October 15th, 2009

Troubling Videos From G-20

G20 Riot Police Trap U of Pittsburgh Students on a Staircase and Tear Gas/Pepper Spray Them – police attack students in UPitt complex from all sides.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) used in Pittsburgh.

The first thing that came to my mind when watching that was “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Likely because of the leftist “anarchist” (really marxist) protesters that Vinture Sciarretti spoke of, the police went into full bore “riot control” mode and then lumped everyone into the same bucket, treating them all the same. And that is where the problem is.

I don’t have all the details, but what I saw there, as to those particular protesters in the video, looks to me like a violation of the right of we the people to peaceably assemble and to petition our government for a redress of grievances. Rock throwing, window bashing kids in black are not peaceably assembled, but the people in this video sure as hell were.

So, yes, unless there are facts not evident from the video, the police on that street were violating the free speech of the people on that street, and in my book, violating their oaths.

How, exactly, was that an unlawful assembly? And if it violated some obscure city ordinance, then the next question is whether that ordinance is even constitutional, and thus worthy of being considered law (since all laws in violation of the Constitution are null and void, as if never enacted). They did not appear to be violent or other than peaceable. So what was it? Were they impeding traffic? No permit? And if not impeding traffic, why would they need a permit? And if they were impeding traffic, did the police tell them to stick to the sidewalk?

It doesn’t look like there was any discussion, instruction, or dialogue other than the command to disperse. All I saw were commands and then stomping boots and riot batons being smacked against shields – where was the officer in charge simply speaking to the protesters? If anyone knows of other information, please share it.

And most disturbing of all is the way it was done, with that Orwellian sound weapon being threatened, atop that massive armored vehicle. Talk about overkill!

The proper solution would have been for the commander on the ground to step out and see what was going on, perhaps speaking to the protesters, and then make the call that these protesters were lawfully assembled, not part of the trouble makers on the next block, and the order likely issued in response to the rock chuckers did not apply to these people. Police need to have and use that kind of discretion, discernment, and flexibility or they will end up overstepping and violating the rights of fellow citizens, and thus violating their oaths.

It is improper, and a violation of the First Amendment, to forceably disperse peaceful people using their right of free speech and assembly, just because other protesters are not being peaceable. That is just not a valid response. Otherwise, all the left would have to do at the next huge Tea Party rally is to insert some rock throwing agent provocateurs, even on the next block over, and thus wipe out the free speech of all the rest in attendance. That’s not how it is supposed to work. And if that happened, the Tea Party folks would be justifiably outraged.

Without the right of free speech, assembly, and petition, we are left with what recourse?

This is not a good sign at all. Yes, the Oath Keepers message is sorely needed.


Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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75 Responses to “Troubling Videos From G-20”

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  1. 21
    Anonymous Says:

    This is Nazi Germany. Those Police Officers were acting illegally, and violating the constitution. They were cowards. This is the New World Order and we are going to see this on a mass scale soon unless the people wake up.

  2. 22
    Benjamin Says:

    Go to Youtube and check out all the vids from g-20. In one you will see 3 agent provocatuers in it. They are over 25 years old (or even older) walking around with 18 to 22 year olds. One even says “I am getting too old for this”. One of them even broke a kids camera. Using weapons of war (lethal or non-lethal) on American citizens is disturbing. Anarchists have as much of a right to protest, just as much as a libertarian does. The fact that the “president” or any public leader did not come out and address the crowds about what was going on in the G-20 summit or answer questions is cowardly.Bad things happen when governments close doors.

  3. 23
    Don Cordell Says:

    This assault against citizens is happening in every city of our nation. How to end this?
    There is only one solution, a President that will actually uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obama said the words but his deeds show us the real person, who is so proud that he was placed in office, that he will follow orders of the Corporate raiders of our financial status of this nation, to put all of us on Welfare, and to enact poverty for all Americans. The plan is to reduce us to Third World Status because we have lived too good, and we are using Resources the very rich will need in the future. The plans to disarm us with HR 45, and Public Law 87-297 is beyond the intelligence of most citizens who are too busy trying to make a living, support their families, and keep the bill collectors from the front door.
    If you Patriots do not throw Obama out of office in the next year, and elect a President who believes in preserving this nation, we will be forced to surrender to more of this police action. I will restore, not change America.

  4. 24
    19th Generation American Says:

    In response to #14; my family has fought for and served the flag of this great nation including the War for Independence. I deeply resent the fact that you claim it is the Jews who are responsible for our contries problems. I have many friends who are Jews and I find them to be an honest and warm hearted people. In fact I suggest you research the name of:
    Hayim Solomon. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haym_Solomon)
    Francis Salvador
    …you may find we ALL owe them our allegience.

    Fact is folks, its the petty little divisions of racism like this that are killing our country. Its not about Race, Religion, or moral code anymore… ITS ABOUT ARE YOU AMERICAN – OR NOT!!
    dont believe me?
    Then get a load of these Jokers: http://www.revcom.us or these Jerks: http://www.nclr.org
    … this is what freedom of speech gets twisted into.
    yet I hear that OBAMA has refused to be interviewed by FOX News (so why is he afraid of a few “tough” questions anyway?)

    I find it appalling that there are those that hide behind the very Flag that they gleefully burn and spit upon; when it is the same Flag that represents their saftey and freedom to do so.

    In conclusion we need solidarity in our beliefs and not waste energy pointing fingers at what group or individual is to blame… its all of us (because we vote and therefore allow Congress-men/woman to continue; buisness as usual… we need to flush out the corrupt and paid for; starting with Speaker Pelosi and all the way down the line stop the chaos they create in our lives that is being motivated by lobbyists, private interest groups, and foreign influence.)

    “Envy the country that has heroes, huh? I say pity the country that needs them.” We are the people of the Land Of Freedom; We are the Brave who call it Home… LET US NOT FORGET.

  5. 25
    Proud Policeman Says:

    In response to “the Little guy” in #11: You’ve got it right your a little guy with a little brain if any at all. To refer to the Police as incompentent and cowards, I refer you to the National Law Enforcement Memorial to look at all the “cowards” who gave their lives for people like you upholding the laws of this country and doing their best to make this a safe place to live so you can enjoy your saturday nights down at the bar….I agree with alot of what the Oathkeepers stand for, but if this is going to be a sounding board for “anti-police” comments then good-bye and good luck!

  6. 26
    Michael Says:

    Most anarchists are not Marxists.

    There may be some overlap of anarchism and Marxism among autonomists, Luxembourgists, Marxist humanists, etc.

    However there are form of Anarchism that don’t fit well into the right/left divide. Market socialism, mutualism, etc.

    The majority of anarchists are left wing but against Marxism. Bakunin was one of the founders of modern anarchist thought and he fiercely debated Marx. Many syndicalists, libertarian communists, etc left wing anarchists are anti-marxist.

    Also there is a growing trend of post-left anarchism. Primitivism, insurrectionism, situationism, etc…usually full of flowery language denouncing everything and supporting little more than acts of destruction.

  7. 27
    Aaron Layes Says:

    Stewart you said what are we left Without the right of free speech, assembly, and petition, we are left with what recourse?

    I do not recall which one said it but I believe I saw this statement made by one of our founding fathers in a speech and the result was thus.

    If we are not able to address our problems peacefully and with demonstration in assembly. We are left with only one course and that is a Violent Course. Nature tells us one thing that when those who are being attacked are silenced they will be heard on one way or another, I fear that they are pushing us towards a Violent Resolution, and I side 100% with my founding Fathers and it was best stated in a Movie Called the Majestic.

    Jim Carry’s Character said this http://www.uucast.com/Majestic/the-majestic-peters-speech

  8. 28
    Aaron Layes Says:

    I am Proud of Police when they do their Job Just as I am Proud of Military when they do Theirs, But if either violates their oaths they need to be called to answer for their violations, and as in Nuremberg Just Following Orders in no good excuse, but we need not to fight amongst ourselves we need to Unite Against Ignorance, and we need to do something about Oath Violations.

    I want to Say thank you to #25 Proud Policeman Thank you for your service Sir, Thank you for Defending the Oath as you have, and I hope you Will!

  9. 29
    Justin Nichols Says:

    The one problem with the Oath Keepers is the refusal to follow unconstitutional orders, but not the active hand in subduing the oath breakers around them. There will be no victory for the people if no-one fights. I know they have loyalty to their brothers in the law, but their loyalty to their oath and the United States is vastly more important.

  10. 30
    anonymous Says:

    Ooooh, lots of name-calling and characterization in this discussion …

    Well, the highlight of the week was watching the armored-in-riot-gear guys, allegedly from Chicago, forcing someone to kneel in front of them in a humiliating trophy photo….

    Abu Ghraib come tricklin’ down to Main Street.

    I am surprised they didn’t have him wearing stained panties on his head and standing on one leg until he peed his pants, with his fingers wired up to the LRAD.

    This is what America has become, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Dem or GOP, or Obama or not.

    Who gave THAT order? Was it Constitutional? (if so, how so?) Why was it obeyed by peace officers?

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