretive” for Network Prime Time.

    However I was of the impression that the purpose of a News Network was to remain un-biased in the telling of the “News”…. do you truly feel that you have always been told the Truth; the whole Truth; and nothing but the Truth?

  55. 55
    Dick Stallion Says:

    @ #54. I have a much more detailed analysis if who controls the media in the US…

    General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt is a Jew.

    Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes is Jewish.

    The Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger is a Jew.

    Viacom Sumner Redstone (aka Murray Rothstein) Chairman; Philippe Dauman, CEO. Both are Jewish.

    News Corp. (President and COO. Peter Chernin is a Jew)

    Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey is Jewish.

    Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton is Jewish.

    Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer is a Jew.

    CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves is Jewish.

    MGM Chairman Harry Sloan is a Jew.

    NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker is a Jew.

    The Jews control the media…TOTALLY control the media!

  56. 56
    19th Generation American Says:

    …. well I guess it shows that when you live in a society that kicks its children into the street at 18 instead of making their lazy asses stay in school, the “cake” jobs go to the fellows whos parents gave a damn. I dont see Jews in the media as a “Racist” stance but proof that we are playing on a global field in regards to jobs/economy; and as long as we refuse to allow our youth to build a foundation for themselves (which in turn builds the foundation for our future as a country) your going to see more Americans wearing the “Blue Collar” for foreign owned companies, and working for foreign born supervisors and managers. A little food for thought: in many Asian societies, it is actually an insult to a mans parents if he moves out of his fathers home before he is 30 (the idea is he gets his education, gets a decent job, BUILDS A SAVINGS ACCOUNT!!!! gets a wife, then moves out)… in our society, if your 30 and living with your parents…. YOUR CONSIDERED A LOSER!!… yeah like renting a crappy apartment and barely affording your car payment on your crappy salary (because you couldnt work two full time jobs making minimum wage and go to school) and dont forget the child support because you got drunk and knocked up your next door neighbor on your 21’st b-day… yeah we are WINNERS!!! I cant tell you how many folks i know who resemble a bit of (if not this entire) scenario. Honestly I would have been in the same boat except when i got out of the military, my mom made me stay in her garage while i went to tech school. I know first hand how hard it is to become established… (Cant get a job cause you dont have a car; cant get a car cause you dont have a job) viscious cycle we have created. So no I dont blame Jews or Chinese, or Illegal Aliens… I dont blame anybody; but i got a hell of a lot more respect for those who flip burgers at Mc-D’s than some deadbeat who refuses to get a job. If i blame anybody for our current state of affairs, i blame those parents who are to lazy, stubborn, selfish, immature, or just plain cheap to continue to support their children while they go to college and get grounded enough to compete with Jamal from Bali whos parents just sold everything they owned so lil’ Jamal could become the Head Engineer of Research and Development for a Corporation coming soon to a neighborhood near YOU…. but if you want your son to be Jamals mechanic or your daughter to be Jamals house maid… Keep up the good work. Jamal will laugh his way to the bank in his $3000.00 suit freshly pressed by your daughter; while driving his nice new maserati that just had the oil changed by your son….. THANKS DAD!! Futures lookin bright…

  57. 57
    Becky Says:

    These thug policemen need to stop and think what ‘powers that be’ would have them turn on their fellow citizens to deny them their Constitutional rights. They are being used as nothing more than puppets in the hands of crooks and devils who don’t give a damn about them either. They fail to realize when their usefullness is over, they will be dealt with accordingly by the very same ones who are using them as pawns. Do they honestly think their own families will escape the plans that have been made for all of us? I read an article online that stated that the law enforcement officers who go along with the plan to control/intimidate/incarcerate citizens will all be forced, along with their families, to take a vaccine (for their own good)that will kill them all so they could never testify as to what they were ordered to do and who did the ordering. Do they not know how many foreign UN troops are already in the US as their replacements when the smoke settles? They are being used to do most of the bloody dirty work and that is all they are needed for. They really need to research Nazi Germany and the tactics used by Hitler and his demonic gang as that is what we are dealing with.

    I guess this nation has it’s share of Juduses who will sell out their brothers and sisters for thirty pieces of silver and the lie of safety for them and theirs, but payday always comes around. I would hate to turn on my own only to find out I had been used in such a revolting way and see my handlers laugh when I am forced to take a shot that will kill me and also know I signed the death warrant for my own loved ones. People learn absolutely nothing from history and so the same shit happens over and over. Maybe this time we can make a difference.

    I am a tax paying law abiding citizen who has always strived to treat everyone kindly and help whenever I can. I have lived an honest life and I will die with my honor intact. I will NOT be forced from my home or forced to do anything that is against the law and the US Constitution. I would rather die fighting for my rights than to live under the dirty thumb of the NWO scum.

  58. 58
    Dave B Says:

    Becky: those “thugs” were following orders and I guarantee that a majority of them felt something was wrong, wanted to do something about it, but their training to follow orders from superior officers, the atmosphere surrounding the entire summit, and what was happening around them that DID involve physical violence against police had a lot to do with it. Read some of the comments from other police officers before you make a blanket statement about all of us. Many of us saw that it shouldn’t have happened, called them out for doing what they did, but we all understand what happened and we’re ALL trying to get prepared for something we never thought would happen and it’s difficult for soldiers and police who are trained to follow out orders quickly. That’s why Oathkeepers was even necessary.There might be a few more incidents like this but we’re trying to get ready for the inevitable. As far as your rights, I can assure you that we’re the last ones that want to see you lose them. Your rights and your support are important to us because we need law abiding citizens to back us up on a daily basis. Most of us WANT law abiding citizens armed, most of us NEED law abiding citizens to have a level of comfort about their rights and confidence that not only won’t violate them, but protect them. It’s not easy, people and circumstances aren’t easy. Many times we don’t know what we’re facing or who we’re dealing with and our training to survive kicks in. We’ve seen a lot more than you can imagine. What we’re trying to do, and it’s not easy, is to be able to re-evaluate after our instinct and training kicks in and puts us into survival and protection mode where we act in a certain way. In other words, when the officers in the video realized that those citizens were lawfully excercising their rights and not causing a disturbance, that they would be able to back off. Easier said than done. Soldiers and police are trained to do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else does in a dangerous situation to the point that it becomes a natural response for us. If, for example, you heard multiple gun shots and screams you might look for cover and hide somewhere. We’ll look around, our hand will be on our weapon, and we’ll start moving towards it while pushing others out of the way and telling them to take cover.That’s not a normal human response to danger but we’re trained that way. We don’t want to be “thugs” for anybody and we certainly don’t want law abiding citizens thinking that we could be used that way. Stick with us Becky, you’re more important to us than you think.

  59. 59
    19th Generation American Says:

    Dave B; Beautifully put. Well said.

  60. 60
    Steven A Keene Says:

    Statues are not law and cannot be used to compel obedience.

  61. 61
    19 Generation American Says:

    “… the US citizens do not have the blanket right to to to use these weapons as they see fit”, Henry Smith Amnesty International.

    ……. thoughts anyone? Mine all seem to start with “Who the hell said this British bastard could dictate US civil rights?” and seem to end with “… pry it from my cold dead Hands.”

  62. 62
    Tim Says:

    I plan to join Oath Keepers soon. Does Oath Keepers have attorneys to represent those who keep the oath and then are unduly punished, fired, court martialed, etc.? If Oath Keepers can find some good Jag Officers and other veteran attorneys who are willing to help Oath Keepers fight for their constitutional rights, then more veterans, police, active duty, and so on may be more ready and willing to keep the Oaths without fear of reprisal and persecution. As a result, more thought and attention will be given to the ideas of Oath Keepers…and more of our leaders will be reluctant to issue unlawful orders. I realize this only works as long as the courts are fair in supporting the Constitution. This is another area where we must be watchful…to make sure our courts don’t over analyze the Constitution for the purpose of interpreting it to suit a pre-desired outcome.

    Also, there has been some discussion here as to whether a new revolution could be fought and won. There seems to be much doubt expressed here. It would be a tragedy to have to fight another revolutionary war, but educating and arming the citizens could certainly cast doubt in the minds of the oppressors…maybe enough doubt to prevent it from happening. The rag-tag Afghans have repelled everyone who has tried them, so why can’t we American citizens do it if it becomes necessary?

  63. 63
    anonymous Says:

    while i agree with and applaud the ideals of the oathkeepers i think the real problem/threat is being overlooked here. Our govt.(as well as every other major govt.)is funded by a privately owned bank e.g. the federal reserve it is the people who control these entities(and it has been the same families for hundreds of years)who are the real threat, as it is there goal to keep the people not only in this country but all over the world impoverished,sick,lazy,uneducated or otherwise incapable of standing up for their rights.The evidence is their throughout history when Abraham Lincoln threatened profitability by eliminating free labor and supporting the use of the greenback instead of centralized bank currency he was killed. When Andrew Jackson abolished the centralized bank in america the family in control of it(do some research,its still the same family today) instigated and funded the War of 1812. The last president who had concerns about the federal reserve bank was J.F.K. These families control trillions of dollars and thus are no longer interested in money they want power and control and they have it from behind the scenes. This is the real threat and it is foreign AND domestic. it doesn’t matter to these people how long it takes to reach their goal because they can always just leave it to the next generation. they have our govt. in their pockets and that is what we must fight or we will never win. The next group of politicians can be bought too and if they cant they can be eliminated, discredited(remember that these people also control all major media),or otherwise removed. we have to strike the beast at its heart or its heads will just keep growing back.

  64. 64
    patriot Says:

    vote vote vote vote progressives are in both partys watch out actually form your own opinion and remember a right is not a right unless it does not conflict with anothers right happy voting and lets kick the stalins out of office

  65. 65
    Paul C Says:

    I shocked that this could even take place in America. Is this the 1960’s all over again.
    More justification with out legal obligation, by any oath to do so. They are drones with no mind now heart,no loyalty to the United States Constitution, for which they swore to upheld.
    This is Germany Part2 my friends. We better wake up or it will be too late. With out peaceful protest it will result in non-peaceful protest and civil unrest. This does not have to be so.

  66. 66
    Howard Gieger Says:


  67. 67
    Jeff Eastwood Says:

    I am a Viet Nam vetran and like most of us I had no idea why we were there except for the governments explination that we were stopping communism.I had no clue how the gonernments of the world were decieving everybody,and still do today.Since that clueless time in my life I have learned alot about them-they will not stop-they will not obey our laws-they will manipulate the press-they will manipulate the markets-they will buy political votes-and if you become a threat they will kill you,they will ignore our pleas,they will ignore your votes,and they will ignore your rights including our right for a redress of grievances.The one thing they cannot ignore is our right to keep and bear arms and our ultimate right to use them against a tyrannical government.They are prepairing for that senario right now—we should too.

  68. 68
    Jeff Eastwood Says:

    I am a Viet Nam vetran and like most of us I had no idea why we were there except for the governments explination that we were stopping communism.I had no clue how the governments of the world were decieving everybody,and still do today.Since that clueless time in my life I have learned alot about them-they will not stop-they will not obey our laws-they will manipulate the press-they will manipulate the markets-they will buy political votes-and if you become a threat they will kill you,they will ignore our pleas,they will ignore your votes,and they will ignore your rights including our right for a redress of grievances.The one thing they cannot ignore is our right to keep and bear arms and our ultimate right to use them against a tyrannical government.They are prepairing for that senario right now—we should too.

  69. 69
    19 Generation American Says:

    OH MY GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY!!!! Somebody tell me I am dreaming and that this B-S is not real…..


    ………… what else will people be receiving rewards for “Annonimously” reporting in the near future? is this a first for the new “Corporate” trend? I do not support Piracy, but the rammifications of this is rather unnerving;and seems sickeningly familiar: Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong all seem to come to mind…. “Report your neighbor”, “report your friends”, “report your parents.” GET REWARDED!!…. as a Patriot from a long line of Patriots…. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

  70. 70
    anonymousExspecoppatriot Says:

    Those armored cops in line slowly advancing make me laugh.They are fine against loud mouthed pacifist indignant civil rights activist types.Put a SAW in my hand and not one would have been so confident.When the Star Wars Stormtroopers of the police Departments and Northcom faces irate combat hardened very skilled vets with specialized high penetration weaponry,they are gonna shit their pants.Most Feds,SWAT cops and soldiers who would do this kind of oppression of their own people kind of work are not elite.10 of us equal more than 100+ of those turncoat pussies.signed,Someone who can deal out shock and awae in his’ sleep.

  71. 71
    Dennis Says:

    This looks like a certain infrigement on the consitutional rights of the students of free speech and lawful assembly. The students were just expressing their views. I don’t see that they did anything wrong or broke any laws..
    You have to question those willing to oppress the actions of peaceable citizens. Reminds me of the Montgomery Civil rights march of the 1960’s where people were beaten, doused with fire hoses and arrested. While I may not always agree with the views of college students, none-the-less their constitutional rights should be respected

  72. 72
    Anonymous Says:

    I’ve read all 71. # 63 and 71 hit the nail on the head!!!

  73. 73
    Brutus Says:

    Blaming the government for cops following unconstitutional laws is just stupid. Where do you people come from? I am sure some of you are cops.

    If the government made a law that all cops will kill all cop wives with names starting with an “S” … you wouldn’t obey it … WOULD YOU!

    So please … stop being STUPID and hiding behind the government and blaming them for all the unconstitutional laws you enforce and all the heads you crack open at behest of all those unconstitutional laws.

    If you are to cowardly to not enforce unconstitutional laws … then quit.

    It’s the badge and the gun … isn’t it?

    Yea, I thought so.

  74. 74
    ktbear Says:

    Alot of the officers that were present in Pittsburgh,are illegitimate police officers. What do I mean by illegitimate?? Well…..They have the training. They have the skills. They have the intelligence. They lack the “True Heart” of a CIVIL SERVANT. They are enforcers of the RULERS’ law.They do not consider themselves servants to the public. They think themselves special, a higher life-form. Civilians are all liars, thieves, and trash, as far as they are concerned. I came accross many officers where I worked with this very attitude. They literally couldn’t wait for a confrontation. Those officers didn’t last long, when I first started in Law Enforcement. Now, my County Sheriff’s Office is packed full of them. All the old “Civil Servants” have been fired, retired, resigned, quit, etc.

    But, to be a legitimate Police Officer?Deputy/Trooper……you must have a “Civil Servant’s Heart”. Without that…you are just a bouncer with a gun and a badge.

  75. 75
    ktbear Says:

    Ya those officers in Pitt are absolute trash. They do not deserve to wear a badge. They are a filthy disgrace to law enforcement. I’d spit in their faces, if it weren’t considered an assault. Shame on you guys!! Pitiful!!

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