August 14th, 2009

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET) Responds to Southern Poverty Law Center Smear Attack on Oath Keepers and on Sheriff Mack

NOTE: The ironically wealthy Southern Poverty Law Center (truly a “hate” group in its own right) has now attacked Oath Keepers, using the same tired tactic of deliberately lumping us in with racists and neo-nazis (as if all those who oppose anything Obama does just MUST be racists down inside).  Here is the SPLC screed: Link

Below is the response of Sheriff Richard Mack, one of our keynote speakers on April 19, who is given special attention in the smear attack. I’ll have more to say on the other side. – Stewart Rhodes.

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET) Responds to Southern Poverty Law Center Smear Attack on Oath Keepers and Sheriff Mack

August 14, 2009
Richard Mack press release:

PICT0053In all the years that Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center (a name to this day I still don’t understand) have been writing about me, not once has anyone in Dees’ office nor he personally, ever made any attempt to contact me to get my side of the “information” they put out about me. Dees has claimed that I am some icon of the militias and quite honestly, I have no idea where he gets this stuff. I have had no contact with any militia group and have never been a member of any militia. What little I do know about militia groups is that they do appear to be much more honorable people than Morris Dees. The SPLC ought to follow the rules of common decency and stop spreading their own hate speech about people they know very little about.

Anyone who has heard me speak at the Oath Keepers ceremony in Lexington or anywhere else in the country, know that I abhor violence and have never advocated or encouraged such tactics. In fact, at the Lexington Oath Keepers event I spoke of my admiration for Rosa Parks and how we should all follow her example. What does the SPLC call Rosa Parks? I simply suggest that we should all stand against stupid laws just as she did; and yes, even if some of those laws today are IRS tax codes, many of which are the epitome of stupidity.

If Morris Dees and his SPLC believe the words in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are offensive and extreme, then I suggest he find a place to live that is not given to such “hate speech.” Those of us who do not believe in putting Americans in concentration camps (as the government did to Japanese Americans during WWII) or don’t believe in gun control or out of control spending or bailouts for Wallstreet criminals or the trampling of our freedoms by those in office who swore to protect the same, just because we don’t believe in such things does not make us racists. Mr. Dees, why don’t you tell us all how much money you have made by spreading such misinformation?

I challenge Morris Dees to an honest open debate about any or all of these issues. If he really believes his information to be true; he should have no problem accepting my offer.

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET)


Apparently, the SPLC finds it particularly worrisome that active duty and retired military and police would dare to gather on April 19, 2009 on Lexington Green and renew our oaths to defend the Constitution. The horrors!

Next I will be posting the response of Navy LCDR David Gillie (who also spoke at Lexiongton), and then my own response.

Image: Alan Smith

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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37 Responses to “Sheriff Richard Mack (RET) Responds to Southern Poverty Law Center Smear Attack on Oath Keepers and on Sheriff Mack”

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  1. 1
    DrayvensCrow Says:


    you and Sheriff Mack are right on about the SPLC and as a fellow Oath Keeper, you have my full backing and support and will help to inform the General Public about them in addition to getting the word out about Oath Keepers!

  2. 2
    david Says:

    I am not a police officer nor do I have any military experience, however I an an American citizen, and I thank all of you for your courage and conviction. Thank you, David

  3. 3
    osuredleg Says:

    Please keep up the good work Sheriff Mack and Stewart. I was reading the “report” (i.e., propaganda) on the train going into work this morning, and I had to catch myself so that I wouldn’t utter several expletives where everyone could hear me. I was totally disgusted, insulted, and generally just pissed off! I have read most of the DHS/Fusion Center and state documents that call us ALL terrorists, and I’m tired of it. I’ll defend (again) their right to free speech, but I will not defend their right to use it against us to put us into camps or to totally destroy what is left of this country. They never debate anyone, since they are cowards and they know that they’d never win. If the country goes down and they implement “their” lists, just let me say that we have our own and they are up at the very top!

  4. 4
    CaptGooch Says:

    WELL DONE Sheriff Mack.

    Your response was “spot on”.

    Oath Keepers Must be seriously worrying the socialists and the New World Order shills of all stripes.

    I was recently reminded by a friend that “To be despised by the despicable is an Honor of sorts.” or words towards that meaning.

    My, unrequested I admit, opinion is to let them ramble on and only respond with calm and clear responses of our Mission Statement and our What We are Not List.
    To actively argue with them is to lower yourself onto their gameboard not Ours.

    This “slam” is, backhandedly granted, an advertisement that we could not have afforded nor would we have been “allowed” If we had asked.
    They will ask their “followers” to contact their Peace Officers and law makers to “check up” on us NEVER REALIZING that those Peace Officers and law makers all swore to the same oath that we are Keeping. I especially like that part.

    Well Done Oath Keepers.

    It is now especially important to “Stay On Mission”.

    Not On Our Watch !


  5. 5
    GLEN MAINE Says:

    When somebody is drowning if you’re not careful. They will pull you under with them so let’s be careful and stay on mission. What we are doing is just, and it is right and we must not waver.

  6. 6
    Cowboy18 Says:

    Well said Sir!

    We here are all bound by the truth, while they get to play fast and loose with the facts.

    However, only the lemmings will buy it, seeing how the video of your speech is availible right here on this site.

    That’s the cool part about being the Goodguys, your ducks are always in a row.

    Your “Deeds” are well documented Mack!

    God Bless ya!

  7. 7
    Chris Says:

    Thanks, Richard for your comments regarding the smear. If these so-called authorities in law are labeling Oathkeepers as racists and extremists, then why don’t they tell us who the “good guys” are if patriots and law-abiding citizens are the “bad guys?” How about challenging them to that question since they have all the answers?

  8. 8
    Allan Smith Says:

    There are those who seek violence, to effect it on others. There are those who fear violence, not as cowards, but as brave men who have an experiential recognition for the horrors it can bring, even to brave men and women. There are heros who, wither a proper respect for the horrors of war, do not shy away from it but stand in the face of tyranny … and some have paid the ultimate price for their honorable sacrifice of life for the liberty & well-being of others.

    Oath Keepers is not an organization who seeks violence nor self-aggrandizement but rather are people who are honor-bound … people who love this republic and the constitution more than themselves and are prepared to put their lives on the line, should bring violence to this republic.

    Oath Keepers are not about bringing violence to the door of any other but rather are gate keepers and guardians, empowering others to recognize their constitutional liberties and responsibilities and to call them to the defense of The Constitution and to her people.

    If violence is brought, then the Oath Keepers will not be the offenders but will rather be the defenders of the innocent and the shepherds of the of the defenseless.

  9. 9
    jim hilton Says:

    Make no mistake , our foes are scared to death of us. The more we encroach into their sacred domain the more frantic they become. When they start hurling insults they are not far from a full blown retreat. Our message is getting out , our power is increasing , our resolve is never ending. To all OATH KEEPERS , continue to educate our brothers and sisters and spread our message. We are RIGHT , and no matter all the hate filled words this fact will never change. We WILL win this battle and bring our wounded LADY LIBERTY from the battle field and nurse her back to health and restore her to her place of greatness. The FLAME of FREEDOM will never be snuffed out!

  10. 10
    AnonymousSwede Says:

    Thank you very much Ret.Sheriff Mack.
    It is clear for anyone even with rudimentary reading skills, the age old saying, that when words fail or run out, the fists come out.

    Unfortunately in this verbal media “battle”, the fists are taking the form of a far to well known and easily recognizable foe, such as smear campaigns.

    When they run out of facts, they turn to politics oldest tricks, by trying to paint an evil face of the opponent to subdue the public opinion.

    It is clear, that as people wake up to this unproductive political debacle and they focus on the issues, the “other side” has no solid facts to bring to the table.

    I for one cannot understand the name of the SPLC either, and if they intended to present an alternative to civil/criminal defense funding for less financially endowed, they surely seem to be taking the side of the fictional prosecution more than the defense.

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